Tomorrow Never Dies (1997): Body Count Breakdown

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Gregglop09/actionguy05)


James Bond (Pierce Brosnan): 30
Stamper (Gotz Otto): 10
Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh): 5
Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce): 1
Kaufman (Vincent Schiavelli): 1


Arms Bazaar: 6
-Bond blows up 1 terrorist with a grenade
-Bond blows up a truck carrying a missile with a C4 charge, killing the driver
-Bond mows down 1 terrorist with the MiG guns
-Bond blows up a mounted gun truck, killing (at least) 1 terrorist inside
-Bond blows up a jeep, killing the driver
-1 terrorist driving away is blown up by the Navy cruise missile

“Backseat driver”: 2
-Bond ejects 1 MiG pilot into an MiG above his, blowing up him and the other pilot

Chinese Waters: 10
-Stamper shoots 9 British sailors
-1 Chinese MiG pilot is blown up by the stealh ship’s gun

Printing Press: 2
-Bond shoots 1 guard
-Bond punches a foreman into a newspaper machine, shredding him up

Hotel: 2
-Paris Carver found killed by Dr. Kaufman
-Bond shoots Kaufman

Parking Garage: 2
-2 henchmen in car are accidentally blown up by friendly fire

Boat: 4
-3 dead British sailors shown
-Stamper impales a fisherman with a speargun

Building Escape: 3
-Bond shoots 3 guards

Helicopter Chase: 4
-Bond ties a cord to a helicopter and causes it to crash, killing 4 hitmen onboard

Stealth Ship: 19
-Bond stabs 2 guards
-Bond shoots 1 guard
-Carver shoots Gupta
-Bond shoots another guard
-Wai Lin throws a shuriken into 1 guard’s throat
-Bond shoots 1 more guard
-Wai Lin shoots 2 guards
-Bond shoots 4 guards
-Wai Lin shoots 2 more guards
-Bond shoots 2 techs in the control room
-Bond pushes Carver into the path of the SeaDrill, carving him up
-Bond blows up the ship, killing Stamper onboard


-Possibly more terrorists get blown up at the bazaar, but only 1 is seen.
-More sailors mentioned dead.
-There could’ve been more people killed in the many explosions on the stealth ship, but none are shown.


Hancock (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Hancock (2008) [Unrated] Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


John Hancock (Will Smith): 12
Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman): 1


Opening: 5
-Hancock knocks down a sign, which causes 2 cop cars to flip over and crash, killing both drivers
-Hancock throws down the asian gangster’s van onto a large spike at full force, killing all 3 asian gangsters inside

Robbery: 3
-Hancock tackles a bank robber at super speed, sending him up in the air to his death (he is heard screaming)
-Hancock kills 2 more bank robbers

Liquor Store Robbery: 2
-Hancock throws a robber head-first into a glass door at super speed
-Hancock throws a candy bar at the second robber at super speed, which sends him flying through the store window and into a car’s windshield

Hospital: 3
-Hancock throws 1 of Red’s henchmen out a window to his death
-Hancock tosses the second henchman out another window to his death
-Ray kills Red with a fire axe


The Bourne Supremacy (2004): Body Count Breakdown

The Bourne Supremacy (2004) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Jason Bourne (Matt Damon): 7
Kirill (Karl Urban): 3
Ward Abbott (Brian Cox): 2


Operation: 2
-Kirill shoots the buyer and Landy’s Agent with a silenced pistol

Attempted Escape: 1
-Kirill snipes Marie in the back of the head

Eliminating The Competition: 4
-Bourne strangles Jarda to death with a garrote wire
-Bourne breaks the gas lines and puts a magazine in a toaster, causing the house to blow up, killing 3 Treadstone Assassins in the blast

“Collateral Damage” 1

-Abbott stabs Danny to death

The Truth: 1
-Abott shoots himself in the mouth

Bourne Remembers: 2

-Bourne shoots Neski’s wife in the chest
-Bourne shoots Neski in the head

Death Chase: 1
-Bourne crashes Kirill’s car into a concrete divider, causing him to crash, killing him on impact


-Bourne beats up the agent interrogating him and the guard next to the agent but doesn’t kill either one
-Several cars are crashed by Kirill in the chase but the crashes didn’t look fatal.


