Game Of Death II (1981): Body Count Breakdown

Game Of Death II (1981): Body Count by luvmetender009


Bobbby Lo (Tai Chung Kim) – 7
Valet (Roy Chiao) – 2
Lewis (Roy Horan) – 1
Chin Ku (Jang Lee Hwang) – 1


Robbing a Funeral – 1
-Billy Lo shot in the neck by a dart and fallls to his death

Tournament – 2
-Valet executes 1st contender
-Lewis kills 2nd contender

Night at Lewis’ Place – 2
-Whore killed by a lion (or, at least an assasin in a lion suit)
-Lewis killed by Valet

Finding the Tower’s Entrance – 1

-Bobby kills the Valet

Infiltrating the Tower – 5

-Bobby snaps a guard’s neck
-Bobby steps on 1 guard’s torso, crushing his internal organs
-Bobby kicks 1 guard into a pool of chemicals
-Bobby snaps the wrestler’s waist
-Bobby knocks last guard into set of electrified floor panels

The Truth Revealed – 2

-Chin Ku accidentally kills the monk
-Bobby stabs Chin Ku with his own sword


-Billy and Bobby both owned a frigggin’ load of people, but many of them are merely beaten unconscious instead of dying


The Jade Warrior/ Jadesoturi (2006): Body Count Breakdown

The Jade Warrior/ Jadesoturi (2006): Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Kai/Sintai (Tommi Eronen) – 1


Village – 1
-A diseased old man dies as his eyes bled out

Display Room – 1
-Mummified corpse of the ancient warrior is seen in a crate

Flashback – 3
-Corpses of 3 villagers seen

Revelation – 1

-Berg/The Demon’s Incarnation is impaled by Kai


-An entire field of bodies is seen scattered throughout the village in the flashback scene, which is too much and too blurry to count.
-Although Sintai decapitates the demon, his head is still moving and talking as Sintai places it into the Sampo (magical silver box)


The Myth (2005): Body Count Breakdown

The Myth (2005): Body Count by luvmetender009


General Meng Yi / Dr Jack Chan (Jackie Chan) – 55
Rebel General Meng Jie (Ken Wong) – 1


Stealing the Princess – 7
-4 Korean envoys killed by Mongol Archers
-1 envoy visibly seen incinerated
-Mongol General kills the charioteer while hijacking the princess’ chariot
-General Meng kills the Mongol General

Flashback – 4
-General Meng kills 4 Mongols in the cave

War – 114
-12 soldiers killed by archers
-14 soldiers died in battle
-8 soldiers killed by a chariot which runs over them
-2 soldiers on the chariot crushed as chariot overturns
-13 corpses of dead soldiers seen
-General Meng kills 4 soldiers
-5 of General Meng’s lieutenants shot by archers
-8 more corpses seen throughout this scene
-Rebel General Meng Jie kills 1 of General Meng’s men
-General Meng kills Rebel General Meng Jie
-General Meng kills 4 rebel commanders with a spray of rocks
-General Meng kills 41 soldiers before succumbing, where the enemy general then decapitates him

Floating Caves of Immortality – Present Day – 2

-William drowns as caves floods
-The rival businessman in white is killed when caves collapses


The Postman Fights Back (1982): Body Count Breakdown

The Postman Fights Back (1982): Body Count by luvmetender009


Hu (Eddie Ko) – 31
Bu (Mei Sheng Fan) – 31
Fu Jun (Chow Yun Fat) – 5
Ma (Leung Ka-Yan) – 4


Night Visit – 1
-Hu shoots 1 bandit

Rescue – 2

-Ma stabs a bandit
-Jun shoots a dart into a bandit’s chest

Campfire – 5
-Jun stabs a bandit with a dart
-Bu blows up 4 bandits with dynamites

Twins Assault – 2
-Jun stabs the first twin with a dart
-Jun strangles the second twin with his scarf

Betrayal – 1
-Hu kills a spy

Torture – 1
-Miss Li tortured to death by Hu

Ice Pool – 4
-Bu snaps a bandit’s waist
-Jun stabs a bandit with a thrown spear
-Ma spears a bandit
-Ma smash a bandit’s head with a thick pole

Trap – 1

-Guihua hung by unseen assasin (implied to be Hu)

One-on-one – 1
-Jun killed by Hu

Human Targets – 27
-Hu massacres 24 prisoners with machine-gun prototype
-Hu guns down YaoJie and both of Yao’s sisters

Night of Vengeance – 14
-Bu’s dynamites blows up 6 rebels
-Bu shoots 7 rebels with machine-gun prototype
-Bu blows up himself

Aftermath – 12
-12 more rebels’ corpses (at least) seen at the site of the burnt-down camp caused by Bu’s dynamites

