Maximum Risk (1996): Body Count Breakdown

Maximum Risk (1996): Body Count by luvmetender009


Alain Moreau (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 4
Red Face (Stefanos Miltsakakis) – 2
Ivan Dzasokhov (Zach Grenier) – 1


South of France – 1
-Mikhail killed in a car crash

Lawyer’s Offices – 1

-Etienne is found dead, executed (presumably) by Red Face

Twist in the Plot – 1
-Davis dies from stray gunshot wounds

Sauna Lodge – 5
-Ivan’s men kills 3 occupants and 1 VIP
-Ivan kills Kirov

Subway – 1
-1 thug run over by a train

Private Offices – 2
-1 employee’s corpse seen, killed by Red Face
-Alain stabs Red Face

Roadside – 2

-Alain shoots Ivan’s driver
-Ivan dies when car crashes and explodes, caused earlier by Alain shooting the driver

Abbatoir – 1

-Alain shoots Agent Pellman


-The thug Alain throws into a burning cubicle in the lawyer’s offices is actually Red Face, though due to the poor visibility of that scene (lots of smoke, lights are out) it is hard to tell. Since Red Face appears later its easy to confirm he survived.


Sudden Death (1995) Bodycount Breakdown

Sudden Death (1995) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Luvmetender/Kooshmeister)


Darren McCord (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 11
Joshua Foss (Powers Boothe): 5
Wootton (Jophery C. Brown): 4
Scratch (Jack Erdie): 3
Briggs (John Hateley): 3
Carla (Faith Minton): 2
Pratt (Fred Mancuso): 1
Brody (Manny Perry): 1


Opening: 1
The little girl dies in a fire

4 Hours Until Face Off: 2
Briggs and Wootton shoot 2 security guards in the back of a van

20 Minutes Until Face Off: 5
Pratt shoots 1 attendant in the basement
Briggs shoots 1 Secret Service agent in the elevator
Wootton shoots 1 agent in the hallway
Scratch shoots Mrs. Ferrara at the house
Wootton shoots 1 agent in the VIP lounge

The Game Starts: 4
Foss shoots Agent Kayline
Foss shoots Andrew
Foss shoots Mrs. Taylor
1 female attendant shown dead in the restroom, killed by Carla

Kitchen: 3
Carla shoots the elevator guard
Darren kicks Carla into a dishwasher machine, which strangles her to death
Darren sticks a chicken bone in Briggs’ throat

Manager’s Office: 1
Joan found dead in the closet, killed by the terrorists

Parking Lot: 3
3 agents blown up by car bombs detonated by the terrorists

Roof: 2
Scratch blows up police helicopter with an RPG, killing its pilot and dropping the SWAT officer dangling on the chord to his death

On Ice: 5
The heavy vehicle driver shown dead, killed by the terrorists
4 dead agents poured out from inside vehicle, also killed by the terrorists

Second Period: 1
Foss shoots Mayor Taylor

Storeroom: 1

Darren pumps a nail into 1 terrorist’s throat

Boiler Room: 1
Darren lights Hallmark on fire and then smashes his head in

Locker Room: 1
Brody shoots the assistant coach

Sudden Death: 1
Foss shoots Blair

Dome: 2
Darren kicks 1 terrorist alongside the stadium’s roof
Darren drops 1 terrorist into the stadium and he lands on the digital board

Rescue: 2
Darren shoots 1 terrorist
Darren shoots Hickey

Final Standoff: 3
Darren shoots Scratch in the helicopter
Darren shoots the pilot
The helicopter goes out of control thanks to Darren, causing it to crash into the stadium and blow up with Foss inside


-One of the Secret Service agents in the VIP lounge is shot in the leg by Foss and last seen badly hurt, but is not confirmed as dead.
-Lewis and Brody only appear to get knocked out by McCord (albeit badly hurt) in the gym.
-Nobody is seen visibly killed when the remaining bombs goes off near end or during the water rush.


