Black Dawn (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Black Dawn (2005): Body Count by luvmetender009


Jonathan Cold (Steven Seagal) – 12, 1 shared with Stuart
Agent Amanda Stuart (Tamara Davies) – 7, 1 shared with Jonathan
Julia (Noa Hegesh) – 5
James Donovan (John Pyper-Ferguson) – 3
Greer (Timothy Carhart) – 2
Nicholi (Nicholas Davidoff) – 1
Max Pierson (Don Franklin) – 1


Spare no one… or we die slaves – 1
-Julia snipers a target

Heist – 2
-Julia shoots 2 security guards

Federal Detention Center – 1
-Julia strangles Dr. Taylor

Flashback – 3
-Jonathan shoots 3 FBI agents (6 according to dialogue)

Robbery – 3
-James shoots 2 security guards
-Nicholi shoots the manager

Thank you very much – 1
-James shoots Myshkin

Warehouse – 1
-Max shoots 1 thug

Have it your way – 4
-Jonathan shoots 3 thugs
-Jonathan’s friend seen dead

Bumpy Ride – 3
-Garbage truck driver wounded by James, but shot and finished off by thugs
-Jonathan drives garbage truck into rival vehicle, pushing it forward into a parked oil tanker and blows it up killing both 2 thugs seen in it

Its a bad day for you – 3
-Thugs kills Max
-Stuart shoots flammable gas tank, which blows up 2 thugs

Hotal – 4
-Stuart shoots MaCabe
-Stuart shoots 3 thugs

Lobby – 6

-3 thugs shoots each other
-Jonathan shoots 2 thugs
-Jonathan chops James’ neck and breaks it

Office Building – 4
-Julia shoots 1 security guard
-Greer shoots Julia and Nicholai
-Jonathan and Stuart shoots Greer together


Shadow Man (2006): Body Count Breakdown

Shadow Man (2006): Body Count by luvmetender009


Jack Foster (Steven Seagal) – 24
Anya (Eva Pope) – 1
Chambers (Michael Fitzpatrick) -1


Bucharest Airport, Romania – 2
-Bomb explosion blows up Jack’s transport containing 1 driver and 1 escort

Chase – 1
-Thug on motorcycle on full speed collides into a truck

Escape – 5
-Jack booby traps a gramophone, blowing up 1 thug
-Jack shoots 2 thugs with makeshift rifle made from polyester pipes
-Jack hurls a knife into 1 thug’s throat
-Jack shoots 1 thug with his own pistol

“We want to help, Jack” – 2

-Chambers shoots Harry
-Jack shoots Chambers

Nightclub – 6
-Jack smashes 1 bouncer through a table
-2 more bouncers seemingly killed by Jack (Jack didn’t beat them up hard enough, and there’s no indication that he killed them at that point, but a news footage later on announces of a massacre in the nightclub and that every bouncer in the room had died by some way)
-Jack strangles syphilis-infected thug
-Jack shoots the female accountant armed with a machine-gun
-Jack shoots the chief drug dealer

Apartment – 1
-Anya shoots the female cop

Holdup – 2
-Anya finds a corpse
-Jack shoots 1 thug (the other survives)

Rooftop – 1
-Waters’ thugs strangles the traitor

Helicopter Attack – 4
-Jack brings the helicopter down, killing its 2 pilots and 2 gunners

Library – 7

-Jack shoots 4 thugs and Waters
-Jack blows out 1 thug’s eyes and let him bleed out
-Jack kills Amanda’s grandfather with his inner qi’ blowing his insides out

“I am a genius” – 5

-5 scientists gassed to death in biohazard chamber


On Deadly Ground (1994): Body Count Breakdown

On Deadly Ground (1994) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by luvmetender009)


Forrest Taft (Steven Seagal): 40
MacGruder (John C. McGinley): 1
Otto (Sven-Ole Thorsen): 1


Cabin: 1
-Hugh gets his fingers smashed, and is then drilled to death by Otto

Villiage: 1
-Mac shoots Silook

“Looks like my friends are here to play”: 3
-Forrest shoots 2 mercenaries
-Forrest beats Otto to death with an ox bone

“In case you declared war on some small country?”: 2
-Forrest blows up Aegis-1 helicopter, killing the pilot and gunner

Woods: 2
-Forrest’s claymore trap blows up 1 mercenary
-Forrest’s booby trap causes a tree branch to hit 1 mercenary and he falls and is impaled on some sticks

Aegis Oil Co. Rig: 34
-Forrest shoots 1 mercenary in the head using a coke bottle
-Forrest strangles 1 mercenary
-Forrest punches 1 mercenary through the abdomen, killing him
-Forrest shoots 7 mercenaries
-Forrest shoves Mac into helicopter blades, shredding him to pieces
-Liles accidentally crashes her car into a gas tank and blows up
-Forrest burns 6 mercenaries
-Forrest blows up Carlton and another mercenary
-Forrest shoots Stone with his own shotgun
-Forrest kicks 1 mercenary and breaks his neck
-Forrest stabs 1 mercenary through the eye with a pipe
-Forrest knocks out 2 mercenares with a pipe; they are killed when the oil rig explodes
-Forrest stabs 1 mercenary through the face with his own knife
-Forrest knocks out 7 more mercenaries; they are also killed when the rig blows up
-Forrest shoots cable attatched to Jennings’ leg, dropping him into a pool of oil


A fireman is seen being carried out on a stretcher during the fire at the start of the film, but its hard to tell if he’s dead or merely unconscious.


