Legionnaire (1998): Body Count Breakdown

Legionnaire (1998): Body Count by luvmetender009


Mackintosh “Mac” (Nicholas Farrell) – 21
Alain Lefevre (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 13
Luther (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) – 9
Sgt. Steinkampf (Steven Berkoff) – 3
Lucien Galgani (Jim Carter) – 1
Guido Rosetti (Daniel Caltagirone) – 1
Julot (Joe Montana) – 2


Allley – 2
-Galgani shoots Alain’s friend
-Alain shoots Galgani’s brother

Gorge – 38

-Raiders shoots 12 legionnaires
-Mac shoots 12 raiders
-Alain shoots 3 raiders
-Legionnaires shoots 7 raiders
-Luther shoots 1 raider
-Legionnaire captain shot by raiders
-Guido shoots 1 raider
-Guido shot by raiders

Desert – 27
-Raiders shoots 2 legionnaires
-Mac shoots 2 raiders
-Legionnaires shoots 7 raiders
-Alain shoot 1 raider
-Julot shoots 2 raiders
-Julot shot and killed by raiders
-Sergeant Shef shoots 1 Morrocan
-Luther shoots 8 raiders with Lewis gun
-Legionnares in fort shoots 3 raiders

Siege – 24
-Alain shoots 2 raiders
-Legionnaires blows up 4 raiders with mortar
-Raiders blows up 3 legionnaires with explosive sack
-Mac shoots 2 raiders
-Raiders blows up 1 more legionnaire
-A sergeant is shot
-Raiders shoots 2 legionnaires
-3 legionnaires seen on a staircase before it was blown up
-1 legionnaire’s corpse seen
-Alain shoots 1 raider
-1 legionnaire sergeant blown up
-2 legionnaires near mortars blown up, 1 corpse seen nearby

Last Battle – 94
-Alain mercy kills Luther
-Raiders blows up 7 legionnaires with Howitzers
-5 legionnaires blown up in long shot
-1 legionnaire’s corpse seen on top of fort
-9 more legionnaires blown up by Howitzers
-4 dead legionnaires seen in front of fort
-7 raiders shot, at least 1 by Mac (since he’s firing in the same row with other legionnaires)
-Mac shoots 1 more raider
-4 legionnaires shot
-4 legionnaires blown up
-2 raiders shot
-Alain shoots 2 raiders
-2 more legionnaires blown up
-Mac shoots 1 raider
-3 legionnaire corpses seen (long shot)
-Raiders shoots 2 legionnaires
-Magin shoots 2 raiders before being stabbed to death
-Alain shoots 1 raider
-8 legionnaires seen on a collapsing platform
-Legionnaires shoots 2 raiders
-1 legionnaire’s corpse seen
-Raiders shoots 1 legionnaire
-Alain shoots 1 raider
-Raiders blows up 2 legionnaires
-Sergeant Steinkampf shoots 3 raiders
-1 legionnaire on an archway blown up
-Sergeant Steinkampf stabbed
-Raiders cuts down 6 legionnaires
-9 mangled corpses seen
-Mac shoots then legion commander
-Mac shoots himself, off-screen


-50 thousand Legionnaire troops are mentioned to have been killed in the desert by Sergeant Steinkampf.


Replicant (2001): Body Count Breakdown

Replicant (2001): Body Count by luvmetender009


Garrotte “The Torch” (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 20
Jake Riley (Michael Rooker) – 1


Opening – 2
-Garrotte kills and incinerates a victim
-Garrotte shoots 1 innocent man

Replicant’s First Vision – 1
-Replicant witnesses vision of Garrotte incinerating 1 victim in a bathtub

Police Offices – 6
-6 identifiable photographs of Garrotte’s victims seen on a billboard

Garrotte’s Apartment – 7

-5 more photographs of Garrotte’s victims seen on computer screen
-Garrotte’s bomb blows up 1 FBI agent and 1 (at least) innocent civilian

Bar – 1
-Garrotte kills the bar’s owner

What do you remember? – 1

-Replicant recall another vision of Garrotte strangling then incinerating another victim

Hotel – 1

-Victim of Garrotte seen incinerated in a bathtub

Hospital – 2

-Garrotte kills his own mother
-Jake shoots Garrotte


Shanghai Knights (2003): Body Count Breakdown

Shanghai Knights (2003): Body Count by gregglop09


Chon Wang (Jackie Chan): 1
Chon Lin (Fann Wong): 1
Lord Rathbone (Aidan Gillen): 1


Royal Palace: 5
Rathbone stabs Lin’s father
Assassins kill 4 guards

Wang Vs Wu: 1
Lin blows up Wu with fireworks

Final Showdown: 1

Wang cuts the ropes to the platform, causing Rathbone to fall to his death


-Wang and Roy beat the crap out of many of Rathbone’s men but none of them are killed.


