The Human Shield (1991): Body Count Breakdown

The Human Shield (1991): Body Count by Rutledal


Doug Matthews (Michael Dudikoff): 23
General Ali Dallal (Steve Inwood): 1
Tanzi (Uri Gavriel): 1


Village Bombing: 20
- 2 villagers are killed by explosions
- 17 dead bodies seen on the ground*
- Gen. Dallal shoots a woman

Jeep Chase: 4
- Doug blows up two jeeps, each containing 2 soldiers, with grenades.

Secret Meeting: 4
- Albalo is shot by an unseen gunman
- Doug shoots a man chasing him on a motorcycle
- Doug blows up car with a grenade, killing 2

Kurdish Massacre: 24
- Tanzi shoots a soldier
- 23 Kurdish men, women and children are gunned down**

Hotel: 8
- One guard shoots another guard used by Doug as a human shield
- Doug kills 7 guards

Abadon: 9
- Doug shoots 6 guards
- Doug kills 2 guards using a grenade
- Doug sets Gen. Dallal on fire and lets him burn to death


* This is a rough assumption as it was hard to tell some apart, or if I had counted someone twice
** Same as above


The Mummy (1999) Bodycount Breakdown

The Mummy (1999) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Richard “Rick” O’Connell (Brendan Fraser): 51
Ardeth Bay (Oded Fehr): 12
Daniels (Corey Johnson): 11
Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah): 7
Imothep (Arnold Vosloo): 6
Dr. Bay (Erick Avari): 6
Burns (Tuc Watkins): 3
Henderson (Stephen Dunham): 2
Anck-su-namun (Patrica Velasquez): 2
Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz): 1
Gad Hassan (Omid Djalili): 1


Prologue: 2
-Anck-su-namun and Imothep kill Pharaoh Seti I
-Anck-su-namun stabs herself in the stomach

Hamunaptra, 1923: 83
-Legionaries shoot 30 Turks
-Rick shoots 2 Turks with his rifle
-Turks kill 33 Legionaries
-Rick shoots 2 more Turks with his rifle
-Rick shoots 2 Turks with his revolvers
-Rick shoots 2 more Turks with dual pistols
-Turks kill 6 more Legionaries
-6 dead bodies seen in the background of the Turks

Boat Attack: 7
-Rick guns down 2 Medjai warriors in the window
-Rick shoots 3 Medjai warriors with his revolvers
-Rick kicks a Medjai warrior into a room full of fire, burning him to death
-Henderson, Daniels and Burns shoot 1 Medjai warrior (all of them get the kill since they were all shooting at him at the same time)
-Henderson shoots the Medjai Lieutenant off the boat

Tomb: 5
-3 Egyptian diggers are “melted” by pressurized salt acid
-Hassan (with the scarab beetles in his brain) runs into a stone wall, killing himself
-An Egyptian Digger is eaten by Scarab Beetles

Camp Attack: 16
-Daniels shoots 1 Medjai Warrior
-Medjai Warriors kill 2 Egyptian Diggers
-Burns shoots 2 Medjai Warriors
-Daniels shoots 1 more Medjai Warrior
-Rick shoots 4 Medjai Warriors
-Evy shoots a Medjai Warrior coming at her on a horse
-Jonathan shoots 2 Medjai Warriors while drinking (the 2nd one is off-screen)
-Rick shoots 1 Medjai Warrior off his horse
-2 dead Medjai Warriors seen dead in the background of Rick and Evelyn
-1 dead Egyptian Digger is seen dead

“More Is Needed”: 1
-Imothep sucks the life out of Burns off-screen

Streets: 1
-Imothep kills Dr. Chamberlain

Hotel: 3
-Imothep sucks the life out of Henderson
-2 adventurers are engulfed by fireballs

Escape: 18
-Daniels shoots 8 slaves
-Imothep kills Daniels off-screen
-Jonathan crashes into a post at full speed, killing 2 slaves who were hanging on
-Dr. Bey kills 6 slaves with one of Ardeth’s swords
-Slaves kill Dr. Bey off-screen (we pretty much know that he’s fucked)

Plane Chase: 1
-Imothep’s sandstorm causes Winston’s biplane to crash into the sand, killing Winston

Closing The Door: 15
-Ardeth shoots 9 mummies
-Rick shoots 5 mummies
-Jonathan shoots 2 mummies
-Rick blows up 5 mummies with dynamite
-Ardeth shoots 3 more mummies

Ceremony: 23
-Rick cuts down 15 mummies
-Rick crushes 1 Soldier Mummy
-Rick cuts down 2 Soldier Mummies
-Soldier Mummies (under Jonathan’s command) kill Anck-su-namun’s Mummy
-Rick sets 1 Soldier Mummy on fire
-Rick cuts down 2 more Soldier Mummies
-Rick kills Imothep

