Commando (1985): Body Count Breakdown

Commando (1985) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24 (Previously done by Rorschach94)


John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 102 WATCH HERE
Diaz (Gary Cervantes): 3
Cooke (Bill Duke): 2
Sully (David Patrick Kelly): 1
Latin Man (Hank Calia): 1


“Don’t worry, we won’t!”: 1
-Cooke and Diaz shoot Lawson

“You know what the best part is? The price!”: 1
-Cooke runs over Forrestal

“Wrong!”: 3
-Diaz shoots Harris
-Diaz kills Jackson offscreen (we see the body)
-John shoots Diaz

“Please don’t disturb my friend, he’s dead tired”: 1
-John breaks Henriques’ neck

Mall: 3
-Latin Man shoots 1 mall cop
-Mall cops shoot the Latin Man and he falls over a railing
-Sully shoots 1 mall cop

“I lied!”: 1

-John drops Sully off a cliff

“I eat Green Berets for breakfast!”: 1
-John impales Cooke on a chair leg

Pier: 3
-John repeatedly slams 1 guerrilla’s head against a wall, killing him
-John shoots 2 guerrillas in a jeep and they crash into the water

Island: 94
-John stabs 1 guerrilla
-John slits 1 guerrilla’s throat
-John throws knives into 2 guerrillas
-John shoots 1 guerrilla with a flick knife
-John shoots 5 guerrillas
-John blows up two buildings, killing 14 guerrillas in the blasts
-John shoots 2 guerrillas
-John blows up a truck carrying 5 guerrillas
-John shoots 12 guerrillas
-John blows up 2 guerrillas with a grenade
-John shoots 3 guerrillas
-John blows up 2 more guerrillas with a grenade
-John shoots 3 more guerrillas
-John blows up 1 guerrilla with a grenade
-John shoots 11 guerrillas
-John stabs 1 guerrilla with a pitchfork
-John kills 2 guerrillas with circular saw blades
-John rams an axe into 1 guerrilla’s groin
-John cuts off 1 guerrilla’s arm with a machete, which would definitely bleed him out
-John shoots 23 guerrillas
-John shoots Arius and he falls off a balcony

“Let off some steam, Bennett!”: 1
-John impales Bennett with a pipe


There were possibly more people inside the buildings that John blew up, but only the ones outside are shown.


Full Contact (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Full Contact (1993): Body Count by Luvmetender09

(previously done by Rorschach94)


Gou Fei (Chow Yun Fat): 12, 1 shared with Sam Sei (Watch HERE)
Judge (Simon Yam): 3, 1 shared with Psycho
Lau Ngang (Bonnie Fu): 3
Sam Sei (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang): 4, 1 shared with Gou Fei
Psycho (Frankie Chin): 3, 1 shared with Judge


Robbery – 2
-Psycho shoots 2 cops

Weapons Heist – 7
-Lau Ngang blows up a car, killing 3 people inside
-Gou Fei shoots 1 guy in another car
-Judge shoots Chung in the side of his head
-Psycho shoots an innocent person
-Another innocent person is shot and rendered immobile by Psycho, and is killed when the building is blown up by Judge

Bar – 1
-Sam Sei shoots 1 thug

Pool – 1 (imagined)
-Sam Sei sees himself getting shot by an unseen assailiant (somewhat implied to be Gou Fei but not enough to be confirmed)

Payback – 1
-Sam Sei shoots Loan Shark Hung

Warehouse – 4
-Sam Sei shoots the henchman tortured by Gou Fei
-Gou Fei shoots a fire extinguisher, killing 1 henchman
-Gou Fei chains a thug while Sam Sei kicks the thug off the balcony where he gets hung to death (shared kill)
-Gou Fei shoots 1 more henchman on the front of the boat, who then fell into the water

Club – 2
-Gou Fei shoots Judge’s boyfriend through the eye
-Judge shoots Lau Ngang in the back of her head

Revenge – 6
-Gou Fei blows up a car, killing 1 henchman inside
-Gou Fei shoots 4 more henchmen
-Gou Fei runs down Psycho, then shoots him in the head

