Thunderball (1965): Body Count Breakdown

Thunderball (1965) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by luvmetender009)


James Bond (Sean Connery): 20
Angelo Palazzi (Paul Stassino): 6
Emilio Largo (Adolfo Celi): 3
Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi): 1
Domino Derval (Claudine Auger): 1
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Anthony Dawson): 1
Paula Caplan (Martine Beswick): 1


Opening: 1
-Bond breaks Jacques Bouvar’s neck

SPECTRE Meeting: 1
-Blofeld electrocutes Number 9

Derval’s Home: 1
-Angelo kills Francois Derval

Lodge: 1

-Bond smashes an assassin’s head through a window

Betrayal: 6
-Angelo causes cabin depressurization, killing 5 crew on plane
-Largo cuts Angelo’s oxygen, suffocating him

Road Chase: 1
-Fiona blows up Lippe in his car

Consequences: 1
-Quist is fed to thew sharks by Largo’s men

Palmyra: 4
-Paula is shown to have killed herself
-Bond shoots 2 guards
-Bond stabs 1 guard underwater and lets him bleed out

Kiss Kiss Club: 1
-Bond uses Fiona as a shield and she is accidentally shot by one of her own men (shared)

Getting the Point: 1
-Bond impales Vargas with a speargun

Underwater Battle: 87
-SPECTRE divers shoot 10 Navy SEALs
-Navy SEALs shoot 4 SPECTRE divers
-Navy SEALs cut up 3 SPECTRE divers
-Largo shoots 1 Navy SEAL
-Largo stabs 1 Navy SEAL
-Bond shoots 1 SPECTRE diver
-Bond shoots a cable attatched to a ramp, dropping it on 2 SPECTRE divers and crushing them
-Bond blows up 3 SPECTRE divers with a grenade
-Bond chops 1 SPECTRE diver’s throat
-Bond cuts 1 SPECTRE diver’s oxygen and lets him suffocate
-Bond stabs 1 SPECTRE diver
-Bond shoots 1 SPECTRE diver
-55 dead divers shown around

Cleaning Up: 1
-1 crewman still onboard the disembarked end of the Disco Volante is blown up by the Navy

Disco Volante: 3
-Bond knocks out the captain and Janni, leaving them to die when the yacht crashes and explodes
-Domino impales Largo with a speargun


A man named Perring is mentioned dead during the SPECTRE meeting, but this happens offscreen and is only mentioned.


You Only Live Twice (1967): Body Count Breakdown

You Only Live Twice (1967) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


James Bond (Sean Connery): 21
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Donald Pleasence): 5
Tiger Tanaka (Tetsuro Tanba): 2
Kissy Suzuki (Mie Hama): 1


Space Shuttle Hijack: 1
-US astronaut gets his cable cut by Bird One and drifts off into space

Safehouse: 2
-Henderson is killed by an assassin
-Bond stabs the assassin

Osato Enterprises: 1

-Bond shoots a security guard

Chase: 4
-Tiger’s men in helicopter drop a car carrying 4 thugs into the Bay of Tokyo

Kobe Docks: 3

-Bond shoots 3 thugs

Little Nellie Test Flight: 4

-Bond destroys 1 helicopter with Little Nellie’s backfire, incinerating its pilot
-Bond drops aerial mines onto 1 helicopter and blows it up, killing the pilot
-Bond blows up 2 more helicopters with missiles, killing both pilots

“This organization does not tolerate failure”: 1
-Blofeld drops Helga Brandt into piranha pool where she is devoured

Tiger’s Place: 2
-Aki is unintentionally poisoned by an assassin
-Bond shoots the assassin

Training: 1
-Bond stabs an assassin

SPECTRE Base Assault: 177
-Crater defense guns mow down 11 ninjas
-Bond shoots 1 tech with cigarette gun
-2 dead ninjas seen killed by the crater guns
-SPECTRE guards shoot 3 ninjas
-SPECTRE guards blow up 3 ninjas
-3 other dead ninjas seen hanging from ropes
-Ninjas shoot 19 guards
-Ninjas blow up 8 guards
-10 guards are sliced up by a ninja’s sword
-Kissy shoots 1 guard
-1 tech in the control room is blown up by a ninja’s grenade launcher
-SPECTRE guards shoot 9 ninjas
-27 dead ninjas shown lying around
-31 dead guards shown as well
-Blofeld shoots Osato
-Number 3 is killed by an explosion
-Bond shoots 1 guard
-Tiger shoots 2 guards and they fall off stairway
-Bond blows up 3 guards with grenade
-2 guards are blown up by a ninja’s grenade
-Bond shoots 1 guard and he falls off stairway
-Bond throws a shuriken into 1 guard and he also falls off balcony
-Bond drops Hans into pirahna pool where he is eaten
-Bond blows up Bird One, killing the 2 pilots onboard
-25 dead guards shown
-7 dead ninjas shown
-Blofeld blows up the base, killing 3 ninjas in the explosion


-The fates of the 3 Russian cosmonauts in the base, as well as Number 4 and the other technicians’ fates are unknown, and it isn’t said if they escaped the base before it was destroyed or not.