Ending: 1
-Benny is eaten by scarab beetles


The Killer (1989): Body Count Breakdown

Dip Huet Seung Hung [The Killer] (1989): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ah Jong (Chow Yun Fat) – 71
Inspector Li Ying (Danny Lee Sau-Yin) – 49
Fung Sei (Kong Chu) – 8
Sgt. Tsang Yeh (Kenneth Tsang) – 4
Wong Hoi (Shing Fui On) – 3
Crazy Eddie – 2
Paul Yau (Fan Wei Yee) – 1


Nightclub – 11
-Jong shoots 6 triads and first target in bar
-Jong shoots 4 more triads in corridor

Highway – 5
-Crazy Eddie shoot a cop
-Li shoots 2 triads
-Tseng shoots 1 triad
-Crazy Eddie shoots a cab driver

Bus – 2
-Li shoots Crazy Eddie in his tracheal cord
-Innocent woman used as a hostage by Crazy Eddie dies of heart attack (her death was an accident, it isn’t counted in either Li or Eddie’s tally)

Boat Race – 1
-Jong kills Wong Dong-Yu

Beach – 9
-Jong shoots 5 triads and blows up 1 by shooting at oil drums
-Li shoots 3 triads

Betrayal – 5
-Jong shoots 5 triads in his apartment

Parking Lot – 1
-Jong shoots Wong Hoi’s driver

Highway Chase – 3
-Tseng drove 1 car off a cliff, causing it to crash and killing the 3 triads inside it

Hospital – 1
-Tseng succumbs to gunshot wounds caused by being shot by Paul

Jenny’s House – 23

-Jong shoots 15 triads
-Jong thrushes a knife into 1 triad’s back
-Li shoots 7 triads

Cliff – 3

-Jong shoots 1 triad driving a car

Triad Headquarters – 8
-Fung Sei shoots 7 triads
-Fung Sei throws a triad into a glass table, knocking him unconscious and then uses him as a human shield

Church – 67
-Jong shoots the first triad who barges into the church
-Li shoots 2 more triads that was following close behind
-Jong mercy kills Fung Sei
-Jong shoots 27 triads
-Li shoots 28 triads
-Li shoots a case of shells which sends bullets spraying everywhere and kills 3 triads
-Li shoots a gas tank, blowing up 2 triads
-Wong Hoi shoots the priest
-Wong Hoi shoots Paul
-Wong Hoi shoots out Ah Jong’s eyes, killing him

Arrest – 1
-Li shoots Wong Hoi in front of the entire HK police force


The fate of the little girl caught in the crossfire during the beach shootout was left ambiguous.
Inspector Li forces a car containing two triads to drive off a cliff, but it isn’t high enough.


Treasure Hunt (1994): Body Count Breakdown

Treasure Hunt (1994): Body Count by luvmetender009


Chang Ching (Chow Yun Fat) – 40, 1 shared with Johnson
Johnson (George Saunders) – 4, 1 shared with Ching
Michael (Michael Wong) – 5


Stakeout – 18
-Ching kills 9 thugs
-Michael kills 3 thugs
-Johnson kills 3 thugs
-Michael finishes off 2 thugs
-Ching and Johnson shoots last thug together

Offices – 2
-Tong Ling’s minions strangles the Chinese Corporal
-Ching stabs one of Tong Ling’s thugs (the thug bleeds out to death later)

Bar – 27
-Ching spears 1 thug guarding the van
-Ching shoots 10 thugs
-Ching shoots rigged petrol bomb trap, which blows up and killing 4 more thugs
-Ching shoots 7 thugs
-Ching shoots Tong Ling and 4 more thugs

Standoff – 1
-Ching kills surviving thug behind him

Woods – 1
-Ching shoots Molotov cocktails hanging on a tree, which pours a cascading rain of flames on Tong Shen, roasting him outright


-Ching subdued the guard in a truck by pointing his pistol at the guard’s face, the guard is never seen again. I assumed that Ching merely knocked out the guy instead of killing him.
-More thugs are seen in the bar Ching sets fire to , which means many of them are killed in the fire started by Ching before the final shootout, however it is impossible to tell how many thugs are there, I didn’t count them or add them to Ching’s tally.
-At one point in the final shootout, a few thugs are shot down, one of them survives and could be seen getting back up to his feet. That is the SAME guy killed in the standoff part. I’m sure I didn’t count the same guy twice.