Sin City [Recut, Unrated, Extended] (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Sin City (2005 ) [Extended, Uncut and Unrated] Body Count Breakdown by actionguy05/gregglop09

(Previously done by Dr. Judas)


Marv (Mickey Rourke): 14
Miho (Devon Aoki): 12
Det. John Hartigan (Bruce Willis): 8
Dwight McCarthy (Clive Owen): 6
Kevin (Elijah Wood): 6
Gail (Rosario Dawson): 6
Cardinal Roark (Rutger Hauer): 5
Cop #2 (Rico Torres): 2
The Salesman (Josh Hartnett): 1


The Customer’s Always Right: 1
-The Salesman shoots The Customer

Docks: 2
-Hartigan shoots Benny
-Hartigan shoots Lenny

Hotel: 1
-Kevin kills Goldie

“I Love Hitmen”: 1
-Marv shoves the first hitman’s head into a brick wall

“Nice Coat”: 1

-Marv shoots the second hitman

Interrogation: 1
-Marv kills Connelly

“Is That Slut Worth Dying For?”: 1
-Marv shoots The Padre (Frank Miller) in the head

“He Made Me Watch!”: 5
-5 hooker’s severed heads are seen on the wall, killed by Cardinal Roark and Kevin off-screen

Farm: 9
-Cop #2 shoots Lucille
-Marv cuts down 4 cops with a hatchet
-Marv slams the hatchet into a cop’s head
-Cop #2 shoots 1 one of his own
-Marv kills Cop #2 off-screen
-Marv decapitates Kevin with a hacksaw

Mansion: 2
-Marv breaks a cop’s neck
-Marv pushes a cop off the roof to his death

Payback: 1
-Marv crushes Cardinal Roark’s head with his bare hands

“Is That The Best You Can Do, You Pansies?”: 1
-Marv is executed by the electric chair

Alley: 3
-Miho stabs 2 of Jackie Boy’s friends in the eye with dual katanas
-Miho decapitates 1 of Jackie Boy’s friends

“Finish Him”: 1
-Miho kills Jackie Boy

Tar Pit: 8
-Dwight shoots 1 Irish Mercenary
-Dwight shoots the Female Irish Mercenary through Jackie Boy’s head
-Dwight shoots 2 more Irish Mercenaries
-Miho kills 2 Irish Mercenaries with arrows
-Mercenaries shoot Dallas
-Miho kills the last Irish Mercenary with a shuriken

Sewers: 1
-Miho kills Brian

“Aww, Shit”: 1
Miho shoots Stuka in the back with an arrow

The Big Fat Kill: 11
-Dwight blows up 1 mercenary with a bomb hidden in Jackie Boy’s head
-Miho kills Manute
-Miho kills 2 other mercenaries
-Dwight guns down 2 mercenaries
-Gail guns down 6 mercenaries
-Old Town Girls gun down 1 mercenary

Farm Redux: 4
-Hartigan slits a cop’s throat
-Hartigan stabs a cop
-Hartigan headshots 2 cops at the same time with dual pistols

Barn: 1
-Hartigan beats The Yellow Bastard to death with his bare hands

Fair Trade: 1
-Hartigan shoots himself in the head


-At the hotel, Marv clotheslines 1 cop and knocks 2 of them into the air after bursting through the door but it is unknown if they were killed or merely knocked out
-Shlubb and Klump are knocked out with a pipe by Hartigan
-Claire, Lucille’s girlfriend is implied to have been killed by Kevin but her death is not shown onscreen
-The Irish Mercenary Dwight tortured is never confirmed as dead
-Becky is heavily implied to have been killed by The Salesman but her death is not shown


Bloodfist II: Fist Harder

Bloodfist II


Bloodfist II (1990): Breakdown by Rutledal

A kickboxer retires after killing a man in the ring, but is kidnapped and forced to fight for life or death in a martial arts tournament.


