Casino Royale (2006): Body Count Breakdown

Casino Royale (2006) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Rorschach94)


James Bond (Daniel Craig): 11
Mollaka (Sebastien Foucan): 4
Mr. White (Jesper Christensen): 3
Carlos (Claudio Santamaria): 1


00 Status: 2
-Bond shoots Dryden
-Bond shoots Fisher in the bathroom

Madagascar: 4
-Mollaka throws 1 worker off a construction site ledge and he lands on a generation, causing it to explode
-The generator explosion causes another worker to fall to his death
-Mollaka shoots 2 security guards

Embassy: 2
-Embassy guards accidentally shoot 1 of their own
-Bond shoots Mollaka

Museum: 1
-Bond stabs and kills Alex Dimitrios

Airport: 2
-Carlos breaks an airport worker’s neck
-Carlos is blown up when he activates his bomb which had been left on him by Bond

Beach: 1
-Solange Dimitrios shown to be dead, killed by Quantum agents

Hotel: 2
-Bond kicks Obanno’s bodyguard over a railing to his death
-Bond chokes Obanno to death

Boat: 3
-Mr. White shoots Kratt and Velenka offscreen (we hear them scream)
-Mr. White shoots Le Chiffre

Venice: 5
-Bond shoots 1 henchman
-Bond leaves 1 henchman in front of a falling elevator and he is crushed
-Bond electrocutes 1 henchman
-Bond shoots Gettler in the eye with a nailgun
-Vesper is drowned in the sinking building


-It looks as if the 2 guards on the roof are killed by the explosion caused by Bond at the embassy, but at least 1 is shown getting back up, and it is stated by M that he only killed Mollaka, and the papers never reference him killing any guards in the headlines.
-2 cops in the airport are possibly killed when a plane takes off and their car is thrown backwards, but the roof is not crushed and they very easily could have survived.


Death Wish II (1982): Body Count Breakdown

Death Wish II (1982) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rutledal)


Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson): 10
Charles Wilson/Nirvana (Thomas F. Duffy): 3
Detective Frank Ochoa (Vincent Gardenia): 1


Home Invasion: 1
-Nirvana beats Roasrio to death with a crowbar

Hideout: 1
-Carol falls out of a window and is impaled on a spiked fence while trying to escape

Motel: 2
-Paul shoots 1 thug
-Paul shoots Stomper

Parking Garage: 2
-Paul shoots 2 thugs

Warehouse: 1
-Paul shoots Jiver

Arms Deal: 6
-Ochoa shoots the sniper, causing him to fall out his tree
-Paul shoots 1 thug through the car
-Paul shoots Cutter in the face through his boombox
-Paul shoots the arms dealer, causing him to drive off a cliff and explode
-Ochoa dies from gunshot wounds inflicted by Nirvana
-Punkcut dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Paul

Road: 1
-Nirvana stabs a cop while trying to escape

Revenge: 1
-Paul electrocutes Nirvana to death


Death Wish (1974): Body Count Breakdown

Death Wish (1974) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rutledal)


Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson): 10
Punk #1 (Jeff Goldblum): 1


Apartment: 1
-Joanna is beaten to death by Punk #1

First Victim: 1
-Paul shoots Marsden

Alley: 3
-Paul shoots 3 thugs

Subway: 2
-Paul shoots 2 thugs

“You’ll have to take it”: 2
-Paul shoots Adams
-Paul shoots Reege and he later dies from his wounds

Final Fight: 2
-Kersey shoots 1 thug at the bottom of the stairs
-Kersey shoots another thug trying to escape


Live and Let Die (1973): Body Count Breakdown

Live and Let Die (1973) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Rorschach94)


James Bond (Roger Moore): 8
Whisper (Earl Jolly Brown): 1
Dambala (Michael Ebbin): 1


Opening: 3
-Agent Dawes is electrocuted by an assassin in New York
-Agent Hamilton is stabbed to death by an assassin in New Orleans
-Dambala kills Agent Baines with a snake