“Masturbate in hell!!!” – 1
-Gou Fei shoots Judge through his throat


-The goldsmith store’s saleslady is stabbed by Judge in the robbery scene, but she is still alive when the scene cuts and is never confirmed to be dead.
-3 thugs are shot in the heist scene and appears to be dead, but all 3 appears later.
-Two innocent people are shot in the heist scene, and one appears to be dead, but does not die until the building is blown up.
-At the bar, Lau Ngang throws a grenade, but it is never shown killing anybody
-In the warehouse scene, 1 henchman possibly has his neck broken, but it appeared that he was only knocked out, and more people could have possibly been killed by the exploding fire extinguisher but only 1 is shown to have died.
-Finally, there is one more henchman standing next to the car blown up by Gou Fei in the finale and never seen again, but is never confirmed to be dead.


Hard Target [The Uncut Version] (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Hard Target [Uncut] (1993) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach)


Chance Boudreaux (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 31
Pik van Cleaf (Arnold Vosloo): 5
Emil Fouchon (Lance Henriksen): 3
Frick (Douglas Forsythe Rye): 2
Natasha Binder (Yancy Butler): 1
Uncle Douvee (Wilford Brimley): 1
Detective Carmine Mitchell (Kasi Lemmons): 1
Douglas Binder (Chuck Pfarrer): 1
Lopaki (Bob Apisa): 1


“Every nickel”: 2
-Frick and his partner shoot a gasoline container thrown by Binder and cause it to explode, accidentally
killing 1 mercenary in the blast (shared)
-Lopaki shoots Binder with an arrow

Evidence: 1
-Van Cleaf shoots Morton

Last Hunt: 3
-Fouchon shoots Zenan
-Van Cleaf shoots Elijah and a civilian

Road: 11
-Van Cleaf shoots Randall
-Carmine shoots 1 mercenary
-Frick shoots Carmine
-Chance shoots 1 biker
-Chance kicks 1 biker in the throat hard, breaking his neck
-Chance shoots the first car’s driver, causing the car to crash and explode, killing the other mercenary
-Chance rams 1 biker into a truck using his own motorcycle
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary and the driver in the jeep
-Chance then shoots up the jeep, causing it to explode and kill 1 mercenary inside

“A surprise for my friends”: 1
-Fouchon breaks Billy Bob’s collar bone with his foot after he had been poisoned

Cabin: 1
-Fouchon shoots 1 mercenary who was on fire

Woods: 1
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary in the helicopter

Warehouse Shootout: 25

-Chance blows up Frack with an oil can
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary
-Chance blows up 2 mercenaries
-Chance shoots 2 more mercenaries
-Chance shoots Stephan
-Chance shoots 3 more mercenaries
-Douvee shoots 1 mercenary with an arrow
-Natasha shoots Frick
-Chance shoots Peterson while swinging in midair
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary with dual pistols
-Chance shoots Lopaki
-Chance shoots 3 more mercenaries
-Van Cleaf accidentally shoots 1 mercenary on the staircase
-Chance shoots 1 mercenary, causing him to fly through a window
-Chance shoots Jerome
-Chance shoots another mercenary
-Chance shoots Van Cleaf
-Chance shoots the last mercenary
-Chance blows up Fouchon with a grenade


Hard Boiled (1992): Body Count Breakdown

Hard Boiled (1992) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach94)


Tequila Yuen (Chow Yun-Fat): 75
Alan (Tony Leung): 47
Mad Dog (Philip Kwok): 24*
Jimmy (Michael Dingo): 17
Johnny Wong (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang): 12
Benny (Bowie Lam): 3
Superintendent Pang (Philip Chan): 1
Teresa Chang (Teresa Mo): 1