Tom Cruise killcounts


Losin’ It

Risky Business


Top Gun………………………………………..3

Born On The Fourth Of July…………………1

Far And Away

Interview With The Vampire………………..19

Mission: Impossible………………………….3

Mission: Impossible II……………………….30

Vanilla Sky……………………………………1

Minority Report……………………………….1

Austin Powers In Goldmember……………..2

The Last Samurai……………………………45


War Of The Worlds…………………………..2

Mission: Impossible III………………………14


Knight And Day………………………………42

Mission: Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol……..1

Jack Reacher……………………………………7


Edge Of Tomorrow………………………….3

Mission: Impossible 5


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.

Flaming Brothers killcount

Flaming Brothers (1987)


Starring Chow Yun-Fat

and Alan Tang

Watch video:

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Total bodycount: 103

Chow kills 17


Flaming Brothers rights held by Media Asia Group.

Collateral killcount

Collateral (2004)


Starring Tom Cruise

Watch video:

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Cruise kills 15


Collateral rights held by Paramount Pictures.


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Ninja (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Ninja (2009): Body Count by Rutledal


Masazuka (Tsuyoshi Ihara): 39
Casey (Scott Adkins): 8
Namiko (Mika Hijii): 3


Story of Yoroi Bitsu: 7
- A ninja kills 7 warriors using various ninja weapons

Vladivostok: 6
- Masazuka kills 5 bodyguards
- Masazuka kills Mr. Klimitov

Dojo of Death: 10
- Masazuka kills 9 students in the dojo
- Masazuka beheads the sensei

“I need you to do a job for me”: 6
- Professor Garrison is shot to death
- One of the Ring’s assassins accidentally kills another
- One of the Ring’s assassins kills Akira
- Ryuu kills 2 assassins
- Ryu is shot dead by an assassin

Coffee Shop: 1
- One civilian accidentally killed by one of the Ring’s assassins

Subway: 3
- A business man is accidentally shot by one of the Ring’s assassins
- Casey throws one of the assassins of the train
- Casey breaks one assassins neck

Boardroom: 1
- Masazuka kills the leader of the assassins

Police Station: 9
- Masazuka slays down 7 cops
- Masazuka shoots 2 cops

Construction Site and Final: 21
- Masazuka kills 3 of the Ring’s assassins with ninja stars
- Masazuka cuts an assassins arm off and lets him bleed out
- Masazuka shoots 4 assassins*
- Casey kills 4 assassins with ninja stars
- Namiko kills an assassin using a bow and arrow
- Namiko kills another two assassins with her bow and arrow
- Masazuka drives his katana through an assassins chest
- Adkins kills an assassin with a kusarigama
- Masazuka shoots 3 assassins
- Masazuka causes an assassin to crash and die
- Casey beheads Masazuka


* There is a lot of smoke so it’s hard to tell how many people are standing in his line of fire, I counted 4 definitive, but there could have been more.


The Human Shield (1991): Body Count Breakdown

The Human Shield (1991): Body Count by Rutledal


Doug Matthews (Michael Dudikoff): 23
General Ali Dallal (Steve Inwood): 1
Tanzi (Uri Gavriel): 1


Village Bombing: 20
- 2 villagers are killed by explosions
- 17 dead bodies seen on the ground*
- Gen. Dallal shoots a woman

Jeep Chase: 4
- Doug blows up two jeeps, each containing 2 soldiers, with grenades.