Moonraker (1979): Body Count Breakdown

Moonraker (1979) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by luvmetender009)


James Bond (Roger Moore): 12
Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles): 2
Jaws (Richard Kiel): 2
Chang (Toshiro Suga): 1
Samuel (S. Newton Anderson): 1


Moonraker Hijack: 3

-The Moonraker shuttle is stolen by Drax’s men, causing the transport plane to be blown up, killing the 3 pilots onboard

“This is where we leave you, Mr. Bond”: 1

-Bond fights with the French pilot in midair, grabs his parachute, and kicks him away, causing him to fall to his death

“You missed, Mr. Bond”: 1

-Bond shoots the sniper and he falls off the tree

Terminating Employment: 1
-Chang sets the dogs on Corrine and they devour her

Venice: 2
-Franco is killed by an assassin’s knife
-Bond throws a knife into the assassin

Drax’s Lab: 2
-2 scientists accidentally poisoned with orchid

“Play it again, Sam”: 1
-Bond throws Chang off the clock tower and into a piano

“Hang on!!!”: 1
-Samuel knocks out the cable car operator, leaving him to die when the car crashes into the booth

Cliff: 1
-Bond fights with a faux paramedic and pushes him onto a gurney, causing him to fly out the back of the ambulance and slam into a billboard with heavy force

Amazon: 8
-Bond launches mines, blowing up 3 hitmen on their boat
-Bond launches a mini-torpedo to blow up another boat carrying 3 hitmen
-Jaws accidentally pulls out the steering wheel on his boat, causing it to drive off a waterfall and kill the 2 hitmen onboard

Space Battle: 21
-4 Marines shot by Drax’s henchmen
-Marines shoot 7 henchmen
-1 Marine crashes into the station with quite some force
-1 dead Marine shown floating away
-8 dead henchmen shown

Showdown Aboard the Space Station: 39
-2 Marines are shot by a henchman
-Marines shoot 5 henchmen
-Holly shoots 1 henchman
-8 dead henchmen shown
-1 Marine is killed by an explosion
-Marines shoots 4 henchmen
-1 henchman killed by an explosion
-Holly shoots 1 henchman
-Marines shoot 2 henchmen
-1 dead henchman shown in exit corridor
-Bond shoots Drax with a poisoned dart and then causes him to be sucked out into outer space
-3 dead Marines shown
-2 dead henchmen shown
-1 henchman gets sucked into outer space when the corridor breaks apart
-5 henchmen and 1 Marines’ dead bodies seen (when Jaws reconciles with Dolly)


There’s could’ve been more people killed when the space station exploded; Drax’s new breed of perfect human beings weren’t seen getting killed or brought back to Earth, so an unknown number of them were likely killed in the explosion.


Octopussy (1983): Body Count Breakdown

Octopussy (1983): Body Count by luvmetender009


James Bond (Roger Moore) – 15
Thug with Yo-yo (William Derrick) – 1
Grischka/Twin #2 (Anthony Meyer) – 1


Airstrip – 38
-Missile fired by military crashes into warehouse and blows up 38 soldiers seen before the entire building gets vaporized (though there’s probably 50 something people in it)

East Berlin – 1
-Twin #2 stabs 009

Street Chase – 1
-Bond impales 1 thug on a bed of spikes

Abbatoir – 2
-2 forgers’ corpses seen in sacks

Octopussy’s Island – 3
-Yo-yo thug kills Vijay
-Bond smashes 1 thug into an aquarium, where a blue-ringed octopus get stuck on his face
-Bond throws himself and the yo-yo thug outside into the lake (Bond survives, and the thug is never heard of again so he must’ve drowned)

Discovering Orlov’s Plans – 4
-Bond smash Twin #1’s head with a heavy cannon
-Bond shoots 3 Russians

Border – 1
-General Orlov shot by his own men

“And thats for 009!!!” – 1

-Bond stabs Twin #2

Kamal’s Palace – 5

-Bond shoots 5 guards

Airplane – 2

-Bond drops Gobinda into a valley
-Kamal’s plane crashes, caused by Bond tampering with its fuel line and killing Kamal as result


-Octopussy’s league of female fighters beats up many people, and stuns several thugs with dart guns but didn’t kill anyone.