Teahouse Shootout: 36
-Jimmy shoots 2 innocent men
-1 innocent man gunned down by thugs
-Benny shoots 2 thugs
-Tequila shoots 1 thug
-Jimmy guns down 9 people
-5 people are shot by a thug
-Tequila shoots 2 more thugs
-3 more people shot by thugs
-Tequila shoots 3 additional thugs
-Jimmy shoots 3 cops and 1 innocent man
-1 dead worker seen in the kitchen, a victim of Jimmy’s
-Benny unintentionally shoots a worker being used as a shield by Jimmy (shared)
-Jimmy guns down Benny
-Tequila shoots Jimmy

Library: 1
-Alan shoots his target

Hostile Takeover: 113
-20 Triads gunned down by Johnny’s thugs
-Mad Dog shoots 9 Triads
-1 Triad is hit by a thug on his motorcycle
-19 more Triads are shot by thugs
-Mad Dog shoots 3 Triads
-1 Triad shown dead in background
-Mad Dog blows up 3 Triads with grenades
-3 Triads shot by thugs
-Triads shoot 1 thug
-2 Triads are shot by a thug
-Mad Dog guns down 3 Triads
-5 more Triads shown lying around
-Mad Dog blows up a car containing 4 of Hoi’s bodyguards with a grenade
-1 bodyguard is shot by thugs
-Alan shoots Uncle Hoi
-Alan mows down 7 bodyguards
-Tequila shoots 28 thugs
-Tequila blows up 2 bikers

Boat: 3
-Tequila shoots 1 Triad and he falls into the water
-Alan shoots 1 Triad and he also flies into the water
-Alan shoots Lonny

Checking In: 8
-1 dead man seen on gurney
-Alan shoots 2 thugs
-Mad Dog slices Foxy’s throat and then drops him down shaft
-4 more dead bodies seen in basement

Evacuation: 28

-12 patients gunned down by thugs
-2 thugs shot by detectives
-10 more patients shot by thugs
-3 cops shot by thugs
-1 cop is blown up from the concussion of an RPG fired by a thug

Hospital Battle: 81
-Tequila shoots 3 thugs
-Alan shoots 5 thugs
-1 detective is shot by a thug
-Tequila shoots 2 thugs
-Alan shoots 3 thugs
-1 dead patient shown
-Tequila shoots 2 thugs
-Alan shoots 2 thugs
-1 thug is shot by a detective
-Tequila shoots 1 thug
-2 patients are shot by a thug
-Pang shoots 1 thug
-1 more thug shot by a detective
-Tequila shoots 1 thug
-Alan shoots 3 thugs
-2 detectives shot by thugs
-Tequila shoots 1 thug
-Alan shoots 1 thug
-Cops shoot 1 thug
-1 thug shot by a detective
-4 dead patients shown
-SWAT team shoots 5 thugs
-Alan shoots 1 thug
-SWAT team shoots 2 thugs
-Tequila shoots 7 thugs
-Alan shoots 13 thugs
-Alan unintentionally shoots a detective
-Tequila shoots 2 thugs, 1 of whom is also shot by Alan
-Tequila shoots 9 more thugs
-Alan shoots 4 thugs

Final Fight: 32
-Cops shoot 4 thugs
-Mad Dog shoots 1 SWAT officer
-1 SWAT officer is shot by a thug
-SWAT team shoots 1 thug
-Teresa shoots 1 thug
-1 agent is shot by a thug
-SWAT team shoots 1 thug
-Tequila shoots 2 thugs
-Tequila slams 1 thug’s head in a door window and then shoots him to finish him off
-Tequila shoots 2 more thugs
-Tequila blows up a gas canister that sends out shrapnel and hits 1 thug in his throat, causing him to bleed out
-2 dead patients shown
-Johnny guns down 11 patients and staff
-Johnny shoots Mad Dog
-Tequila shoots the last 2 thugs

Face/Off: 1
-Tequila shoots Johnny through the eye


*Mad Dog probably had more kills during the hostile takeover scene, but he’s wearing a helmet for the first half of the fight, making him indistinguishable from the other thugs.
-There was another body seen beside Foxy’s in the basement, but it was probably just the first man.
-Many SWAT officers are shot at during the hospital fight, but since they’re wearing body armour, I only count the ones who show visible blood loss and gunshot wounds.