The Hard Corps (2006): Body Count Breakdown

The Hard Corps (2006): Body Count by luvmetender009


Phillippe Sauvage (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 8
Wayne Barclay (Razaaq Adoti) – 3
Casey Bledsoe (Mark Griffin) – 1
High Dog (Dexter Bell) – 1
Terrell Singletery (Viv Leacock) – 1


Photoshoot – 3
-Philippe shoots 2 assassins
-Assassin shoots Clarence Bowden

Wayne Barclay is a bitch – 1
-High Dog kills a thug for his dogs

Flashback – 20
-Philippe kills 2 Arab terrorists
-Terrorist blows up himself, a hostage, 1 of his own and 15 people seen in the school (dialogue in the film states 20 though)

“Where’s your bodyguard?” – 1
-Casey shoots 1 thug

Car Workshop – 10

-Wayne shoots 2 thugs
-Wayne’s bodyguards shoots 3 thugs
-Terrell shoots Leonard
-Mullins shot by thugs
-Philippe shoots 2 thugs
-Philippe throws High Dog to the dogs

“Can I have your autograph, now?” – 2

-Philippe shoots 1 thug
-Wayne drops a car onto Terrell


The Order (2001): Body Count Breakdown

The Order (2001): Body Count by luvmetender009


Rudy Cafmeyer (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 3
Charles Le Vaillant (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 1
Lt. Dalia Barr (Sofia Milos) – 1
Cyrus Jacob (Brian Thompson) – 1
Ben Ner (Ben Cross) – 1


The Crusades – 18
-Charles Le Valiant kills a Palestine
-7 Palestines killed by Crusaders
-1 crusader killed by Palestines
-9 corpses eeen in aftermath

Matyr’s Death – 5
-LeValiant and 5 of his followers are massacred by Crusaders

Jerusalem – 1
-Thugs shoots Walter

Congregation – 1

-Cyrus blows up the cardinal in his car

Offices – 2

-Dahlia shoots 1 thug
-Thug shoots Yuri

Ceremony – 6
-Cultists accidentally kills 1 of their own
-Cultists kills 1 of Ben Ner’s men
-Ben Ner accidentally kills a cultist
-Rudy kicks the kung-fu fighting cultist into a spike, impaling him
-Rudy kills Cyrus
-Rudy drops Ben Ner into the pit together with a load of C4


Hard To Kill (1990) Body Count Breakdown

Hard To Kill (1990) Body Count by luvmetender009


Mason Storm (Steven Seagal) – 12
Jack Axel (Charles Boswell) – 3


The Hit – 2
-Storm shoots 1 thug
-Axel shoots Felicia Storm

News Footage – 1
-Senator Cadwell mentioned dead in plane crash

Hospital – 7 years later – 2

-Axel shoots a security guard
-Axel shoots a hospital attendant

Home Invasion – 8
-Storm shoots 3 thugs
-Storm hurls 1 thug off a balcony
-Storm throws 1 thug off a balcony
-Storm shoots 2 more thugs
-Storm crashed his vehicle over 1 thug

Station – 1
-Thugs shoots O’Malley

Chinatown – 1
-Storm strangles Quintaro

Calibri’s Quarters – 2

-Storm stabs Axel’s jugular with a pool cue, then finishes him off with a kick across his face
-Storm strangles the corrupted cop with his own necktie


-The shopkeeper is shot in the start of the film, but was still alive when the scene cuts.


Under Siege (1992): Body Count Breakdown

Under Siege (1992) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Calaway (Sandy Ward): 31
Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal): 30
Ramirez (Raymond Cruz): 4
William Strannix (Tommy Lee Jones): 2
Commander Krill (Gary Busey): 1
Jordan Tate (Erika Eleniak): 1
Doumer (Colm Meaney): 1
Tackman (Damian Chapa): 1
Granger (Troy Evans): 1
Pitt (Richard Jones): 1
Shadow (Eddie Bo Smith, Jr.): 1
Cates (Tom Muzila): 1
Zix (John Laughlin): 1


The Siege: 6
-Strannix shoots Commander Green
-Krill shoots Captain Adams
-Doumer shoots 1 Navy officer
-Shadow shoots 1 Marine
-Strannix shoots 1 crewman
-1 Marine is shot by a terrorist