A View To A Kill (1985): Body Count Breakdown

A View to a Kill (1985) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by luvmetender009)


Max Zorin (Christopher Walken): 44
Scarpine (Patrick Bauchau): 6
James Bond (Roger Moore): 5
May Day (Grace Jones): 5


Siberia: 3
-003 found dead
-Bond fires a flare into Russian helicopter, causing it to crash and kill the pilot and gunner

Eiffel Tower: 1
-May Day stabs Aubergine with a hook

Car Wash: 1
-May Day strangles Tibett

“Anyone else want to drop out?”: 1

-May Day drops the Taiwanese tycoon out of the zeppelin into the San Francisco Bay

Infiltration: 1
-Zorin’s thugs drop a spy into propeller blades, shredding him to pieces

Stacey’s Home: 1
-May Day strangles Chuck Lee

Frameup: 1
-Zorin shoots Howe

Flood the Fault: 49
-Scarpine knocks Conley off a ledge
-Zorin detonates explosives, blowing up 12 workers, Jenny Flex, and Pan Ho
-Zorin shoots 6 workers
-3 workers drown because of Zorin detonating the explosives
-Zorin shoots 7 workers
-7 other workers drown, caused by Zorin
-1 worker electrocuted by a power line (Zorin’s fault because he flooded the mines)
-Zorin shoots 5 workers
-Scarpine shoots 5 workers

Stopping the Detonator: 1
-May Day sacrifices herself and is blown up by the detonator

Golden Gate Bridge: 3
-Bond drops Zorin into the Bay
-Bond cuts the ropes attatched to the zeppelin and causes Mortner to drop his grenade, blowing up him and Scarpine


-Possibly more people inside the mines when Zorin flooded them.


American Kickboxer (1990): Body Count Breakdown

American Kickboxer (1990): Body Count by gregglop09


B.J. Quinn (John Barrett): 1


Party: 1
Quinn accidentally hits a guy in the throat, killing him


-Several guys in the ring (including Denard) are merely knocked out, but not killed (this is a kick-boxing movie after all)


Second In Command (2006): Body Count Breakdown

Second In Command (2006): Body Count by luvmetender009


Commander Samuel ‘Sam’ Keenan (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 10
Michelle Whitman (Julie Cox) – 2
Sergeant ‘Gunny’ Earl Darnell (Razaaq Adoti) – 3
Anton Tavarov (Velibor Topic) – 1


“Journalist scum!” – 6
-Terrorists kills 5 journalists
-Sam snaps 1 terrorist’s neck

Presidential Palace – 1
-Guards shoots 1 woman protester

Plan B – 1
-Tavarov shoots the decoy

War in the Streets – 7
-Soldiers shoots 6 terrorists
-Terrorists shoots 1 secret service

Enough Ammo to blow up a troop of girl scouts – 2

-2 corpses seen in embassy’s lobby

Holdup – 1
-Terrorist kills General Illeniev

“On my Command” – 19
-C4 explosion kills 3 terrorists (at least)
-Soldiers shoots 11 terrorists
-Terrorists shoots 2 soldiers
-Gunny shoots 1 terrorist
-Sam shoots 2 terrorists

Terrorists Strikes Back – 14

-Bus explosion kills 10 hostages (the number I counted getting onto the bus, however the bus looks like it could hold around 30 people)
-Tiger One, Redwood Two killed in explosion
-Soldier shoots 1 terrorist
-Terrorists shoots 1 soldier

Tunnel – 19

-Terrorists shoots 2 hostages and 1 secret service
-1 soldier and 2 hostages’ corpses seen
-Terrorists shoots 2 more hostages and 1 secret service
-8 terrorists accidentally shoots and kills each other
-Sam shoots 2 terrorists while carrying Michelle over his back

Night Raid – 19
-Sam shoots 1 terrorist
-1 terrorist’s corpse seen
-Gunny blows up riggeed explosives, killing a minimum of 5 terrorists
-Gunny shoots 1 terrorist
-Sam shoots 1 terrorist
-Soldiers ih lobby shoots 9 terrorists
-Terrorists shoots 1 soldier

In the Nick of Time – 7

-Terrorist Corporal shoots Gaines
-Soldiers shoots terrorist corporal
-Terrorists shoots 2 secret service
-Terrorists blows up 2 soldiers
-1 soldier’s corpse seen on stairs

Embassy Shootout – 15

-Sam shoots 2 terrorists
-Gunny shoots 1 terrorist
-Terrorists shoots Mike
-Michelle shoots 2 terrorists
-Approximately 9 corpses seen throughout the scene

Air Strike – 18
-8 terrorists blown up
-4 terrorists shot
-6 terrorist vehicles blown up, each containing at least 1 occupant

Last Fight – 1

-Sam stabs Tavarov

Aftermath – 20

-20 more terrorists corpses scattered about in streets (that’s an estimate, I didn’t count ALL the corpses because some could be repeats from the Air Strike scene)


