Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979): Body Count Breakdown

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979): Body Count by Rorschach94


V’Ger (None): 12


Opening: 5
-5 Klingons disintegrated by V’Ger on Bird of Prey (Shown)

Transporter Malfunction: 2
-Commander Sonak and another officer are killed in a transporter accident

V’Ger Attacks: 7

-6 people seen in the control room, and 1 officer in a thruster suit disintegrated by V’Ger when it destroys the base


Dekker and are absorbed by V’Ger, but aren’t really killed. Also, 3 Kilngon Birds of Prey and a Space Station are destroyed by V’Ger, with only 12 casualties shown.


Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982): Body Count Breakdown

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982): Body Count by Rorschach94


Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban): 5
Captain Clark Terrell (Paul Winfield): 2
Captain Spock (Leonard Nimoy): 1


A Dish Best Served Cold: 2
-Peter Preston is mortally injured by an explosion
-One of Khan’s men is killed by an explosion on the Reliant’s bridge

Regula 1: 5

-5 Scientist’s throats are slit by Khan

Buried Alive: 2
-Captain Terrell shoots 1 Scientist
-Captain Terrell shoots himself

Nebula Battle: 16

-3 Enterprise Engineers killed by Khan’s attack
-11 of Khan’s crewmen are killed by the Enterprise attack
-Joahchim is killed by the Enterprise attack
-Khan dies from his wounds caused by an explosion

Sacrifice: 1
-Spock exposes himself to deadly radiation to save the Enterprise and dies


Possibly more Enterprise crewmembers are killed in the first attack, but only Peter in confirmed dead. Members of the crew of the Reliant are implied to have been killed by Khan and his followers, but the deaths are never shown. The rest of Khan’s crewmen are killed offscreen in the explosion, but only 13 deaths are shown onscreen.


Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (1984): Body Count Breakdown

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (1984): Body Count by Rorschach94


Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner): 8
Spock (Leonard Nimoy/Others): 2 (1 as Nimoy, 1 as Stephen Manley)
Commander Kruge (Christopher Lloyd): 1
Klingon Gunner (Bob Cummings): 13
Klingon Sergeant (David Cadiente): 1


Flashback: 1
-Spock’s suicide from The Wrath of Khan shown

Genesis Plans: 7
-Valkris and 6 crewmen are blown up on the Merchantman by the Klingon Gunner on Kruge’s ship

Surprise Attack: 7

-Captain Esteban and 5 Officers on the USS Grissom blown up by the Klingon Gunner on Kruge’s ship
-Kruge shoots the Gunner

“Klingon Bastards”: 1

-Klingon Sergeant stabs David Marcus

Destruction of the USS Enterprise: 6

-The six members of the Klingon boarding party are blown up by the self-destruct set by Kirk

Collapse of the Genesis Planet: 3

-1 Klingon guard killed by young Spock
-1 Klingon guard shot by Kirk
-Kruge thrown into the fires of the collapsing Genesis Planet by Kirk


-More crewmen are present on the Merchantman and the USS Grissom, but are unseen and uncounted
-More members of the Klingon Bird of Prey are probably killed by the Enterprise attack, although this is not confirmed
-1 giant slug and 1 Klingon animal are killed but they aren’t counted


Kickboxer (1989): Body Count Breakdown

Kickboxer (1989) Body Count by Luvmetender009

(previously done by BodyCountMan)


Winston Taylor (Haskell V. Anderson The 3rd) – 4 kills


Warehouse/Rescuing Xian Chow – 4
-Winston shoots 2 thugs
-Winston blows up 2 thugs with a grenade launcher


-Xian Chow knocks a thug onto a hook and impales him, but he was still alive when the scene cuts and never confirmed to be dead.
-Sloane knocks out Tong Po, but didn’t kill him.


Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009): Body Count by Rorschach94


Unnamed Series 7 NGU (Andrei Arlovski): 40
Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme): 39
Captain Kevin Burke (Mike Pyle): 6
Andrew Scott #2 (Dolph Lundgren): 4


Kidnapping: 15
-1 bodyguard run down by jeep
-3 bodyguards gunned down by NGU
-2 innocent people gunned down by NGU
-2 bodyguards in pursuing car shot by NGU
-2 police officers in a car gunned down by NGU
-Driver shot by police
-4 police officers gunned down by NGU

Message: 5

-5 Russian soldiers gunned down

Incident: 2

-2 innocent people stabbed by UniSols

First Assault: 18
-Burke shoots 2 thugs
-3 soldiers blown up by mines
-13 thugs gunned down by soldiers

UniSol Massacre: 4
-NGU stabs 1 UniSol in the face
-NGU stabs 1 UniSol in the stomach
-1 UniSol impaled on a hook by NGU
-NGU breaks 1 UniSol’s neck

Retreat: 38
-21 soldiers mowed down by NGU
-1 soldier beaten to death by NGU
-Bodies of 14 soldiers killed offscreen are shown
-1 soldier blows himself up
-1 soldier dies from his wounds

Recon: 4
-Burke stabs 3 thugs
-Burke shoots 1 thug

Losing Control: 4

-Andrew kills 1 thug
-Andrew beats Commander Topov to death
-Andrew crushes Dr. Colin’s skull in

Back in Action: 37
-Luc mows down 29 soldiers
-Luc stabs 4 soldiers
-Luc slices 2 soldier’s throats
-Luc stabs 1 soldier and uses him as a human shield (Shared kill)
-Luc beats 1 soldier to death

Burke’s Last Stand: 1
-Burke stabbed by NGU

Rematch: 2

-Andrew slices Dr. Colin’s Assistant’s throat
-Luc impales Andrew through the head with a pipe and then shoots him with a shotgun through the pipe

Final Showdown: 1
-Luc blows up the NGU with the bomb detonator


The Substitute (1996): Body Count Breakdown

The Substitute (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Bodycountman)


Jonathan Shale/James Smith (Tom Berenger): 9
Joey Six (Raymond Cruz): 9
Hollan (William Forsythe): 6
Rem (Luis Guzmán): 5
Principal Claude Rolle (Ernie Hudson): 2
Wellman (Richard Brooks): 2
Jerome Brown (Sharron Corley): 1
John Janus (Willis Sparks): 1


Drug Deal: 3
-Joey shoots the 2 dealers in their boat
-Hollan shoots Bull

Ocean: 1
-Marvin is blended in the boat propeller’s blades by a thug offscreen

“I’m just doing you a favor”: 1
-Rolle shoots Sherman

Apartment: 5
-Shale shoots 1 thug through the gift box
-Shale stabs 1 thug in the throat
-Shale shoots 2 more thugs
-Jerome shoots Lacas

School Firefight: 26
-Rem shoots the sniper, causing him to fall off his tree
-Shale shoots 2 mercenaries
-Rem shoots 2 mercenaries
-Joey shoots 5 mercenaries
-Joey blows up 2 mercenaries with an RPG
-Hollan’s booby trap on the drug cache blows up 2 mercenaries
-Hollan shoots 2 mercenaries
-Wellman stabs 2 mercenaries
-Janus shoots Wellman
-Shale shoots Janus
-Rem blows up himself and 1 mercenary with a grenade
-1 mercenary shown dead on the stairs, killed by Shale
-Hollan shoots Johnny Glades
-Hollan dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Rolle
-Shale kills Rolle with an upward palm strike to the face


-3 members of Shale’s team — Stark, Westlake, and Rudy — are mentioned dead during the Cuba operation on a news broadcast.


Lethal Weapon 4 (1998): Body Count Breakdown

Lethal Weapon 4 [Director's Cut] (1998) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Gregglop09)


Cpt. Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson): 7
Cpt. Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover): 5
Wah Sing Ku (Jet Li): 4
The General (Dana Lee): 2
Lorna Cole (Rene Russo): 1
Det. Lee Butters (Chris Rock): 1
Detective Ng (Calvin Jung): 1


Opening: 1
-Riggs shoots valve on flamethrower guy’s gas tank, causing him to fly into a tanker truck and get blown up

Boat: 4
-Riggs shoots 2 Triads
-Murtaugh shoots 1 Triad and he falls off the boat into the water
-Riggs shoots another Triad

Loose Ends: 1
-Triads push Brody’s car onto train tracks and he is hit and killed by train

Chinatown Roof: 1
-Ku strangles the Triad captain

Highway Chase: 2
-Riggs kicks 1 Triad onto the highway and he is hit by a bus and killed
-1 Triad is hit by a semi

Laundering: 2
-Ku breaks Hong’s neck
-Ku strangles Uncle Benny

Failed Hit: 2
-Lorna shoots 1 Triad in car
-The Triad driver is hit by a train and blown up