Tragic Hero (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Tragic Hero (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Li Ah Chai (Chow Yun Fat) = 52
Lam Ting Kwok (Andy Lau) = 28
Chuan (Hong-Ning Ng) = 5
Tang Kat-Yung (Alex Man) = 2


Restaurant – 1
-Yung kills one of his own with a broken beer bottle

Failed Assasination – 1
-Luk killed by Yung’s bodyguards

Highway – 1
-Police traitor killed by unseen assasin

Police Station Breakout – 5
-Wai Chui killed by corrupted police sergeant
-Chai kills aformentioned police sergeant
-Chuan shoots 1 cop, runs over 1, then shoots 1 more hanging to bottom of van

Malaysian Restaurant – 16
-Malay driver leaves behind a bomb in restaurant which kills Chai’s wife, son, and 14 people seen in restaurant

Mansion Gate – 7
-Chai shoots 1 triad from inside car boot
-Chai shoots 2 more triads
-Chuan shoots 2 triads
-Kwok shoots 2 triads

Courtyard – 76
-Chuan killed by triads
-Chai blows up 5 triads with a 12-gauge grenade launcher
-Kwok blows up 10 triads with a M23 grenade launcher attached to an M16
-Chai blows up another 25 triads
-Kwok blows up another 3 triads
-2 triads fell off balcony
-30 more triads blown up by several consecutive explosions (its unsure which of these kills belonged to Chai, and which to Kwok, since they’re pumping grenades offscreen)

Mansion – 40

-Chai shoots 16 triads
-Kwok shoots 13 triads
-Triads kills 9 whores (damn, talk about exploitation)
-Chai pushed a burning trolley towards 1 triad, it blows up and incinerates him
-Yung kills 1 of his own bodyguards

Finale – 1

-Chai dropped Yung off balcony into blazing inferno


- 2 of Chai’s allies are shot by cops in the raid/arrest scene, but they didn’t die too


Rich And Famous (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Rich And Famous (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Li Ah Chai (Chow Yun Fatt) – 10
Luk (Shing Fui On) – 6
Tang Kat-Yung (Alex Man) – 4


Bunk – 1
-Kwok’s father found dead from illness in a bed

Meeting – 28
-1 of Chai’s men shot by triads
-Luk shoots 2 triads in a corridor through window
-1 more of Chai’s men shot by triads
-Yung shoots 1 triad
-1 triad shot by Chai’s men
-Luk shoots 4 more triads
-Yung shoot 1 triad
-Chai shoots 9 triads upon arrival
-2 more triads gunned down by Chai’s men
-6 triads seen shot and killed (their assailiants are unseen and its impossible to tell who killed them)

Yung’s Betrayal – 2

-Yung strangles Fan Tit-tau, mid-pissing
-Yung shoots Fan’s guard

Chase – 4
-Car with 4 triads on board accidentally crashes into Kwok’s car, which blows up and kills all 4 on board

Wedding Crashers – 4

-One of Yung’s hired assasins shot
-Chai’s driver dies in car crash
-Chai shoots Yung’s driver
-Mak bleeds out, dying to a stray gunshot wound


God Of Gamblers (1989): Body Count Breakdown

God Of Gamblers (1989): Body Count by luvmetender009


Lung Wu “Dragon” (Charles Heung) – 16
Ko Chun (Chow Yun Fat) – 5
Knife (Andy Lau) – 3
Yee (Fong Lung) – 1
Hon Lam Bau (Chan Kam Shing) – 1


Bedroom – 1
-Ko Chun’s wife accidentally fell off a balcony after being pushed by Yee, dies from the impact

Hotel – 8
-Lung Wu shoots 2 assassins in suite
-Lung Wu shoots 1 more in corridor
-1 more killed by Lung Wu on stairs
-Lung Wu shoots 2 assassins
-Lung Wu shoots 2 more assassins while exiting hotel

Shopping Mall – 5
-Lung Wu shoots 5 assassins while on an escalator

Carpark – 11
-Knife shoots 3 assassins
-Lung Wu shoots a burly assassin
-Lung Wu shoots 1 more assassin, tossed a knife into another 1’s throat
-Ko Chun regains his memory and kills 5 assassins in a row

Last Gamble – 1
-Yee shot dead by Hon Lam Bau


-Lung Wu beats up many gangsters in a subway train, none of them died


God Of Gamblers Returns (1994): Body Count Breakdown

God Of Gamblers Returns (1994): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ko Chun (Chow Yun Fat) – 37, 1 shared with Lung
Lung Wu (Charles Heung) – 21, 1 shared with Ko Chun
Cheung Po-Sing (Wong Kam-Kong) – 5
Chao Siu Chi/’The Devil of Gamblers’ (Hsing-kuo Wu) – 3
Hoi Traitor (Ken Lo) – 2