After the surprise hit of the first Bloodfist movie, Concorde seized the opportunity to make some more cash and rushed a sequel into production. Since last film’s conclusion, Jake Raye has become a professional kickboxing champion with the nickname “The Dragon”. Must have been a real stretch for Don Wilson, that one. This change is an odd one since Jake last time was a retired boxer and the reason he had retired was that having donated a kidney made fighting potentially lethal for him. Let’s, for the sake of this movie, just assume the writers of this didn’t have time to watch the first film when production was jump-started on this one. After killing a man in the ring Jake calls it quits for his fighting days, but soon has to eat his own words when he gets a phone call from a friend telling him that he is in need of some help. Where else than Manila? I say “where else” because knowing Roger Corman I suspect that the two first Bloodfist films (and probably several other Concorde movies released between 1989 and 1990) where shot on the same location (Manila) to save money.

I'm On A Boat!

After arriving in Manila, Jake quickly realizes something is fishy when no one seems to have seen or heard of this friend and upon looking for help in the local gym he is attacked by several mysterious fighters. Before he can find out what is really going on Jake gets drugged by bad guys and wakes up on a boat with several other fighters, including the dad from No Retreat No Surrender. Turns out the boat is headed for an island where a gambler named Su is arranging a modern day gladiator tournament and is kidnapping fighters to compete for life or death against his own brand of super fighters. Soon after arrival Jake escapes, but is re-captured shortly after when he tries to rescue the rest of the unwilling combatants. All this only to realize that his missing friend is really one of Su’s super fighters, having tricked Jake into coming to Manila in order to facilitate his own capture. Now Jake and the others must fight the odds to stay alive against Su’s ruthless juiced up super fighters. Oh, and did I mention that Su is played the mango-obsessed Mr. Miyagi clone Kwong from the first Bloodfist? Because he totally is. And that’s not all. Ned Hourani, who played Jake’s brother Michael, returns too, only to get killed again.  But this time in the ring, by Jake. Guess he wasn’t too glad to see him again.

Da Bad Guys

I complained about the choreography being rubbish in the first movie and that it ruined what could have been a much more enjoyable movie. This time around, though, the movie delivers top notch fights making for one heck of an enjoyable watch. The well done fights and mix of various fighting styles puts this high on the list of martial arts tournament movies. It is not up there with best like Enter the Dragon or Bloodsport, but it is right below next to the likes of Best of the Best and The Quest. This is one sequel that doesn’t just surpass the original, but kicks it’s ass from one end of the screen to the other.




Don “The Dragon” Wilson is Jake “The Dragon” Raye

Don delivers the goods this time around kicking ass all over the place and not even doubting whether or not to blow away some bad guys with a shotgun, which might be completely against his established character, but it sure is badass. To top it off Jake has since last defied his mentioned kidney issue (or maybe forgotten that he has it) and become the undefeated kickboxing world champion. Not bad.

The other “selected” (read: kidnapped) fighters are:


Timothy D. Baker is Sal Taylor

Shotokan Karate world champion, between 1985 and 1987 he had 150 fights, no defeats (no retreats, no surrenders).


James Warring is John Jones

North-American Heavyweight Boxing Champion, rated third in the world.


Richard Hill is Bobby Rose

US Ranger, hand-to-hand combat instructor.


Steve Rogers is Ernest Santana

Greco-Roman wrestling champion.

Awesome Name

Monsour Del Rosario is Tobo Castenerra is An Awesome Name

World Taekwondo champion.


Manny Samson is Manny Rivera

Pro-American Judo Champion, gold medal winner 1988.


Those Head Wounds Sure Do Bleed

The body count has more than doubled since last time which is due to the fights now being for life or death, and that the number of villains that needs to be put to sleep had been one upped as well. Jake really outdoes himself when it comes to the kills compared to the first one racking up five kills, including two delivered from the barrel of a shotgun.


Jake vs. Vinny

Jake & Vinnie

When Jake realizes that his friend is not in trouble, but the trouble, the eventual facing off between the two becomes just a question of when. Turns out that this when is when it appears that Jake and the other selected fighters are actually winning the tournament. So Su sends in Vinny to finish them off. Jake throws about with his lip some, trying to convince Vinny to drop the fight as he doesn’t want to fight him.