Kitchen: 3
-Cates and Zix shoot Private Nash
-Casey throws a knife into Cates’ throat
-Casey breaks Zix’s neck

Weapons Demonstration: 1
-Pitt activates the ship’s guns and shoots down an F-18 jet, killing its pilot

Ball Room: 6
-6 dead Navy and Marines shown

“Only a cook”: 1
-Casey’s microwave bomb blows up 1 terrorist

Helipad: 9
-Casey chops 1 terrorist’s throat
-Casey pours paint thinner on helicopter, causing it to explode and blow up 1 terrorist in the explosion
-Casey shoots 5 terrorists
-Casey booby traps door with grenade, blowing up 2 terrorists in the blast

Foc’s’le: 1
-1 crewman (shown on CCTV) is shot by a terrorist

Lower Deck: 14
-Ramirez drops a set of propane tanks into the deck, blowing up 3 terrorists
-1 terrorist’s dead body seen on the floor, finished off by Casey
-Johnson is shot by a terrorist
-Casey guns down 7 terrorists
-Casey drops a construction beam onto 1 terrorist, impaling him
-Casey throws 1 terrorist off a railing and leaves him hanging

Workshop: 4
-Casey cuts up 3 terrorists
-Casey grinds 1 terrorist with sawblades

“You give me anymore trouble, I’m calling Mohammed!”: 18

-The terrorists blow up Navy SEAL helicopter, killing the 2 pilots, the strike team leader, and 15 more commandos onboard

Submarine Infiltration: 2
-Casey shoots 1 terrorist
-Jordan shoots Doumer

Sub Destruction: 30
-Calaway blows up submarine with the ship’s missiles, killing Krill, the sub captain, Luigi, and 27 other terrorists onboard

Upper Deck: 4
-Casey shoots Shadow
-Ramirez shoots Pitt
-Casey rips out 1 terrorist’s throat
-Tackman, Calaway, and Granger shoot 1 terrorist and he falls off deck

“Keep the faith, Strannix!”: 1
-Casey gouges out Strannix’s eye, stabs his scalp, and then shoves his head into a control panel


-There were at least 2 other terrorists at the end who’s fates are not shown onscreen.


Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995): Body Count Breakdown

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Casey Ryback (Steven Seagal): 24
Marcus Penn (Everett McGill): 4
Travis Dane (Eric Bogosian): 4
Holy Mercenary (Denis L. Stewart): 4
Bobby Zachs (Morris Chestnut): 3
Mercenary #1 (Peter Greene): 2
Female Mercenary (Afifi Alaouie): 2
Scotty (Jonathan Banks): 1


Search and Rescue, Readville, Colorado: 4
-Penn shoots 2 workers
-2 soldiers shot by terrorists

Train Hijack: 11

-Scotty shoots the engineer
-The co-engineer is shot by a terrorist
-1 cook shot by a terrorist
-Casey chops 1 terrorist’s throat and throws him off the train
-Holy Mercenary and other terrorists shoot 3 more cooks
-4 dead hostages shown in helicopter

Getting the Code: 2
-Female Mercenary pushes Trilling off the train and he is then shot by Mercenary #1
-Mercenary #1 and Female Mercenary push Gilder off the train into the rocky water

Weapons Test: 2

-Dane destroys a plane with the satellite, killing its 2 pilots (as well as an unknown number of other people onboard)

Fighting Back: 6
-Casey slits Herb’s wrist and then subdues him, causing Herb to bleed to death
-Casey shoots 1 terrorist in the throat with his own pistol and throws him out of the train
-Casey kicks 1 terrorist off the front of the train and he is run over
-Casey shoots 2 terrorists
-Casey throws 1 terrorist off the side of the train

“You’re fucked!”: 3

-Casey blows up 1 terrorist with a bomb and sets him on fire
-Penn shoots 1 of his own men who was on fire
-Casey douses staircase in alcohol and then shoots 1 terrorist with a flare gun, incinerating him as well before kicking him off the train