Timecop (1994): Body Count Breakdown

Timecop (1994): Body Count by Gregglop09


Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 7
Commander Matuzak (Bruce McGill): 2
Senator McComb (Ron Silver): 1


1863: 5
Time Traveling Guy guns down 5 Confederate Soldiers

1929: 1
1 dead body of a guy who commttied suicide shown

Sentencing: 1

Lyle is sent through the time loop where he falls off a building to his death

Warehouse: 3
Max shoots 1 bad guy
McComb shoots the Tech Guy
Max kicks a bad guy off a railing to his death

Pod Escape: 2

Matuzak activates the pod and the backwash from it incinerates 2 soldiers

House: 5

Max shoots 1 bad guy in the head
Max shoots another bad guy with his own gun
Max breaks a bad guy’s neck
Max throws the 2 McCombs together, causing both of them to die


Equilibrium (2002): Body Count Breakdown

Equilibrium (2002): Body Count by Rorschach94


John Preston (Christian Bale): 76 WATCH HERE
Brandt (Taye Diggs): 2


Man’s Inhumanity to Man: 20
-5 resistance fighters gunned down by police
-Preston kills 13 resistance fighters
-2 more bodies shown

A Heavy Cost: 1
-Preston shoots Partridge

Signs of Remorse: 22

-5 resistance fighters killed
-Brandt kills 2 resistance fighters
-11 more resistance fighters gunned down
-4 more bodies shown

A Big Mistake: 13
-Preston kills 13 policemen

Warehouse Raid: 26
-8 resistance fighters gunned down
-1 resistance fighter executed
-Preston kills 6 policemen
-4 more resistance fighters kills
-7 more executed

Execution: 1

-Mary is incinerated

Not Without Incident: 32
-Preston kills 5 guards and one of the interrogation officers
-Preston kills 26 guards in the hallway

Paying the Price: 43

-Preston kills 7 of Duponts guards with a sword
-Preston kills Brandt by slicing his face off
-Preston shoots Dupont
-Preston kills 2 more guards
-32 guards killed by resistance fighters


Crank: High Voltage (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Crank: High Voltage (2009): Body Count by gregglop09


Chev Chelios (Jason Statham): 22
Chico (Joseph Julian Soria): 2
Johnny Vang (Art Hsu): 1
Ria (Bai Ling): 1


Opening: 2
Chev strangles a Chinese Doctor to death with a cord
Chev kills the second Chinese Doctor by injecting him with poison

Escape: 4
Chev shoots a thug with his own shotgun
Chev shoots 3 thugs

Social Club: 1

Chev cuts a guy’s head off with a hacksaw

Strip Club: 11

Chev shoots 5 gangsters
Strippers shoot 4 gangsters
Gangsters shoot 2 strippers

Limo: 6

Chev shoots 4 Chinese Thugs with an uzi
Chev uses a Chinese Thug as a human shield and he is shot to death (shared kill)
Chev shoots Don Kim

Street Chase: 3

Chev shoots 2 of Johnny’s Thugs
Johnny shoots a bullet and it bounces off stuff and finally hits a guy in the head

Rooftop: 1

Chico shoots Johnny

Final Showdown: 14

Chev impales Chico with a stun baton
Chev kicks Ricky Verona’s head into the pool, killing it
Chico uses an innocent girl as a human shield and she is shot to death (his kill)
Ria shoots 1 gangster
Bikers shoot 5 gangsters
Gangsters shoot 3 people and 1 of their own
Chev beats the crap out of El Huron and throws him into the pool where he drowns


Punisher: War Zone (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Punisher: War Zone (2008) Body Count Breakdown by rorshach94

(Previously done by Rorschach94)


Frank Castle/The Punisher (Ray Stevenson): 87
Billy Russoti/Jigsaw (Dominic West): 4
Loony Bin Jim (Doug Hutchison): 4
Ink (Kerim Malikci-Sanchez): 1