Final Battle – 1
-Ma kills Hu


-Bu throws a Molotov cocktail-type dynamite during the ice pool battle, but nobody is seen visibly killed by it.
-Many more rebel’s corpses are seen in the aftermath, but they’re too scattered to count


Doom (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Doom (2005) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Asher “Sarge” Mahonin (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson): 36
John “Reaper” Grimm (Karl Urban): 21
Gregory “Duke” Schofield (Raz Adoti): 4
Mark “The Kid” Dantalian (Al Weaver): 3
Curtis Stahl/The Hell Knight (Brian Steele): 3
Dean Portman (Richard Brake): 1
Eric “Goat” Fantom (Ben Daniels): 1


Genetics Lab: 1
-Reaper shoots Dr. Olson

Locker Room: 1
-Portman and The Kid shoot Tallman

“Clear”: 1
-Hell Knight knocks Mac’s head off with one swing

“What The Fuck?”: 1
-Goat comes back to life as a zombie and kills himself by knocking his head against the window multiple times

Holding Cell: 1
-Hell Knight pulls down the chain Destroyer is climbing and he falls to his death

Bathroom: 1
-Sarge accidentally shoots Portman with the BFG (he was only knocked out when he was shot)

“It’s Irreversible”: 1
-Sarge shoots Dr. Carmack

Back To The Ark: 15

-15 people are seen dead (they do NOT turn back into zombies because they are shown again at the end)

“What’s Your Position?”: 9
-Sarge mows down 6 zombies
-The Kid shoots 2 zombies
-Zombies are seen eating a scientist

“Do You Copy?”: 4
-Sarge finishes a zombie
-Sarge shoots a scientist
-Duke finishes 2 people

“Is It Cleared?”: 1
-Sarge shoots The Kid

Hallway: 20
-Sarge shoots 12 zombies
-Reaper shoots 5 zombies
-Duke shoots 2 zombies
-Hell Knight kills Duke

Game On: 25
-Reaper shoots 4 zombies
-2 zombies are seen dead
-Reaper shoots another zombie
-Reaper shoots a gas tank, setting 1 Hell Knight on fire
-Reaper shoots 1 zombie’s head off
-Reaper guns down 1 zombie
-1 dead zombies is shown getting eaten by rats
-Reaper shoots 1 zombie
-Reaper shoots 1 Imp
-4 dead bodies are seen in the background
-Reaper shoots a zombie’s hand, causing him to stab himself in the face with a tomahawk
-Reaper shoots another Imp
-Reaper blows up the Hell Knight with a land mine
-Reaper shoots the transformed Pinky

Lockdown: 13
-13 dead workers are seen, killed by Sarge off-screen

Sarge vs Reaper: 1
-Reaper throws Sarge into The Ark and throws a grenade in there, blowing up Sarge


Eraser (1996): Body Count Breakdown

Eraser (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender009)


John “The Eraser” Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 40
Johnny Casteleone (Robert Pastorelli): 9
Mike (Tony Longo): 6
Robert Deguerin (James Caan): 4
Sal (John Snyder): 2
William Donahue (James Cromwell): 1


Opening/Casteleone House: 4
-John hangs 1 thug
-John slams 1 thug’s head in a freezer and then twists his neck
-John shoots 1 thug
-John breaks Pauley’s neck

Cyrez Offices: 1
-Donahue shoots himself

Lee Cullen’s House: 6
-2 FBI agents seen fried by the mercenaries’ EM-1 railgun
-Darryl shot dead by a mercenary’s railgun
-John causes a gas leak in the kitchen, blowing it up and killing 3 mercenaries in the blast

Cabin: 6
-Deguerin shoots 1 mercenary
-John stabs 1 mercenary through a door
-John shoots 1 mercenary
-Deguerin shoots the mercenary holding Allison
-John kicks 1 mercenary out of a window to his death
-Deguerin shoots Allison

Plane: 1
-Deguerin shoots Monroe

Zoo: 4
-John shoots 1 mercenary
-John shoots out aquarium glass, releasing the alligators inside and they devour J. Scar and 2 other mercenaries

Cyrez Infiltration: 7
-John shoots 1 security guard
-John pulls the grenade pins off 1 security guard’s vest and kicks him into an elevator containing 4 other guards and all 5 of them are blown up in the subsequent explosion
-John shoots 1 more security guard

Helipad: 1

-John breaks Haggerty’s neck

Docks: 27
-John breaks 1 mercenary’s neck
-Royce is mistakenly shot with a railgun by a sniper
-John impales Somes with a metal rod
-John shoots Schiff and Calderon through the floor using dual pistols
-John shoots 7 mercenaries with dual railguns
-John blows up a van, killing 3 mercenaires in and around it in the explosion
-Sal shoots the sniper in the eye through the scope of his railgun
-John blows up a truck carrying 4 mercenaries and it flies into the water
-Casteleone and Mike both shoot Petrofsky and 2 other Russian terrorists
-1 terrorist is blown up in an explosion, courtesy of Castelone’s, Sal’s, and Mike’s gunfire
-Mike shoots 1 terrorist
-Casteleone and Mike both shoot 1 terrorist
-Casteleone shoots 1 more terrorist

Erased: 3
-Casteleone leaves limo containing Deguerin, Harper, and Morehart on the railroad and they are all blown up by an incoming train


-Lee’s friend Claire Isaacs is mentioned dead by John.
-The bodycount also includes one of the alligators, a victim of John’s.