Cliff: 4
-Casey pushes 1 terrorist down the cliffside
-Casey shoots cable holding 1 terrorist, causing him to fall down the cliff as well
-Bobby shoots Mercenary #3
-Casey cuts cable, dropping 1 terrorist down the cliff

Night: 17
-Casey breaks Mercenary #1’s neck
-Casey chops 1 terrorist’s throat
-Dane blows up stealth jet with the satellite, killing its pilot
-Casey throws a knife into 1 terrorist’s throat
-Casey shoots 2 terrorists
-Bobby shoots 1 terrorist
-Casey shoots 1 terrorist
-An Air Force officer is shot by a terrorist
-Casey shoots 2 terrorists
-Holy Mercenary unintentionally shoots 1 of his friends
-Casey shoots Holy Mercenary
-Dane blows up the second stealth jet with the satellite, killing its pilot
-Penn sticks a knife in Mercenary #2’s throat
-Bobby pushes Female Mercenary out of the helicopter
-Casey chokes 1 terrorist to death

“Nobody beats me in the kitchen”: 1

-Casey breaks Penn’s neck

Finale: 5
-The passenger train crashes into the petrol train, killing Scotty and 2 other terrorists onboard the first train, as well as the engineer on the second train
-Casey slams the helicopter doors on Dane’s fingers, slicing all of them off and dropping Dane into the blazing fire below


-Dane blows up an unknown quanity of people in an around a Chinese weapons plant, but none are shown in the blast.
-The commercial plane that Dane blows up has an unknown amount of people onboard including Dane’s target, but apart from the 2 pilots, none of the others onboard can be confirmed.
-There could’ve been more people on the petrol train, but only the engineer is shown before the crash.


The Patriot (1998): Body Count Breakdown

The Patriot (1998): Body Count by luvmetender009


Dr. Wesley McLaren (Steven Seagal) – 5
Frank (L.Q. Jones) – 5
Floyd Chisolm (Gailard Sartain) – 1


Outbreak – 1
-1 patient succumbs to disease in hospital

Taking Over – 25
-Militants shoots 4 police officers
-Militants’ bomb blows up 3 police officers
-Militants shoots 6 soldiers
-1 soldier’s corpse seen, falling through a glass panel
-Militants shoots 3 soldiers
-Soldiers shoots 4 militants
-Militants shoots 3 medics
-Floyd shoots 1 soldier

Going after the McLarens – 8

-Frank’s dynamite blows up and overturns militant’s truck, crushing 1 militant
-Militant driver in second truck accidentally runs over 1 of his own
-1 dead militant seen lying on a fence, by Frank
-1 more dead militant in second truck, by Frank
-Frank shoots 2 militants
-Surviving militant shoots Frank
-Wesley shoots surviving militant

Medical Research Facility – 5

-4 corpses of soldiers who succumbed to disease seen
-1 soldiers succumbs to disease on-screen

Wesley visits Floyd personally – 4

-Wesley stabs Floyd at side of his head with broken tip of a wine glass
-Wesley shoots 3 militants


-94 people are infected, and 5 are dead, as mentioned in a dialogue in the film.
-Lots and lots of people are seen weak and near their death from effects of the outbreak.
-Wesley beats up a lot of people.


Out Of Reach (2004): Body Count Breakdown

Out Of Reach (2004): Body Count by luvmetender009


William Lansing (Steven Seagal) – 9
Faisal (Matt Schulze) – 1


Orphanage – 1
-Faisal kills Mrs. Donata off-screen (news footage reveals her death later)

Apartment – 1
-William drops 1 thug out of apartment window

Investigations – 1

-Weiss’ mistress seen dead
-Weiss’ corpse seen shot in the head

Strip Club – 7

-William shots 1 thug
-William drops a grenade, which blows up 1 thug
-William shoots 5 thugs

Showdown in the Palace – 1

-William slashes Faisal to death


-Detective Lato fires off a considerable amount of shots, but none of her shots hits or kills anyone.