Mansion Raid: 32
-Frank breaks a guard’s neck with his knee
-Frank decapitates Gaitano Cesare
-Frank breaks Mrs. Cesare’s neck
-Frank breaks another mobster’s neck
-Frank stabs a mobster in the skull
-Frank throws a knife into a mobster’s face
-Frank throws a knife into a mobster’s chest
-Frank shoots 2 mobsters while standing
-Frank shoots 2 more mobsters while standing
-Frank mows down 15 mobsters while hanging upside down from the ceiling
-Frank kicks a chair leg into a mobster’s eye
-Frank shoots 2 mobsters with his pistol
-Frank headshots 1 mobster
-Frank shoots 1 mobster and he falls off the railing and breaks his neck
-Frank shoots the mobster on the second balcony
-Frank shoots the last wounded mobster

Recycling Plant: 7
-Frank kills 1 guard with a dart
-Frank jumps on a guard hard and breaks his neck (you can hear the snap and if you look at his corpse, his neck is twisted)
-Frank shoots Agent Donatelli
-Frank shoots 1 guard with his pistol
-Frank shoots 1 guard while sliding
-Frank headshots 1 guard
-Frank shoots a guard in the face

Flashback: 3

-Frank’s wife, his son and daughter are seen dead

“I Need To Talk To My Doctor Alone”: 1
-Jigsaw stabs his doctor in the head with scissors off-screen (body is shown)

Setting Jim Free: 2
-Jigsaw breaks Dr. Basner’s neck
-Jim tears out the orderly’s heart

Meeting: 1
-Jigsaw stabs 1 of Cristu’s thug’s through the neck with a broken champange bottle

Magnity’s Gang: 4
-Magnity’s thugs kill the shop owner
-Frank blows up 1 thug mid-air with an RPG
-Frank headshots 1 thug
-Frank throws Magnity off the roof and he is impaled on the spikes below then Frank lands on his neck and breaks it

“Where’s My Money?!”: 4
-Jim beats 1 cop to death with a baseball bat with one hit
-Ink draws a sword and Jim pushes a policewoman on it, impaling her (shared)
-Frank smashes Ink’s face in with one punch
-Frank blows Pittsy’s head off with a shotgun

Micro’s Apartment: 1
-Micro’s mother is shown with her head blown off, courtesy of Jim

Mercy: 1
-Frank shoots Carlos in the head off-screen

Hotel Shoot-Out: 53
-Russians shoot 7 Asians
-Asians shoot 8 Russians
-Frank shoots an Irish thug in the face
-Frank shoots 4 Irish thugs
-Frank guns down a thug before kicking the tin can
-Frank tosses a grenade into a tin can and kicks it toward a wall, blowing up 1 thug
-Frank guns down 4 Irish thugs
-Frank shoots an Irish’s thug’s leg off and finishes him when he reloads
-Frank shoots 1 Irish thug in the face
-Frank machine guns another Irish thug
-Frank shoots 1 Irish thug while laying down
-Frank shoots 2 Irish thugs with his pistol
-Frank shoots the last 2 Irish thugs with his machine-guns pistols
-Frank shoots a gangster off the staircase
-Frank shoots another gangster
-Frank blows up a room full of gangster’s with a grenade launcher, killing 9 of them
-Frank shoots the 2 wounded gangsters
-Frank guns down 2 gangsters on the staircase
-Frank mows down 4 gangster while under them
-Frank shoots the last Irish thug’s head off

Standoff: 2
-Frank headshots Jim
-Jigsaw executes Micro

Final Fight: 1
-Frank impales Jigsaw with a spike and throws him into the fire, burning him to death

Ending: 1
-Frank headshots a mugger off-screen


Star Trek (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Star Trek (2009) BodyCount Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800

(Previously done by Gregglop09 & Rorschach)

Spock (Zachary Quinto): 19
Lt. Sulu (John Cho): 18
James T. Kirk (Chris Pine): 8
Capt. Pike (Bruce Greenwood): 2
Nero (Eric Bana): 1
George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth): 1