Raw Deal (1986): Body Count Breakdown

Raw Deal (1986) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Mark Kaminiski/Joseph P. Brenner (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 25
Max Keller (Robert Davi): 1
Harry Shannon (Darren McGavin): 1
“Dangerous Man” (Victor Argo): 1


Opening/Cabin Assault: 8
-Patrovita’s sniper shoots 2 FBI agents
-Patrovita’s hitmen shoot Blair and 3 other agents
-Patrovita’s hitmen shoot the agent with Marcellino
-”Dangerous Man” shoots Marcellino

Docks: 1
-Toni is shot by Lamanski’s hitmen

Road Chase: 6

-Max shoots 1 of Lamanski’s bodyguards in the car
-1 hitman shot by a bodyguard
-Mark shoots 1 bodyguard
-Lamanski’s car crashes into a fuel truck, blowing up the car and killing Lamanski, the driver, and 1 remaining bodyguard inside

Ambush: 2
-Mark shoots 1 hitman
-Mark and Harry both shoot Max

Gravel Pit: 9

-Mark shoots 5 thugs
-Mark shoots the bulldozer’s operator
-Mark shoots 2 more thugs
-Mark shoots the truck driver

Penthouse: 13

-Mark shoots 5 thugs
-Mark shoots Vinnie
-Mark shoots 4 more thugs
-Mark shoots Rocca
-Mark shoots Patrovita
-Mark shoots Baxter who tried to sneak up behind him


-Patrovita’s hitmen throw a grenade into the cabin, but it doesn’t show if anyone was killed in the explosion.
-Numerous people in the mall and casino are beaten up and owned by Mark, but they weren’t killed.


The Running Man (1987): Body Count Breakdown

The Running Man (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenegger) – 14
William Laughlin (Yaphet Kotto) – 4
Fireball (Jim Brown) – 3
Chico (Thomas Rosales Jr.) – 3
Captain Freedom (Jesse Ventura) – 2
Amber Mendez (Maria Conchita Alonso) – 2
Dynamo (Erland Van Lidth) – 1
Buzzsaw (Gus Rethwisch) – 1
Mic (Mick Fleetwood) – 1


Prison Break – 21
-1 dead prisoner seen on a wheelbarrow
-Prison guards kills 5 prisoners
-Ben drops a guard off a catwalk
-Chico shoots a guard
-Ben shoots 3 guards
-Laughlin snaps a guard’s neck
-3 corpses of prisoners seen on a stack of crates
-Chico shoots 2 guards
-Laughlin shoots 3 guards
-Chico’s collar blows up, decapitating him

News Footage – 2
-2 faked deaths seen

The Running Man – Round 1 a.k.a. “Subzero-Now, plain zero!!!” – 1
-Ben strangles Subzero with a length of barbed wire

The Running Man – Round 2 a.k.a. “He had to split!” – 3
-Ben slices Buzzsaw through the groin with his own weapon
-Dynamo electrocutes Weiss
-Laughlin bleeds out succumbing to wounds caused by Buzzsaw

The Running Man – Round 3 a.k.a. “How about a light?” – 4
-Amber discovers 3 incinerated corpses in a locker room, heavily implied to be Fireball’s previous victims (judging by the pleased looks on Fireballs’ face later)
-Ben drops a flare near Fireball’s crotch, blowing him up

The Running Man – Round 4 a.k.a. Ben and Amber’s “deaths” – 2
-Captain Freedom breaks Amber’s neck
-Captain Freedom impales Ben on a wall of spikes

Studio Shootout – 11
-Ben shoots 6 studio guards
-Amber shoots 1 studio guard
-Amber accidentally shoots sprinklers above Dynamo, spraying water on him and subsequently electrocuting him
-Studio guard shoots a woman
-A man’s corpse seen in background
-Mic and a rebel shares 1 kill by shooting a guard

“That hits the spot!!!” – 1
-Ben drops Killian down a rollercoaster, which smashes into a bilboard and blows him up

NOTE: The “faked” deaths, for instance during The Running Man Round 4, are counted since it looked real, with blood and squibs and actors participating portraying them out.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991): Body Count Breakdown

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


T-1000 (Robert Patrick/Jenette Goldstein/Dan Stanton): 7 (5 by Patrick, 1 by Goldstein, 1 by Stanton)
Terminator/T-101 (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 6 (1 in T2, 5 in T1 Photos)
Miles Dyson (Joe Morton): 6
Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton): 1


