Double Impact (1991): Body Count Breakdown

Double Impact (1991): Body Count by luvmetender009


Alex Wagner (Jean Claude Van Damme)- 16
Chad Wagner (Jean Claude Van Damme) – 8
Frank Avery (Geoffrey Lewis) – 4
Moon (Bolo Yeung) – 2
Paul Wagner (Andy Armstrong) – 2
Kara (Corinna Everson) – 1
Spurs (Peter Malota) – 1


25 Years Ago – 7
-Paul shoots 2 triads
-Triads kills Paul
-Moon shoots Katherine Wagner point-blank in the face with a shotgun
-Frank shoots 3 triads

Zhang thought Chad was Alex – 1
-Moon strangles 1 of his own triads

Causeway Bay – 9
-Alex snaps 1 triad’s neck
-Alex shoots 7 triads
-Frank snipers 1 triad

Kilmax Klub – 1

-Kara stabs Mr. Ngyuen

Mahjong Parlour – 1
-Spurs slash a man’s throat

Wood -1
-Alex snaps 1 triad’s neck
-Alex shoots 1 more triad

Boat – 2
-Alex stabs 1 triad
-Chad strangles 1 triad with his legs

Lower Deck -10

-Chad shoots 5 triads
-Alex shoots 2 triads
-Alex beats spurs to death
-Chad kicks Moon into a fusebox, electrocuting him and subsequently causing the entire room he was in to blow up in flames
-Alex stabs Kara

Dock – 2
-Chad drops a storage container on Griffith
-Alex throws Zhang off the top of a platform


-The triads thrown into the causeway bay isn’t shown dying, they were probably picked up by the Hong Kong marine police instead.
-Alex’s bomb caused a lot of damage to the Klimax Klub nightclub but isn’t shown killing anyone.


Nowhere To Run (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Nowhere To Run (1993): Body Count by luvmetender009


Sam Gillen (Jean Claude Van Damme) – 1


Prison Hijack – 1
-Billy killed by a cop

Home Invasion – 1

-Sam shoots Poole


-Sam beats up several people throughout the course of the movie, but probably didn’t kill anyone of them.
-Few police vehicles are overturned and some police officers are flung off horseback during the chase in the forest, but none of them appeared to have died.
-A thug is hit in the face by a horse’s back hooves but he’s probably just unconscious.


Double Team (1997): Body Count Breakdown

Double Team (1997): Body Count by luvmetender009


Jack Quinn (Jean Claude Van Damme) – 9
Stavros (Mickey Rourke) – 7
Dr. Maria Trifoli (Valeria Cavalli) – 1


Rome – 1
-Stavros blows up Quinn’s deputy director

Amusement Park – 10

-Stavros shoots Quinn’s deadeye
-Stavros thugs shoots 1 agent
-Stavros shoots 1 agent
-Stray bullet accidentally kills Stavros’ girlfriend
-Agent shoots 1 of Stavros’ henchman
-Stavros shoots 3 agents
-Quinn shoots 1 thug
-Stavros’ son seen dead

Hospital – 1
-Dead attendant seen, executed by Stavros

Escape from the Island – 1
-Diver blown up by the Island’s own security mechanism (counted as Quinn’s kill since he subdued the diver earlier)

Mansion – 5
-Quinn shoots 4 thugs
-Quinn shoots the maid

Streets of Rome – 7
-Thug on horseback kills 5 innocent people
-Henchman kills 1 man
-Thug on horseback shot by an officer

Grand Hotel Regina – 1
-Quinn pushes henchman into the blade sticking out of a wall, impaling him

Hospital Ward – 1
-Maria shoots 1 thug

Coloseum – 2
-Quinn kicks a scaffolding, which drops the tiger into a trench and devouring the thug in it
-Stavros blown up by his own landmine.


-Many people are burnt up in the explosion during the opening chase, none of them appeared to have died.
-The Asian martial artist in the Grand Hotel was probably unconscious instead of dead at the end of the scene.
-Yaz beats up many people, but didn’t kill anyone.
-The colosseum’s explosion might’ve killed the rest of Stavros’ thugs beaten unconscious by Quinn and Yaz earlier, but we didn’t see them die, I didn’t count them.
-The body count also includes a tiger.