Vinny, however, does not have the brains to do so and the result is a kick ass brawl spanning near five minutes and culminating when Jake delivers a fly kick straight to Vinny’s neck and breaks it.


Like in the first entry the gayness is delivered in the form of shirtlessness in the male department, but beyond that the movie keeps a fairly clean sheet.


Don "The Dragoncock" Wilson

This movie gives us more of them titties in the first ten minutes than the last movie did at all when Jake, only in his second scene, sleeps with a prostitute. The credits say it’s his girlfriend, but I sure never had any girlfriend that left in the middle of the night and demanded I pay her fifty bucks. No, sir, that there is a prostitute if I ever saw one.


Su isn’t any better in the charm department, having Vinny whip the tar out of his henchwoman for disobeying orders. She does however pay him back by joining Jake for some smooching and a little ass kicking for the good guys.



When he arrives in Manila Jake goes to a gym to ask after his friend Vinny, there he runs into Sal who tells him that he only talks to fighters, and then magic happens. Words simply can not describe this moment, as it needs to been seen.

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Jake once again keeps a vocabulary short on one-liners Bobby Rose however delivers this while blowing away Su’s mandatory German henchman. “Let go of the case! That’s an order, shithead!”

Broken Arm, Lost Fight, And This Guy Still Kicks Ass

“Over and out.”


When you compete on performance-enhancing drugs it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. You’re still a loser.  Because winners don’t use drugs.

[THE CHECKLIST: 11 outta 25]

[X] Athlete(s) Turned “Actor”
[X] Clinging To The Outside Of A Moving Vehicle
[X] Crotch Attack
[X] Dialogue Telling Us How Bad-Ass The Main Character(s) Is/Are
[  ] Ending Featuring An Ambulance, A Blanket or A Towel
[X] Factory/Warehouse
[  ] Giant Explosion(s)
[  ] Heavy Artillery
[X] Improvised Weapon(s)
[X] Macho Mode(s) Of Transportation [Helicopter]
[  ] Main Character Sports Facial Accessory(s)
[  ] Manly Embrace(s)
[  ] Notorious Stunt-Man Sighting
[  ] Passage(s) Of Time Via Montage
[  ] Politically Fueled Plot Point(s)
[  ] Senseless Destruction Of Property
[  ] Shoot Out(s) and/or Sword Fight(s)
[X] Slow-Motion Finishing Move(s)/Death(s)
[  ] Stupid Authoritative Figure(s)
[X] Substance Usage and/or Abuse
[  ] Tis The Season
[X] Torture Sequence(s)
[X] Unnecessary Sequel [Bloodfist III: Forced To Fight]
[  ] Vehicle Chase(s)
[  ] Vigilante Justice

How Dare You Call This A Tentatively Connected Sequel!

Collateral Damage killcount

Collateral Damage (2001)


Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Watch video:

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Total Bodycount: 76 (Complete Bodycount Breakdown HERE)

Arnold kills 11


Collateral Damage rights held by Warner Bros.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers [Extended Cut] (2002): Body Count Breakdown

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers [Extended Cut] (2002): Body Count by Rorschach94

(Edited with the assistance of Jawsunleashed)


Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson): 48
Legolas (Orlando Bloom): 92
Gimli (John Rhys-Davies): 25
Haldir (Craig Parker): 7
King Theoden (Bernard Hill): 5
Treebeard (John Rhys-Davies): 5
Gandalf (Ian McKellen): 1
Faramir (David Wenham): 1
Eomer (Karl Urban): 1
Pippin Took (Billy Boyd): 1
Merry Brandybuck (Dominic Monaghan): 1
Grima Wormtounge (Brad Dourif): 1
Rohirrim Soldier (Peter Jackson): 1


The Burning of the Westfold: 3
-3 innocent civilians killed by Uruk-Hai soldiers

Massacre at the Fords of Isen: 61
-61 human and Orc corpses seen throughout the battlefield

The Fate of Merry and Pippin: 17
-1 Orc beheaded and eaten by other Orcs
-10 Orcs and Uruk-Hai cut down by Rohirrim
-2 Orcs shot by Rohirrim soldiers
-1 other corpse visible in background
-3 Orcs cut down by Rohirrim Soldiers