Opening/Future War: 5
-Hunter-Killer shoots 1 resistance fighter
-Gunship shoots 1 fighter
-1 more fighter shot by the machines
-Gunship blows up a jeep, killing the driver and gunner onboard

Arrival: 1
-T-1000 kills a cop

Mall: 1
-T-1000 shoots an employee

House: 2

-T-1000 kills Janelle offscreen and takes her form
-T-1000 (disguised as Janelle) impales Todd through the mouth

Interrogation: 5
-5 dead cops seen in photos, killed by the Terminator in T1

Pescadero: 1
-T-1000 (disguised as Lewis) stabs the real Lewis through the eye

“Say, that’s a nice bike”: 1
-T-1000 kills a motorcycle cop offscreen and takes his form

Judgment Day: 28
-22 people (at least) shown in park (including young Sarah and young John) incinerated by nuclear blast
-5 drivers on highway blown up by the nuclear explosion
-Sarah burned by the nuclear flame

Cyberdyne: 6
-Miles detonates the explosives, blowing up the top floor and killing himself and 5 SWAT officers in the explosion

Highway: 1
-T-1000 stabs a truck driver

“Terminated”: 2
-T-101 shoots T-1000 with a grenade launcher, blowing him apart and sending him falling backwards into the molten steel where he melts
-Sarah reluctantly lowers T-101 into the molten steel, terminating him


-The pickup driver hurled out of a truck by the T-1000 during the first car chase segment appears to have survived, he is still moving a little as the screen cuts away.
-Many attendants and employees are knocked out by either Sarah or the T101 in the hospital, but they probably survived.
-The T-1000 orders a helicopter pilot to jump out of his helicopter, which he obliged, but given the distance the helicopter is from solid ground the pilot probably survived the fall (he didn’t land on his head).

[THE FINAL TALLY= 53 (47 in T2, 6 in T1 Photos)]

Total Recall (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Total Recall (1990) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Douglas Quaid/Hauser (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 47
Melina (Rachel Ticotin): 12
Richter (Michael Ironside): 4
Thumbelina (Debbie Lee Carrington): 3
Benny (Mel Johnson, Jr.): 1


Opening: 8
-Soldiers shoots 8 rebels on news broadcast

Alley: 4
-Quaid breaks Harry’s neck
-Quaid breaks 1 agent’s neck
-Quaid shoots 2 agents

Subway Concourse: 5
-An innocent man is gunned down by agents and subsequently used as a shield
-Quaid shoots 4 agents

Terminal: 8
-Quaid throws an explosive animatronic head at a group of 6 soldiers, blowing up all of them in the subsequent explosion
-Richter accidentally shoots out windows, causing the atmosphere to depressurize and suck 2 soldiers out into the Mars air

Arrival: 7
-7 soldiers blown up by rebels’ explosion

Apartment: 1
-Quaid shoots Dr. Edgemar

“Consider that a divorce”: 5
-Melina shoots 4 agents
-Quaid shoots Lori

Bar: 9
-Richter shoots Mary (the three-titied hooker)
-Soldiers shoot 2 rebels
-Thumbelina stabs Helm
-1 soldier shot by the bartender
-1 soldier shot by a female rebel
-Thumbelina shoots 2 soldiers
-1 dead rebel shown at bar entrance as soldiers pull out

Colony: 19
-Quaid shoots 4 soldiers
-Soldiers shoot 2 rebels
-Rebels shoot 2 soldiers
-Soldiers shoot 9 more rebels
-Benny shoots George
-Richter shoots Kuato

Escape: 3
-Quaid stabs the lead tech in the throat with his arm strap
-Quaid impales 1 tech through the face with a metal rod
-Melina kills 1 soldier with a fire axe

“Benny, screw you!!!”: 1
-Quaid shoves a power drill through Benny

Mars Base: 24
-Quaid shoots 17 soldiers, 5 of whom are also shot by Melina
-Quaid shoots 5 more soldiers
-Melina shoots 2 soldiers

“See you at the party Richter!”: 1
-Quaid holds Richter over the edge of the elevator, causing Richter’s arms to be ripped off by a vertical beam and letting Richter fall to his death

Control Panel: 1
-Quaid throws Cohaagen into the Mars air, causing him to suffocate to death from lack of oxygen


-Quaid appears to die in the dream sequence at the start of the film, but his death isn’t shown as the screen cuts.
-Richter hits a man with his car, but he didn’t seem to be going fast enough to kill him.
-Quaid smashes a tech’s face during the escape scene and bloodies him, but he could’ve lived.
-Mars’ occupants, humans, and mutants alike are seen passing out due to lack of oxygen, many could’ve died but it’s impossible to tell who’s dead or alive.