Road: 1
-Whisper shoots Charlie

“Take this honky out and waste him!”: 1
-Bond smashes 1 thug’s head with a fire escape (as per Mr. Big’s disalogue later on saying that Bond killed one of the “brothas” in Harlem; this is the most fatal)

Island: 1
-Rosie Carver shot by a statue

Boat Chase: 1
-Bond pours gasoline on Adam and causes him to crash into a boat and blow up

Fields: 3
-Bond shoots Dambala
-Bond shoots 1 thug
-Bond punches Baron Samedi into snake pit, where the snakes eat him and he is killed*

Underground Hideout: 2
-Bond kicks Whisper into a metal container and locks him in; his breathing problem means he would surely asphyxiate
-Bond feeds Kanaga a shark pellet, causing him to inflate and explode

Train: 1
-Bond throws Tee Hee off the train


-CIA Agent Harold Strutter is very heavily implied dead, but it’s never seen.
-Bond lights a building on fire at the farm, but it’s unknown if anyone was still inside.
-Same goes for the heroin farms that are blown up at the end, no one is seen when it blows up.
-Bond also kicks a thug off some rocks at the island, but it’s impossible to tell how high it was from the ground.
*I counted Samedi as a kill since no reference is made to him being supernatural.


American Ninja (1985): Body Count Breakdown

American Ninja (1985): Body Count by Rorschach94


Pvt. Joe Armstrong (Michael Dudikoff): 28 WATCH HERE
Cpl. Curtis Jackson (Steve James): 16
Shinyuki (John Fujioka): 9
The Black Star Ninja (Tadashi Yamashita): 8
Victor Ortega (Don Stewart): 4


Raid: 7
-Joe kills 1 thug with a screwdriver
-Joe causes truck to crash, killing the driver
-Ninjas stab 3 soldiers
-1 man strangled by ninjas
-Joe impales 1 thug on axe

Training: 1
-Black Star ninja kills 1 ninja trainee

Warehouse: 13
-Joe kills 13 ninjas

Base: 7
-Black Star Ninja kills 4 soldiers in the prison
-Black Star kills 1 soldier with a throwing knife
-1 body of soldier shown killed by Black Star
-Joe runs Sergeant Renaldo off the road, killing him

Final Showdown: 106

-Joe kills 10 ninjas
-Shinyuki kills 9 ninjas
-Black Star kills Shinyuki
-Curtis kills 14 of Ortega’s men
64 of Ortega’s men killed by soldiers
-1 soldier killed by Ortega’s men
-Ortega shoots the 2 business men and 1 soldier
-Ortega shoots Colonel Hickok
-Joe kills the Black Star Ninja
-Curtis blows up the helicopter, killing Ortega and the pilot


The Rock (1996): Body Count Breakdown

The Rock (1996): Body Count by Rutledal


John Patrick Mason (Sean Connery): 7
Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage): 3
Captain Frye (Gregory Sporleder): 3
General Hummel (Ed Harris): 1


Getting the Gas: 1
– One mercenary dies by accident

Shower of Bullets: 10
– 9 marines gets killed in the crossfire
– Captain Frye kills Shep

In and Below the Morgue: 5
– Mason throws a knife in a mercenary
– Mason causes a giant metal device to fall on a mercenary
– Mason kicks a mercenary causing him to fall and break his neck
– Mason sets a mercenary on fire
– Goodspeed shoots a mercenary

Reuniting: 1
– Mason breaks a mercenary’s neck

Muntiny: 3
– General Hummel shoots Sgt. Crisp
– Captain Frye shoots Gen. Hummel and Maj. Baxter

Rocket Man: 2
– Goodspeed launches Captain Darrow with a missile
– Mason throws a guy of a roof

Finishing Off: 2
– Mason causes a guy to get strangled to death
– Goodspeed forces a ball of nerve gas into Captain Frye’s mouth and breaks it


The Pacifier (2005): Body Count Breakdown

The Pacifier (2005): Body Count by Rorschach94


Shane Wolfe (Vin Diesel): 9


The Entire Movie: 11
-Shane throws grenades onto the deck of the boat, killing the 4 people on deck
-One of the rebel’s corpses flys through the air, colliding with one of the guys on a jet ski and killing him
-A helicopter is blown up by Shane, killing the 2 pilots and the gunman inside
-Shane causes 2 jet skis to collide, killing the 2 drivers
-The helicopter pilot for the Navy Seals is shown to be dead.
-Howard Plummer is killed offscreen, but it is heavily implied and referenced in dialogue multiple times throughout the movie.