Treebeard: 1
-1 Orc crushed by Treebeard

The White Wizard: 2
-Gandalf kills the Balrog
-Gandalf dies and is resurrected

The Funeral of Theodred: 1
-Theodred’s body is seen, poisoned by Grima Wormtounge

Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit: 31
-30 Haradrim soldiers shot by Gondorian archers (Includes soldiers seen falling off of Mumakils)
-1 Haradrim soldier shot by Faramir

The Wolves of Isengard: 32

-8 soldiers killed by Orcs and Wargs
-12 Orcs killed by Rohirrim
-2 Orcs killed by Aragorn
-3 Orcs killed by Legolas
-1 Orc’s neck snapped by Gimli
-2 Orcs killed by Theoden
-Lead Warg Rider mortally wounded by Aragorn
-3 additional bodies seen after the battle

Arwen’s Fate: 1
-Aragorn seen dead from old age in Arwen’s vision

The Window on the West: 1
-Boromir seen dead in Faramir’s dream sequence

The Battle of the Hornburg Begins: 108
-One Uruk-Hai accidentally shot by an archer
-8 Uruk-Hai killed by volley of Rohirrim arrows
-48 Uruk-Hai killed by volleys of Elven arrows
-1 Uruk-Hai shot by Legolas
-20 Elves killed by Uruk-Hai
-9 Uruk-Hai killed by Elves
-Aragorn kills 10 Uruk-Hai
-Gimli kills 5 Uruk-Hai
-Legolas kills 3 more Uruk-Hai
-Haldir kills 3 Uruk-Hai

The Breach of the Deeping Wall: 103
-Gimli kills 4 Uruk-Hai
-Uruk-Hai suicide bomber blows himself up
-Uruk-Hai detonates bombs, killing at least 41 Men, Elves and Uruk-Hai
-24 Uruk-Hai knocked off bridge by battering ram
-1 Uruk-Hai speared by a Rohirrim soldier (Peter Jackson)
-Aragorn kills 1 Uruk-Hai
-Legolas kills 3 more Uruk-Hai
-24 Uruk-Hai soldiers killed by Elves
-4 Elves killed by Uruk-Hai

Retreat to the Hornburg: 162
-Soldiers kill 12 Uruk-Hai
-Uruk-Hai kill 18 Soldiers
-Aragorn kills 27 Uruk-Hai
-Gimli kills 15 Uruk-Hai
-Legolas kills 3 Uruk-Hai
-Theoden kills 3 Uruk-Hai
-Haldir kills 4 Uruk-Hai
-Haldir killed by Uruk-Hai
-Legolas collapses a battle ladder, killing a minimum of 79 Uruk-Hai

The Nazgul Attack: 2
-2 corpses are seen in Osgiliath, killed during the Orc’s assault

Forth Eorlingas: 86

-Theoden kills 3 Uruk-Hai
-Aragorn kills 1 Uruk Hai
-1 Uruk-Hai killed by a soldier
-A minimum of 77 Uruk-Hai run down by horses on bridge (7 of which are Aragorn’s, though the kills of Legolas and Theoden are impossible to separate from the kills of the other soldiers)
-Legolas kills 1 Uruk-Hai
-Eomer’s men kill 2 Uruk-Hai
-Eomer kills 1 Uruk-Hai
-Unknown number of Orcs run down by Eomer’s men

The Flooding of Isengard: 335
-4 Orcs crushed by Treebeard
-28 Orcs crushed by Ents
-Pippin hits 1 Orc with a rock, causing it to fall to it’s death
-Merry kills another Orc with a thrown rock
-Approximately 301 Orcs consumed by floodwaters released by the Ents breaking the dam


Once again, I did not count Orcs knocked down or punched by soldiers, due to the unlikeliness of fatalities. I kept to the minimum at all times when counting large groups of Orcs being killed. If I was unsure of a kill, I didn’t count it. I also didn’t count people hitting offscreen without a victim being shown, because there is no way of confirming whether or not a hit was fatal. I didn’t count Wargs or horses in the final tally. The Balrog is debatable, but I counted it anyway.
Thousands are implied to have been killed in the Battle of Helm’s Deep and the Flooding of Isengard. I did not count Legolas’ and Gimli’s tallies of their own kills, I only counted the kills I saw them perform. I also did not count the bodies seen in the aftermath of the battle, because most of themn were likely already shown dying in the battle. I also did not count the Orcs running into the forest at the end as kills, because their deaths are also never shown, although they are implied.
The “Forth Eorlingas scene is nearly impossible to count, but 77 is the number I came up with. Theoden kills many of them, but due to the CGI, it’s impossible to tell how many he is killing. Legolas’ kills are likewise impossible to make out. Aragorn’s kills are easier, since he is shown to be separate from the rest of the group on the left, and Jaws managed to count seven of them before they also became impossible to count.
I also didn’t count the corpses in the dead marshes, as they kind of fall under the site’s policy for skeletons and corpses, especially since they are clearly just props.