Cyborg (1989): Body Count Breakdown

Cyborg (1989): Body Count by luvmetender009


Gibson Rickenbacker(Jean Claude Van Damme) – 25
Nady Simmons (Deborah Richter) – 6
Fender Tremolo (Vincent Klyn) – 4


Noble Sacrifice – 2
-A woman’s decomposed corpse could be seen nailed to a cross
-Fender kills Pearl’s escort

Alley – 2
-Gibson slash a pirate’s throat with his own knife
-Gibson stabs a pirate through his back

Swimming to Atlanta – 5
-2 disemboweled corpses seen in ruins
-Pirates slash a man to death
-Fender breaks a woman’s neck
-Fender kills a man offscreen

“For a stupid boat” – 1
-A man’s corpse seen in carnage

Woods – 2

-Gibson stabs a pirate though his stomach
-Gibson snaps a pirate’s neck

Abandoned Construction Site – 7
-Gibson shopots a pirate
-Gibson slash a pirate’s throat with a blade extending from tip of his shoe
-Gibson cuts down another pirate
-GIbson kick a pirate off a balcony
-Pirate accidentally slash one of their own to death held by Gibson as a shield
-Nady pushes a pirate into a wall, causing blade lodged into his back to stab him through the midsection
-Nady knocks a pirate off a balcony

Factory – 7

-Gibson breaks knife-wielding pirate’s neck by pressing his foot on it against a vertical row of pipes
-Gibson shoots 3 pirates
-Gibson slash a pirate
-Gibson shoots 2 more pirates

Sewers – 1
-Gibson stabs pirate sergreant while holding on sides of sewer’s walls with soles of his boots

Swamp – 4
-Nady stabs a woman pirate
-Gibson lands a neck-breaking killer kick on a pirate
-Gibson twists a pirate’s neck
-Gibson stabs another pirate before getting defeated in battle

Night in Atlanta – 7

-Gibson slash a pirate’s throat
-Gibson stabs a pirate through breastplate
-Gibson slash a pirate in mid-air jumping above him
-Nady cuts a pirate’s throat
-Nady stabs a pirate through the midsection
-Gibson kicks trench coat pirate intoi a furnace, incinerating him then blowing him up as he falls back against an abandonede vehicle’s fuel tank
-Nady kills another woman pirate

Final Showdown – 2

-Gibson kicks Fender ointo a meat hook
-Haley’s corpse seeen, succumbing to being wounded earlier by Fender


-Several skulls are seen impaled on spikes, but those weren’t counted.


The Quest (1996): Body Count Breakdown

The Quest (1996): Body Count by luvmetender009


Lord Edgar Dobbs (Roger Moore) – 1
Khan (Abdel Qissi) – 1


Thai Docks – 17
-5 pirateers blown up by cannons
-Pirateers shoots 1 of Dobb’s men
-2 pirateers blown up by their own grenade
-Lord Dobbs shoots 1 pirateer sneaking upon Christopher
-8 bodies seen in aftermath of battle

“Its over!!! Hit the gong!!!!” – 1
-Khan snaps Phang’s neck


-The remaining pirateers abandon ship after the naval battle, but we didn’t see what happened to them afterwards.
-Many, many, MANY people are beaten up throughout the film, especially during the tournaments, but the only fighter who had murderous tendencies is Khan, so the only kill there is his. At the ending battle of the movie most of the other international fighters could be seen in the courtyard, those weren’t there were probably too badly owned to get out, but I’m sure none of them died.


In Hell (2003): Body Count Breakdown

In Hell (2003): Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Kyle LeBlanc (Jean Claude Van Damme) – 5
Andrei (Raicho Vasilev) – 2
Valya (Michael Bailey Smith) – 2
Prisoner 451 (Lawrence Taylor) – 2
Sergeant Malakai (Malakai Davidson) – 1
Unnamed Rich Punk – 1


Home Invasion – 1
-Grey LeBlanc raped then killed by rich punk

Supreme Court – 1
-Kyle shoots rich punk dead in public

First Day in Sparka – 1

-Andrei twists a challenger’s neck

Training Court – 1

-Andrei cuts Asap’s throat

Prison Break – 3

-Driver of jeep and 1 soldier in it died in explosion
-Sasha shot dead by guards

Kyle joins the Sparka – 3

-Kyle rips out Andrei’s throat
-Kyle punched a challenger to death
-Kyle kicks a challenger across the chin, killing him

Valya joins the Sparka – 1

-Valya brutally beats a challenger to death

Steady Prick – 1

-Valya rapes Billy to death (dudesweat and masochism, guys!!!)