Legionnaire (1998): Body Count Breakdown

Legionnaire (1998): Body Count by luvmetender009


Mackintosh “Mac” (Nicholas Farrell) – 21
Alain Lefevre (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 13
Luther (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) – 9
Sgt. Steinkampf (Steven Berkoff) – 3
Lucien Galgani (Jim Carter) – 1
Guido Rosetti (Daniel Caltagirone) – 1
Julot (Joe Montana) – 2


Allley – 2
-Galgani shoots Alain’s friend
-Alain shoots Galgani’s brother

Gorge – 38

-Raiders shoots 12 legionnaires
-Mac shoots 12 raiders
-Alain shoots 3 raiders
-Legionnaires shoots 7 raiders
-Luther shoots 1 raider
-Legionnaire captain shot by raiders
-Guido shoots 1 raider
-Guido shot by raiders

Desert – 27
-Raiders shoots 2 legionnaires
-Mac shoots 2 raiders
-Legionnaires shoots 7 raiders
-Alain shoot 1 raider
-Julot shoots 2 raiders
-Julot shot and killed by raiders
-Sergeant Shef shoots 1 Morrocan
-Luther shoots 8 raiders with Lewis gun
-Legionnares in fort shoots 3 raiders

Siege – 24
-Alain shoots 2 raiders
-Legionnaires blows up 4 raiders with mortar
-Raiders blows up 3 legionnaires with explosive sack
-Mac shoots 2 raiders
-Raiders blows up 1 more legionnaire
-A sergeant is shot
-Raiders shoots 2 legionnaires
-3 legionnaires seen on a staircase before it was blown up
-1 legionnaire’s corpse seen
-Alain shoots 1 raider
-1 legionnaire sergeant blown up
-2 legionnaires near mortars blown up, 1 corpse seen nearby

Last Battle – 94
-Alain mercy kills Luther
-Raiders blows up 7 legionnaires with Howitzers
-5 legionnaires blown up in long shot
-1 legionnaire’s corpse seen on top of fort
-9 more legionnaires blown up by Howitzers
-4 dead legionnaires seen in front of fort
-7 raiders shot, at least 1 by Mac (since he’s firing in the same row with other legionnaires)
-Mac shoots 1 more raider
-4 legionnaires shot
-4 legionnaires blown up
-2 raiders shot
-Alain shoots 2 raiders
-2 more legionnaires blown up
-Mac shoots 1 raider
-3 legionnaire corpses seen (long shot)
-Raiders shoots 2 legionnaires
-Magin shoots 2 raiders before being stabbed to death
-Alain shoots 1 raider
-8 legionnaires seen on a collapsing platform
-Legionnaires shoots 2 raiders
-1 legionnaire’s corpse seen
-Raiders shoots 1 legionnaire
-Alain shoots 1 raider
-Raiders blows up 2 legionnaires
-Sergeant Steinkampf shoots 3 raiders
-1 legionnaire on an archway blown up
-Sergeant Steinkampf stabbed
-Raiders cuts down 6 legionnaires
-9 mangled corpses seen
-Mac shoots then legion commander
-Mac shoots himself, off-screen


-50 thousand Legionnaire troops are mentioned to have been killed in the desert by Sergeant Steinkampf.


Replicant (2001): Body Count Breakdown

Replicant (2001): Body Count by luvmetender009


Garrotte “The Torch” (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 20
Jake Riley (Michael Rooker) – 1


Opening – 2
-Garrotte kills and incinerates a victim
-Garrotte shoots 1 innocent man

Replicant’s First Vision – 1
-Replicant witnesses vision of Garrotte incinerating 1 victim in a bathtub

Police Offices – 6
-6 identifiable photographs of Garrotte’s victims seen on a billboard

Garrotte’s Apartment – 7

-5 more photographs of Garrotte’s victims seen on computer screen
-Garrotte’s bomb blows up 1 FBI agent and 1 (at least) innocent civilian

Bar – 1
-Garrotte kills the bar’s owner

What do you remember? – 1

-Replicant recall another vision of Garrotte strangling then incinerating another victim

Hotel – 1

-Victim of Garrotte seen incinerated in a bathtub

Hospital – 2

-Garrotte kills his own mother
-Jake shoots Garrotte


Shanghai Knights (2003): Body Count Breakdown

Shanghai Knights (2003): Body Count by gregglop09


Chon Wang (Jackie Chan): 1
Chon Lin (Fann Wong): 1
Lord Rathbone (Aidan Gillen): 1


Royal Palace: 5
Rathbone stabs Lin’s father
Assassins kill 4 guards

Wang Vs Wu: 1
Lin blows up Wu with fireworks

Final Showdown: 1

Wang cuts the ropes to the platform, causing Rathbone to fall to his death


-Wang and Roy beat the crap out of many of Rathbone’s men but none of them are killed.