The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King [Extended Cut] (2003): Body Count Breakdown

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King [Extended Cut] (2003): Body Count by Rorschach94


Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson): 27
Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood): 1
Legolas (Orlando Bloom): 20
Gandalf (Ian McKellen): 11
Eowyn (Miranda Otto): 10
Gimli (John Rhys-Davies): 8
Merry (Dominic Monaghan): 6
Sam Gamgee (Sean Astin): 4
Faramir (David Wenham): 4
Pippin (Billy Boyd): 3
King Theoden (Bernard Hill): 2
Eomer (Karl Urban): 3
Gollum/ Smeagol (Andy Serkis): 1
Grima Wormtounge (Brad Dourif): 1
Gorbag (Stephen Ure): 2
Gothmog (Lawrence Malkore): 1


The Finding of the Ring: 1
-Smeagol strangles Deagol under the influence of the Ring

The Voice of Saruman: 2

-Saruman stabbed in the back by Grima
-Grima shot by Legolas

Minas Tirith: 1

-Boromir’s death is seen in a flashback

Osgiliath Invaded: 20

-Gondor Sentry shot by Orcs
-Faramir kills 3 Orcs
-Gondorian Soldiers kill 9 Orcs
-Orcs kill 7 soldiers

The Fall of Osgiliath: 46

-Faramir kills 1 Orc
-Other soldiers kill 16 Orcs
-Orcs kill 14 Soldiers
-Nazgul steeds kill 14 soldiers
-Faramir’s Lieutenant stabbed by Gothmog

The Siege of Gondor: 160

-Boulders flung from Orc catapults kill 17 soldiers and 9 civilians
-Boulders flung from Gondorian catapults crush 47 Orcs
-25 soldiers killed by Nazgul steeds
-1 Troll killed by archers
-1 Orc falls to his death off of a battle tower
-40 Orcs shot by archers
-12 soldiers killed by Orcs
-Gandalf kills 7 Orcs
-Pippin kills 1 Orc

The Corsairs of Umbar: 1

-1 Corsair shot by Legolas

Breaking the Gate of Gondor: 29

-War Trolls kill 15 soldiers
-Wargs kill 2 soldiers
-Orcs kill 1 soldier
-Soldiers kill 9 Orcs
-1 Troll killed by archers
-1 Troll’s throat sliced by Gandalf

The Witch King’s Hour: 19
-Trolls kill 6 more soldiers
-Orcs kill 10 soldiers
-Soldiers kill 2 Orcs
-1 civilian corpse seen

Ride of the Rohirrim: 190
-12 Rohirrim killed by Orc archers
-178 Orcs run down or killed by Rohirrim soldiers

The Pyre of Denethor: 1
-Denethor knocked into funeral pyre by Gandalf and killed

The Battle of Pelennor Fields: 126
-Rohirrim soldiers kill 8 Orcs
-Eomer kills 2 Orcs
-Eowyn kills 9 Orcs
-Theoden kills 2 Orcs
-Merry kills 3 Orcs and 2 Haradrim soldiers
-72 Rohirrim soldiers killed by Haradrim Mumakils
-Rohirrim soldiers kill 11 Haradrim soldiers
-Haradrim soldiers kill 5 Rohirrim Soldiers
-12 Haradrim soldiers fall to their deaths off of Mumakils
-Haradrim leader killed by Eomer

A Far Green Country: 1
-1 dead Gondorian soldier seen in Minas Tirith

Victory at Minas Tirith: 63
-King Theoden Mortally wounded by the Witch King’s steed
-Witch King of Angmar killed by Eowyn
-15 Orcs killed by the Army of the Dead
-Legolas kills 2 Orcs and 13 Haradrim soldiers
-Aragorn kills 19 Orcs
-Gimli kills 6 Orcs
-Mumakils kill 5 Orcs and Rohirrim
-Gothmog killed by Aragorn