How could you betray your friend? – 1

-451 incinerates wheelchair prisoner

All I want is one fight!!! – 1

-Milos succumbs to gunshot wounds after being fired upon by Malakai

Compound – 8
-Prison guards shoots 7 inmates
-1 prison guard mentioned dead

Escape – 1
-Kyle releases carjack, dropping a heavy vehicle’s bumper on Malakai’s kneejoints and crushing him to death

Last Criminal Act – 1

-Prisoner 451 kills General Hruschov


-Much like the police station scene in The Terminator, a lot of people are owned in the prison compound scene, and the confusion made it hard to tell how many people are killed until a dialogue confirms it.
-Kyle stabs an inmate, but didn’t finish him off.
-Kyle probably didn’t kill Valya either, but merely beat him unconscious.


Lionheart (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Lionheart (1990): Body Count by luvmetender009


Hospital – 1
-Fran├žois Gaultier dies from his burn wounds


Bloodfist II (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Bloodfist II (1990): Body Count by Rutledal


Jake Raye (Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson): 5
Javelin Guard (Big Boy Gomez): 2
Sal Taylor (Timothy D. Baker): 1
Su (Joe Mari Avellana): 1
Vinny Petrello (Maurice Smith): 1
Bobby Rose (Richard Hill): 1
Tobo Castenerra (Monsour Del Rosario): 1


Opening fight: 1
-Jake kills Mickey Sheehan in the ring

Arrival at paradise: 1
-Su kills one of his guards

First Round: 1

-Javelin Guard stabs John Jones

Making a Run For It: 1
-Javelin Guard throws a spear through Manny Rivera

“Kill him!”: 1
-Vinny Petrello kills Ernest Santana

Jake In The Ring: 3
-Jake kicks Vinny in the neck breaking it
-Jake shoots the javelin guard
-Jake shoots another guard

Breakout: 1
-Sal stabs a guard

Kung Fu Terrace: 1

-Tobo kicks a guard of the terrace

Drop the suitcase: 1
-Bobby Rose shoots Dieter

Su long: 1

-Jake kicks Su of a balcony


The Expert (1995): Body Count Breakdown

The Expert (1995): Body Count by Rutledal


John Lomax (Jeff Speakman): 7
Martin Kagan (Michael Shaner): 6
Joe Hazen (Richard Epper): 1
Tex (Robby Robinson): 1


I thought we’d get to know each other: 1
-Kagan kills Jenny Lomax

Parole hearing: 5

-Joe Hazen kills a member of the parole board
-John Lomax kills Buck Hazen
-Lomax shoots Joe Hazen dead
-Lomax shoots Bobby Sue Hazen
-Lomax throws Joe Hazen jr out a window, killing him

Execution: 1

-Bobby Lee Hazen is executed

Daddy’O: 1
-Flashback reveals that Kagan killed Bill Loomis’s wife

Revenge attempt: 1

-Kagan kills Bill Loomis

Life’s ironic: 1
-Kagan shoots Warden Munsey

“Bang!”: 1
-Kagan shoots Captain Jackson

3 against 1: 3
-Tex accidentally stabs a fellow inmate
-Lomax kills Tex
-Lomax kills Himes

“My shift!”: 1

-Kagan shoots a guard

“You can’t fly, you sunnavabitch!”: 1

-Lomax drops Kagan from the roof and on to a transformer which electrocutes him to death


Dragonball Evolution (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Dragonball Evolution (2009): Body Count by luvmetender009


Lord Piccolo (James Marsters) – 1
Yamcha (Joon Park) – 1
Goku (Justin “What a wimp” Chatwin) – 1


Piccolo’s Fury – 1
-Piccolo crushes Grandpa Gohan’s house with him still in it

Final Showdown – 2
-Goku (in the form of Oozaru) strangles Master Roshi (he is ressurected later)
-Yamcha shoots Mai


-In Bulma’s flashback sequence a few guards could be seen lying on the floor of her father’s premises, though its never confirmed whether those guards are dead or simply unconscious.