Villa – 30
-Chao’s minions kills 3 of their clients
-Chao kills 1 of his client with throwing cards
-Alex (Ko’s French Gardener) shot dead by Chao’s thugs
-Lung Wu stabs 1 thug, shoots 1
-Ko Chun shoots 3 thugs
-French maid shoots 2 thugs
-Lung Wu shoots 2 thugs
-8 thugs flung out of villa’s side windows (whomever blew them out isn’t shown. It might be Ko Chun, but it isn’t implied heavily enough in that brief scene)
-Ko Chun shoots 3 more thugs in hall

Forced Abortion – 3
-Ko Chun’s wife bleeds to death
-Lung Wu shoots last thug

Hoi’s Yatch – 8
-Ko Chun stabs 1 diver and kills 1 more with his own harpoon
-Divers stabs 2 people on Hoi’s yacht (seen briefly in background)
-Hoi On stabbed by the Traitor
-3 more corpses seen in background

Mansion – 46
-Hon Lam Bau shot dead by thugs
-Ko Chun shoots 1 thug, kills 1 with throwing cards, slash 5 dead with samurai sword
-Ko Chun hurls a sword into 1 thug’s back
-Ko Chun shoots 4 with dual pistols
-Ko Chun shoots 4 more on and near staircase
-Cheung Po-Sing shoots 5 thugs
-Ko Chun shoots 2 more thugs
-Cheung Po-Sing killed by thugs
-Lung Wu shoots 10 thugs
-Ko Chun shoots 10 more thugs
-Lung Wu, Ko Chun, shoots The Traitor together
-Yao-Yao dies, succumbing from gunshot wounds by Traitor

Last Gamble – 3
-The decoy is flung off a balcony to his death
-Chao kills a casino guard
-Ko Chun slash Chao from head to groin with a sword


-One of Trumpet’s cliques is seen bound in a fishing net, and appears to choke but he is still alive when the camera cuts away from his face


Flaming Brothers (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Flaming Brothers (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Alan Chen Wai-Lun (Alan Tang) – 38
Chang Ho-Tien (Chow Yun Fat) – 17
Kao (Yin Tse) – 1


Nightclub – 8
-Lun shoots Hsu and 4 triads
-Tien shoots 3 triads

Thailand Arms Deal – 11
-Lun shoots 3 Thai gangsters
-Thai gangsters kills 5 arms dealers
-Arms dealers kills 2 Thai gangsters
-Arms dealers’ boss kills 1 That gangster

Street Chase – 5
-Lun shoots 1 Thai gangster hanging to back of taxi
-Arms dealers kills 4 Thai gangsters

Docks Battle – 34

-1 triad in truck shot
-2 triads shot from inside the truck
-1 triad in the truck is shot and falls out
-1 corpse seen, leaning against a fence when rival triads’ reinforcements arrives
-18 triads shot, or seen dead
-Lun shoots 7 triads
-Car with 3 triads on board overturns, blows up and kills everyone in it
-Jenny bleeds to death from wounds caused by stray bullet

Punishment – 1
-Lui’s son shot by triads

Stable – 23
-Lun shoots 10 triads
-1 triad used as a human shield, killed by his own colleagues
-Lun smash 1 triad’s head, killing him
-Triads kills another 1 of their own
-Lun shoots 2 more triads
-Triads kills 1 more of their own
-Tien shoots 6 triads
-Tien runs over 1 triad

Brothers Unite!!!! – 16
-Lun shoots 9 triads
-Tien shoots 7 triads

Final Standofff – 4
-Ko kills Inspector Lo
-Lun, Tin, Ko, all 3 executed by police


A propane tank attached to a forklife explodes, knocking over several triads but all of them seemed to have survived the blast.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000): Body Count Breakdown

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000): Body Count by luvmetender009


Jade Fox (Cheng Pei Pei) – 2
Luo Xiao Hu (Chen Chang) – 2
Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun Fat) – 1
Jen Yu (Zhang Ziyi) – 1


Duel – 1
-Jade Fox kills Prefect Cai Qiu

Desert Raid – 3
-Xiao Hu kills 2 guards
-Jen Yu rips a spear impaled in a bandit’s heart (he was still alive until Jen Yu rips the weapon out, killing him thereafter)

Cave – 2
-Li Mu Bai kills Jade Fox
-Li Mu Ba succumbs to poison needle shot by Jade Fox


-There are many fights, offscreen clashes in the desert raid scene, but not many deaths are shown
-Jen Yu beats up many people in the restaurant scene, but none of them appeared to have died
-Jen Yu jumps off a cliff at the end of the film, but whether she dies or not it is not confirmed. The movie implies that she died, but in the official novelisation this film is based on, there is a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon entittled The Silver Vase, where Jen Yu survives and had a child with Xiao Hu.