Police Investigation: 1
-Hong’s dead uncle seen covered by white cloth

Harbour Showdown: 19
-The General shoots 2 of the four fathers
-Triads shoots the General
-1 Triad shot by a Chinese agent
-Triads shoot 4 agents
-1 more Triad shot by agents
-Riggs shoots 1 agent
-Murtaugh shoots 1 agent
-The agents shoot 1 Triad
-Murtaugh shoots 1 Triad
-Butters shoots 1 Triad
-Ku breaks 1 agent’s neck with his legs
-An agent shoots 1 Triad driving an SUV and blows him up, causing the car to crash into the water
-Ng shoots 1 agent
-Murtaugh shoots 1 agent
-Murtaugh shoots Michael Sing Ku

Underwater Fight: 1
-Riggs shoots Wah Sing Ku


-The fate of the last FF is not shown onscreen, though he was probably killed in the gunfire offscreen.
-Also, there could’ve been more casualties during the offscreen gunfight.


Tiger On Beat (1988): Body Count Breakdown

Tiger On Beat (1988): Body Count by luvmetender009


Francis Li (Chow Yun Fat) – 15 Watch HERE
Michael Tso (Conan Lee) – 4


Robbery – 1
-Robbers kills 1 man

Docks – 1
-Johnny’s men kills the Thai drug dealer

Hideout – 1

-Marydonna’s brother tortured then killed by Johnny’s men

Dealings – 12

-Michael shoots Johnny’s bodyguard at point-blank range
-Cops guns down 11 drug dealers, 3 whom are done by Francis

Farewell – 1

-Marydonna shot dead by Johnny’s assasin

Boathouse – 15
-Francis shoots 2 of Johnny’s men outside boathouse
-Michael shoots 1
-Francis shoots 2 inside boathouse
-Michael shoots 1 more
-Francis kills 3 thugs with a shotgun tied to a rope
-Michael hurls 1 thug off a balcony during a fight scene (the guy lands on his head)
-Francis accidentally shoots 1 thug used as a human shield by the foreign mob leader
-Francis kills 1 more thug
-Francis slash the foreign mob leader’s neck
-Francis kills Tim, the foreign mob leader’s aide
-Francis guns the chainsaw-wielding fighter dangling on the ceiling to death


Tiger On Beat 2 (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Tiger On Beat 2 (1990): Body Count by luvmetender009


Captain Lam Yick-Lin (Danny Lee) – 5
Hood (Philip Ko) – 5
Buffalo (Conan Lee) – 3
Foreign Mob Leader – 3


Yatch – 1
-Hood stabs 1 of his own client

Apartment – 2

-The assasin accidentally fell out a window and was strangled by a neon sign’s wiring
-Ming stabbed by Hood

Hospital – 4
-Hood breaks an attendant’s neck while under the guise of a doctor
-Hood shoots 3 hostages

Docks – 12

-Buffalo shoots 3 thugs
-Lam shoots 2 thugs
-Lam accidentally shoots a secretary
-Lam shoots 2 more thugs
-Mob leader accidentally kills Hood and two others when trying to shoot Lam
-Police executes Mob leader


The Big Boss (1971): Body Count Breakdown

The Big Boss (1971): Body Count by luvmetender009


Cheng Chao-an (Bruce Lee) – 14
Hsiu Chien (James Tien) – 2
Foreman (Chih Chen) – 1


Cover-up – 2
-Foreman kills a worker
-Thugs kills another

Hsu’s Last Stand – 2
-A worker is axed in the back
-Hsu is stabbed by Hsiu Chien

Brothel – 1

-Hsiu Chien stabs a whore

Investigation – 10
-Cheng smash 1 thug’s face with a well-thrown flashlight
-Cheng stabs 3 thugs
-Cheng hurled his knife into 1 more thug
-Cheng kills 1 thug with a handsaw, off-screen (you can hear the sound of metal cutting through meat, though)
-Cheng stabbed 3 thugs with knives flung towards him
-Cheng crushed Hsiu Chien’s insides with a punch to the stomach

Home Massacre – 6
-6 corpses of Cheng’s friends/ surrogate family seen, including the little boy’s

Mansion – 5

-Cheng stabs a thug
-Cheng slashed 1 thug then kicks him into a pool
-Cheng hurled a knife into a thug’s stomach
-Cheng kicks Hsiao Mi’s knife back into his own gut, before clutching at Mi’s chest, causing him to bleed out to death