Opening: 8
Nero impales Captain Robau with a spear
5 people blown up via laser blasts and missile projectiles by the Romulan crew on Nero’s ship
1 person sucked out into space from the ship breach
George Kirk sacrifices himself by ramming the ship into Nero’s vessel

Drill: 3
Olson sucked into the path of the drill laser, thus fatally letting out a “Wilhelm” scream
Sulu kills a Romulan by forcing him in the path of the drill’s laser, burning him up
Sulu stabs a Romulan, causing him to fall to his death

Nero Attacks: 8
8 people in medical station blown up

Vulcan: 4
3 Vulcan High Council Members crushed by rocks from the planet destruction
Spock’s mother, Amanda Grayson, falls to her death as the planet is destroyed beneath her

Rescue: 14
Kirk shoots 7 Romulans
Spock shoots 3 Romulans
1 Romulan killed by a rogue phaser blast
Kirk shoots Ayel with his own gun, causing Ayel to fall to his death
Captain Pike shoots 2 Romulans while still strapped to the torture table

Assistance: 16
Nero and 15 other Romulan crewmen are killed when Spock damages their ship and creates the black hole followed by the Enterprise’s phasers controlled by Sulu pushing aforementioned ship into the wormhole, tearing it apart (Shared kill between Spock and Sulu)

Romulus is blown up in a supernova, killing it’s several billion inhabitants. Vulcan is also blown up, killing almost all of it’s six billion inhabitants. 7 Starfleet ships destroyed by Nero, killing around 5,600 people. Mention of 47 Klingon Warbird ships blown up by Nero’s crew.

1 Romulan shot by Kirk, but the phaser was set to stun, making it non-lethal.


The Punisher (2004): Body Count Breakdown

The Punisher (2004) Unrated Extended Cut (2004) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Frank Castle/The Punisher (Thomas Jane): 22
Howard Saint (John Travolta): 3
John Saint (James Carpinello): 3
Cutter (Hank Stone): 2
Lincoln (Tom Nowicki): 1
Frank Castle, Sr (Roy Schinider): 1
Jimmy Weeks (Russell Andrews): 1


Drug Bust Gone Wrong: 4
-SWAT Team mow down the 3 Russians
-Bobby Saint’s dead body shown, shot by the SWAT Team

Club: 1
-Howard shoots the henchman who failed him

Massacre: 14
-Saint’s Hitmen shoot Frank’s Mom
-5 of Frank’s family members are shot by Saint’s thugs
-Cutter machine guns a guy on a motorcycle
-A hitman shoots 3 family members under the plank
-Frank shotguns 1 hitman
-Cutter machine guns a family member on a boat
-Frank shoots a propane tank, blowing up 1 hitman
-Castle, Sr. stabs a hitman in the back
-Castle. Sr. dies of the shotgun wound inflicted by Lincoln
-John shoots a wounded family member

Pier: 2
-John runs down Will and Maria with a truck

Bank: 2
-Frank shoots Cutter and his partner with dual pistols

Bring a Knife To A Gunfight: 1
-Frank shoots a knife into Harry Heck’s throat

The Russian Fight: 1
-Frank tackles The Russian down a flight of stairs, breaking his neck on the ground

It Ends Tonight: 1
-Frank hits a thug in the head with a paper cutter

Cheating: 1
-Howard stabs Quentin to death

“Do It”: 1
-Jimmy shoots himself in the head

Loyalty: 1
-Howard throws Livia off a bridge and she is run over by a train

“Punishment”: 15
-Frank kills 2 mobsters with a bow and arrow
-Frank slashes a mobster’s throat with a fancy-looking knife
-Frank’s champange bomb blows up 2 mobsters
-Frank machine guns 2 mobsters
-Frank shoots 2 more mobsters with a handgun
-Frank shoots 1 mobster with a sawed-off shotgun
-Frank stabs Lincoln in the jaw
-Frank shoots a wounded mobster on the floor
-Frank’s door bomb blows up 1 mobster
-Frank’s proximity bomb blows up John
-Frank blows up a series of cars, causing Howard to be set on fire, killing him