In the opening scene, one Navy seal is shown about to break a rebel’s neck, but the act is never shown because this is a lame-ass Disney flick where such acts cannot be shown, so therefore cannot be counted.


Commando (1985): Body Count Breakdown

Commando (1985) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24 (Previously done by Rorschach94)


John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 102 WATCH HERE
Diaz (Gary Cervantes): 3
Cooke (Bill Duke): 2
Sully (David Patrick Kelly): 1
Latin Man (Hank Calia): 1


“Don’t worry, we won’t!”: 1
-Cooke and Diaz shoot Lawson

“You know what the best part is? The price!”: 1
-Cooke runs over Forrestal

“Wrong!”: 3
-Diaz shoots Harris
-Diaz kills Jackson offscreen (we see the body)
-John shoots Diaz

“Please don’t disturb my friend, he’s dead tired”: 1
-John breaks Henriques’ neck

Mall: 3
-Latin Man shoots 1 mall cop
-Mall cops shoot the Latin Man and he falls over a railing
-Sully shoots 1 mall cop

“I lied!”: 1

-John drops Sully off a cliff

“I eat Green Berets for breakfast!”: 1
-John impales Cooke on a chair leg

Pier: 3
-John repeatedly slams 1 guerrilla’s head against a wall, killing him
-John shoots 2 guerrillas in a jeep and they crash into the water

Island: 94
-John stabs 1 guerrilla
-John slits 1 guerrilla’s throat
-John throws knives into 2 guerrillas
-John shoots 1 guerrilla with a flick knife
-John shoots 5 guerrillas
-John blows up two buildings, killing 14 guerrillas in the blasts
-John shoots 2 guerrillas
-John blows up a truck carrying 5 guerrillas
-John shoots 12 guerrillas
-John blows up 2 guerrillas with a grenade
-John shoots 3 guerrillas
-John blows up 2 more guerrillas with a grenade
-John shoots 3 more guerrillas
-John blows up 1 guerrilla with a grenade
-John shoots 11 guerrillas
-John stabs 1 guerrilla with a pitchfork
-John kills 2 guerrillas with circular saw blades
-John rams an axe into 1 guerrilla’s groin
-John cuts off 1 guerrilla’s arm with a machete, which would definitely bleed him out
-John shoots 23 guerrillas
-John shoots Arius and he falls off a balcony

“Let off some steam, Bennett!”: 1
-John impales Bennett with a pipe


There were possibly more people inside the buildings that John blew up, but only the ones outside are shown.


Full Contact (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Full Contact (1993): Body Count by Luvmetender09

(previously done by Rorschach94)


Gou Fei (Chow Yun Fat): 12, 1 shared with Sam Sei (Watch HERE)
Judge (Simon Yam): 3, 1 shared with Psycho
Lau Ngang (Bonnie Fu): 3
Sam Sei (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang): 4, 1 shared with Gou Fei
Psycho (Frankie Chin): 3, 1 shared with Judge


Robbery – 2
-Psycho shoots 2 cops

Weapons Heist – 7
-Lau Ngang blows up a car, killing 3 people inside
-Gou Fei shoots 1 guy in another car
-Judge shoots Chung in the side of his head
-Psycho shoots an innocent person
-Another innocent person is shot and rendered immobile by Psycho, and is killed when the building is blown up by Judge

Bar – 1
-Sam Sei shoots 1 thug

Pool – 1 (imagined)
-Sam Sei sees himself getting shot by an unseen assailiant (somewhat implied to be Gou Fei but not enough to be confirmed)