The Tower of Cirith Ungol: 39
-Gorbag kills 2 Uruk-Hai
-9 Uruk-Hai and Orcs killed in the ensuing fight
-24 bodies seen throughout the tower
-3 Uruk-Hai killed by Sam
-Gorbag stabbed by Sam

The Mouth of Sauron: 1

-Mouth of Sauron beheaded by Aragorn

The Fall of Sauron: 98
-Aragorn kills 6 Orcs
-Legolas kills 3 Orcs
-Gimli kills 2 Orcs
-Gandalf kills 2 Orcs
-Eomer kills 1 Orc
-Merry kills 1 Orc
-Pippin kills 2 Orcs
-10 Orcs killed by Rohirrim and Gondorian soldiers
-1 Soldier killed by an Orc
-Gollum thrown into the fires of Mount Doom by Frodo
-Sauron killed when the Ring is destroyed
-3 Nazguls killed by the destruction of Mount Doom
-At least 65 Orcs fall to their deaths


Mumakils, horses, Wargs, and the Nazgul’s steeds were not counted. There were hundreds of bodies visible in the Battle of Pelennor fields, but there was no way of knowing whether or not these were already seen being killed in the battle, so altogether no bodies were added to the final tally. I like to avoid uncertainty in my counts. Millions of Orcs fall to their deaths when Sauron is killed, but there is only one shot where I could actually get an accurate number on any of them. I did not count any kills when a character slashes off screen at an Orc, as there is no way of telling whether or not these hits were fatal. I kept to the minimum once again when counting mass groups of Orcs being taken out, to avoid overcounting. There were at least two boulders launched in the siege of Gondor that it was impossible to get an exact number for. Faramir’s entire troop of soldiers in the Osgiliath attack are wiped out in a hail of arrows, but the deaths are never shown, so I couldn’t count them. The Army of the Dead also wipes out the entire army of Corsairs, but these deaths are also never shown.


Pistol Whipped (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Pistol Whipped (2008): Body Count by Dr. Judas


Matt Conlin (Steven Seagal): 14
Blue (Paul Calderon): 3
Lt. Steve Shacter (Mark Elliot Wilson): 2
Drea (Renee Goldsberry):1


“These your Associates?”: 1
– Matt shoots 1 guy

Killing Bruno: 5
– Matt stabs 2 Gangsters with a fork
– Matt shoots 2 Gangsters
– Matt shoots Bruno

Bowling Alley Fight: 1
– Matt stomps on a guys head, killing him

Killing Ling: 4
– Matt shoots Ling
– Matt shoots 2 gangsters
– Blue slits one gangsters throat

Church: 2
– Steve stabs the Priest
– Steve shoots a guy

Graveyard Shootout: 7
– Matt shoots 3 of Steve´s Men
– Blue shoots 2 of Steve´s Men
– Drea shoots Wheeler
– One of Steve´s Men shoots Blue
– Matt blows up Steve by shooting the fuel tank of a car


There is a car crash but no deaths are confirmed afterwards.


Death Wish V: The Face Of Death (1994): Body Count Breakdown

Death Wish V: The Face Of Death (1994): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson): 7
Freddie ‘Flakes’ (Robert Joy): 3
Chuck Paconi (Kevin Lund): 1
Sal Paconi (Chuck Shamata): 1


Good Night Reg: 1
-Chuck shoots Reg

Miss-Informer: 2
-Freddie kills Big Al and Janice Omori in a hit-&-run

House Call: 1
-Freddie shoots Olivia in the back causing her to fall from the roof of her house and into her death

Death by Cannoli: 1
-Paul poisons Chuck’s cannoli, killing him

Cure for Dandruff: 1
-Paul blows Freddie up with a bomb disguised as a soccer ball

Meet Me at 10: 1

-Paul shoots Hector Vasquez

The Final Showdown: 5
-Paul shoots Frankie
-Paul shoots Mickey, sending him into an electric fence and shocking him too death
-Sal accidentally shoots angel
-Paul shoots Sal causing him to fall into a shredder which cuts him to pieces
-Paul pushes Tommy into a strategically placed pool of acid