Submerged (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Submerged (2005): Body Count by luvmetener009 / Kooshmeister


Chris Cody (Steven Seagal): 21
Agent Fletcher (William Hope): 12
Damita (Alison King): 6
Henry (Vinnie Jones): 4
Luis (Stephen DaCosta): 3
Captain Plowden (Ross McCall): 3
Dr. Susan Chappell (Christine Adams): 2
Chief (P.H. Moriarty): 2
Colonel John Sharpe (Gary Daniels): 1


Assassination: 9
-Brainwashed Secret Service agents shoot 4 Marine guards
-Brainwashed Secret Service agents shoot the ambassador’s assistant
-One of the brainwashed agents shoots the ambassador
-The 3 brainwashed agents shoot each other

Drop Point Bravo: 9

-One of Hilan’s soldiers stabs the commandos’ ground contact
-Plowden shoots the goat herder, who then blows herself up with a bomb strapped to her waist
-Plowden shoots 1 soldier
-The commandos shoot 3 soldiers
-Bradley is shot by Hilan’s soldiers
-Moss shoots 1 soldier
-Soldiers shoot Moss as the commandos surrender

Looking For Americans: 7

-Fletcher shoots 2 of Hilan’s soldiers
-The brainwashed Plowden shoots 1 soldier
-The brainwashed Plowden shoots Hilan
-Fletcher shoots 4 more soldiers

Taking the Dam: 30

-Commando snaps the neck of 1 of Hilan’s soldiers
-Luis kills 1 soldier
-Chief stabs 1 soldier
-Commando snaps the neck of 1 soldier and throws him off the submarine conning tower
-We see another 1 soldier dumped into the water by Chief
-1 soldier seen getting his neck snapped by a commando
-Commando kills 1 soldier by strangling him
-Damita snaps 1 soldier’s neck with her thighs
-Henry snipes some oil drums, killing 2 soldiers by burning them to death
-Rollins is blown up by a tank
-Cody shoots 4 soldiers
-Damita blows up 4 soldiers by shooting an oil drum
-Cody blows up a tank containing at least 3 soldiers (driver, gunner and commander)
-8 soldiers are killed by unidentified shooters

Submerged: 7

-Ender dies on the operating table from injuries sustained earlier
-The brainwashed Sharpe breaks Doc’s neck
-Susan kills 1 brainwashed soldier by stabbing him in the neck
-Cody kills the brainwashed Sharpe by stabbing him in the neck
-One of the brainwashed soldiers shoots O’Hearn and Chief
-Cody trips 1 brainwashed soldier. Although he just seems to get knocked out, he’s left aboard the sub which is then blown up by the US Navy.
-Cody shoots the final brainwashed soldier

Sniper: 1

-Henry shoots the brainwashed Plowden

Car Chase: 1

-Luis shoots the taxi driver

Night at the Opera: 10

-Damita wraps a rope around a guard’s neck, causing him to be yanked up and hung when a prop palm tree is lowered onstage.
-Henry shoots Lehder’s sniper
-The brainwashed waiter shoots 2 bodyguards
-Cody shoots 1 brainwashed bodyguard
-The brainwashed orchestra conductor shoots Luis
-Luis shoots the brainwashed conductor before he dies
-The brainwashed theater usher shoots Henry
-Cody shoots the brainwashed usher.
-Cody shoots the brainwashed waiter.

Kelin Dyle: 16

-Fletcher takes a henchman’s gun and uses it to shoot him, 1 guard and 3 scientists offscreen (we see their bodies)
-Susan shoots a henchman with his own gun
-The henchmen shoot Sandrow
-Cody shoots 7 henchmen
-Cody fights the henchman guarding the elevator and shoots him with his own gun
-Fletcher knocks Lehder into his own brainwashing device, electrocuting him
-Cody kicks Fletcher through a window and he gets impaled on Lehder’s cane


-During the assault on the dam, it’s clear O’Hearn knocks out, rather than kills, most of the men he engages.
-Cody hits 2 guards with Sandrow’s car but it is unclear if they’re killed or not.
-It is unclear of the pilot of Lehder’s helicopter died when it crashed. The craft appeared mostly intact.