Payback – 1
-Sam Sei shoots Loan Shark Hung

Warehouse – 4
-Sam Sei shoots the henchman tortured by Gou Fei
-Gou Fei shoots a fire extinguisher, killing 1 henchman
-Gou Fei chains a thug while Sam Sei kicks the thug off the balcony where he gets hung to death (shared kill)
-Gou Fei shoots 1 more henchman on the front of the boat, who then fell into the water

Club – 2
-Gou Fei shoots Judge’s boyfriend through the eye
-Judge shoots Lau Ngang in the back of her head

Revenge – 6
-Gou Fei blows up a car, killing 1 henchman inside
-Gou Fei shoots 4 more henchmen
-Gou Fei runs down Psycho, then shoots him in the head

“Masturbate in hell!!!” – 1
-Gou Fei shoots Judge through his throat


-The goldsmith store’s saleslady is stabbed by Judge in the robbery scene, but she is still alive when the scene cuts and is never confirmed to be dead.
-3 thugs are shot in the heist scene and appears to be dead, but all 3 appears later.
-Two innocent people are shot in the heist scene, and one appears to be dead, but does not die until the building is blown up.
-At the bar, Lau Ngang throws a grenade, but it is never shown killing anybody
-In the warehouse scene, 1 henchman possibly has his neck broken, but it appeared that he was only knocked out, and more people could have possibly been killed by the exploding fire extinguisher but only 1 is shown to have died.
-Finally, there is one more henchman standing next to the car blown up by Gou Fei in the finale and never seen again, but is never confirmed to be dead.


Hard Target [The Uncut Version] (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Hard Target [Uncut] (1993) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach)


Chance Boudreaux (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 31
Pik van Cleaf (Arnold Vosloo): 5
Emil Fouchon (Lance Henriksen): 3
Frick (Douglas Forsythe Rye): 2
Natasha Binder (Yancy Butler): 1
Uncle Douvee (Wilford Brimley): 1
Detective Carmine Mitchell (Kasi Lemmons): 1
Douglas Binder (Chuck Pfarrer): 1
Lopaki (Bob Apisa): 1


“Every nickel”: 2
-Frick and his partner shoot a gasoline container thrown by Binder and cause it to explode, accidentally
killing 1 mercenary in the blast (shared)
-Lopaki shoots Binder with an arrow

Evidence: 1
-Van Cleaf shoots Morton

Last Hunt: 3
-Fouchon shoots Zenan
-Van Cleaf shoots Elijah and a civilian

Road: 11
-Van Cleaf shoots Randall
-Carmine shoots 1 mercenary
-Frick shoots Carmine
-Chance shoots 1 biker
-Chance kicks 1 biker in the throat hard, breaking his neck
-Chance shoots the first car’s driver, causing the car to crash and explode, killing the other mercenary
-Chance rams 1 biker into a truck using his own motorcycle
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary and the driver in the jeep
-Chance then shoots up the jeep, causing it to explode and kill 1 mercenary inside

“A surprise for my friends”: 1
-Fouchon breaks Billy Bob’s collar bone with his foot after he had been poisoned

Cabin: 1
-Fouchon shoots 1 mercenary who was on fire

Woods: 1
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary in the helicopter

Warehouse Shootout: 25

-Chance blows up Frack with an oil can
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary
-Chance blows up 2 mercenaries
-Chance shoots 2 more mercenaries
-Chance shoots Stephan
-Chance shoots 3 more mercenaries
-Douvee shoots 1 mercenary with an arrow
-Natasha shoots Frick
-Chance shoots Peterson while swinging in midair
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary with dual pistols
-Chance shoots Lopaki
-Chance shoots 3 more mercenaries
-Van Cleaf accidentally shoots 1 mercenary on the staircase
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary, causing him to fly through a window
-Chance shoots Jerome
-Chance shoots another mercenary
-Chance shoots Van Cleaf
-Chance shoots the last mercenary
-Chance blows up Fouchon with a grenade