Secret Meeting: 4
- Albalo is shot by an unseen gunman
- Doug shoots a man chasing him on a motorcycle
- Doug blows up car with a grenade, killing 2

Kurdish Massacre: 24
- Tanzi shoots a soldier
- 23 Kurdish men, women and children are gunned down**

Hotel: 8
- One guard shoots another guard used by Doug as a human shield
- Doug kills 7 guards

Abadon: 9
- Doug shoots 6 guards
- Doug kills 2 guards using a grenade
- Doug sets Gen. Dallal on fire and lets him burn to death


* This is a rough assumption as it was hard to tell some apart, or if I had counted someone twice
** Same as above


The Mummy (1999) Bodycount Breakdown

The Mummy (1999) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Richard “Rick” O’Connell (Brendan Fraser): 51
Ardeth Bay (Oded Fehr): 12
Daniels (Corey Johnson): 11
Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah): 7
Imothep (Arnold Vosloo): 6
Dr. Bay (Erick Avari): 6
Burns (Tuc Watkins): 3
Henderson (Stephen Dunham): 2
Anck-su-namun (Patrica Velasquez): 2
Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz): 1
Gad Hassan (Omid Djalili): 1


Prologue: 2
-Anck-su-namun and Imothep kill Pharaoh Seti I
-Anck-su-namun stabs herself in the stomach

Hamunaptra, 1923: 83
-Legionaries shoot 30 Turks
-Rick shoots 2 Turks with his rifle
-Turks kill 33 Legionaries
-Rick shoots 2 more Turks with his rifle
-Rick shoots 2 Turks with his revolvers
-Rick shoots 2 more Turks with dual pistols
-Turks kill 6 more Legionaries
-6 dead bodies seen in the background of the Turks

Boat Attack: 7
-Rick guns down 2 Medjai warriors in the window
-Rick shoots 3 Medjai warriors with his revolvers
-Rick kicks a Medjai warrior into a room full of fire, burning him to death
-Henderson, Daniels and Burns shoot 1 Medjai warrior (all of them get the kill since they were all shooting at him at the same time)
-Henderson shoots the Medjai Lieutenant off the boat

Tomb: 5
-3 Egyptian diggers are “melted” by pressurized salt acid
-Hassan (with the scarab beetles in his brain) runs into a stone wall, killing himself
-An Egyptian Digger is eaten by Scarab Beetles

Camp Attack: 16
-Daniels shoots 1 Medjai Warrior
-Medjai Warriors kill 2 Egyptian Diggers
-Burns shoots 2 Medjai Warriors
-Daniels shoots 1 more Medjai Warrior
-Rick shoots 4 Medjai Warriors
-Evy shoots a Medjai Warrior coming at her on a horse
-Jonathan shoots 2 Medjai Warriors while drinking (the 2nd one is off-screen)
-Rick shoots 1 Medjai Warrior off his horse
-2 dead Medjai Warriors seen dead in the background of Rick and Evelyn
-1 dead Egyptian Digger is seen dead

“More Is Needed”: 1
-Imothep sucks the life out of Burns off-screen

Streets: 1
-Imothep kills Dr. Chamberlain

Hotel: 3
-Imothep sucks the life out of Henderson
-2 adventurers are engulfed by fireballs

Escape: 18
-Daniels shoots 8 slaves
-Imothep kills Daniels off-screen
-Jonathan crashes into a post at full speed, killing 2 slaves who were hanging on
-Dr. Bey kills 6 slaves with one of Ardeth’s swords
-Slaves kill Dr. Bey off-screen (we pretty much know that he’s fucked)

Plane Chase: 1
-Imothep’s sandstorm causes Winston’s biplane to crash into the sand, killing Winston

Closing The Door: 15
-Ardeth shoots 9 mummies
-Rick shoots 5 mummies
-Jonathan shoots 2 mummies
-Rick blows up 5 mummies with dynamite
-Ardeth shoots 3 more mummies

Ceremony: 23
-Rick cuts down 15 mummies
-Rick crushes 1 Soldier Mummy
-Rick cuts down 2 Soldier Mummies
-Soldier Mummies (under Jonathan’s command) kill Anck-su-namun’s Mummy
-Rick sets 1 Soldier Mummy on fire
-Rick cuts down 2 more Soldier Mummies
-Rick kills Imothep

Ending: 1
-Benny is eaten by scarab beetles