Fire Down Below (1997): Body Count Breakdown

Fire Down Below (1997): Body Count by luvmetender009


Jack Taggart (Steven Seagal) – 7
Earl Kellogg (Stephen Lang) – 1


Flashback – 2
-Frank Elkins gets his throat cut
-1 FBI agent shot off-screen

Cliff Chase – 1
-Enemy truck drives off cliff killing its driver

Mines – 8
-Revelation that Earl is the culprit that killed his own father, not Sarah
-Jack shoots 1 thug with Randall’s pistol
-Jack shoots 2 thugs
-Jack strangles 1 thug
-2 thugs poisoned by chemicals, caused by Jack shooting at barrels
-Earl crushed in cave-in

Diner – 1
-Jack shoots Officer Adams


-Several FBI agents are mentioned dead at the start of the film.


Marked For Death (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Marked For Death (1990): Body Count by luvmetender009


John Hatcher (Steven Seagal) – 12
Max (Keith David) – 9
Screwface (Basil Wallace) – 2
Pete – 1


Deal – 5
-John slash 1 drug dealer to death
-John shoots 1 drug dealer
-Whore shoots Chico
-John shoots whore
-Pete shoots 1 thug

Blood and Fire – 4

-Jamaican thugs kills 4 people (I counted 6 people getting shot in this scene, but a reporter later in the film finalized the count as 4)

Ritual – 1

-Screwface kills the priestess

Whorehouse – 2
-John shoots Jimmy Fingers
-Jamaican thug jumps out of window to fall to his death

Shopping Mall – 1

-John stabs 1 Jamaican thug

Screwface’s Base – 10

-John snipers 3 thugs
-Max shoots 5 thugs
-John twists 1 thug’s neck
-John decapitates Screwface’s twin

Hotel – 8

-The REAL Screwface kills Charles
-Max shoots 2 thugs
-Thugs accidentally shoots 1 of their own
-Max shoots 2 more thugs
-John slash 1 thug’s throat
-John throws the REAL Screwface down an elevator shaft


Today You Die (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Today You Die (2005): Body Count by luvmetender009


Harlan Banks (Steven Seagal) – 13
Ice Cool (Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss) – 4
Bruno (Robert Miano) – 3
Agent Rachel Knowles (Sarah Buxton) –


Display Room – 3
-Banks shoots 2 thugs
-Banks slashed 1 thug

Vault – 3

-Bruno kills 3 security guards

Chase – 4
-4 police vehicles accidentally blown up by SWAT grenade, each counted as a kill

Laundry – 1

-Ice stabs Holmes

Easy or Hard Way – 1

-Ice blows up Max’s contact in car

Warehouse – 7

-Max’s thugs shoots 1 Yakuza
-Orange coat shoots 2 of Max’s thugs
-Yakuza triad leader shoots 1 thug
-Thugs shoots Yakuza triad leader
-Orange jacket shoots 1 thug
-Ice shoots 1 thug

To a New Beginning – 5

-Banks shoots 3 thugs
-Banks activates bomb attached underneath helicopter, blowing up Max and the pilot

Final Deal – 3

-Banks shoots 2 thugs
-Banks throws 1 thug out of a window

Today you Die, motherfucker!!! – 1

-Ice shoots Saunders

You Hurt my Feelings, Baby – 2

-Banks shoots Vincent and 1 thug


Ticker (2001): Body Count Breakdown

Ticker (2001): Body Count by luvmetender009


Frank Glass (Steven Seagal) – 9
Alex Swan (Dennis Hopper) – 9
Detective Ray Nettles (Tom Sizemore) – 5
Milos (Milos Milicevic) – 1
Claire Manning (Jaime Pressly) -1


Mansion – 31
-1 SWAT guy shot offscreen (you hear him shout)
-SWAT shoots 1 terrorist off roof
-Terrorists shoots 2 kitchen staff
-SWAT shoots 1 terrorist behind window
-1 hostage’s corpse seen
-SWAT shoots 4 terrorists
-Terrorist shoots 1 SWAT
-Terrorist’s grenade blows up 2 SWATs
-SWAT shoots 2 terrorists
-Terrorists blows up 2 more SWATs
-1 hostage shot dead
-Terrorists blows up 4 SWATs
-SWAT shoots 1 terrorist
-Milos shoots Senator offscreen
-Terrorists’ bomb blows up 7 people outside mansion (and an unknown quantity inside)

Raid – 1
-Alex shoots Fuzzy

Flashback – 2

-Ray’s wife, son, dies in car explosion

Nightclub – 1
-Ray shoots 1 thug

Negotiating with a Crazy Bomber – 1

-Ray shoots 1 thug

Reaching out – 3

-Alex activates bomb from inside phone booth, blowing up 3 people

Bomb Threats – 5

-Alex blows up 2 people nearby a pizza parlor
-Alex blows up 3 people outside an office block

Betrayal – 1

-Claire blows up Alex

Penthouse – 19

-Frank shoots 1 terrorist (while wearing a mask)
-Ray shoots 3 terrorists
-Frank throws 1 terrorist off penthouse’s windows
-Frank shoots 7 terrorists
-An agent shoots 1 terrorist
-Terrorists’ grenade accidentally blows up 6 of their own


-Alex’s bomb in Chinatown isn’t shown killing anyone.
-The bodycount also includes a bomb-diffusing robot named Sparky.


Belly Of The Beast (2003): Body Count Breakdown

Belly Of The Beast (2003): Body Count by luvmetender009


Jake Hopper (Steven Seagal) – 31
Sunti (Byron Mann) – 30
Jessica Hopper (Sara Malakul Lane) – 1
Mongkol (Pongpat Wachirabunjong) – 1


Thailand 1994 – 8
-Jake shoots 4 thugs
-Sunti shoots 3 thugs
-Sunti accidentally shoots an innocent woman

Abduction – 2
-1 of Jessica’s friend slashed to death
-Another shot point-blank

Market – 1
-1 mugger impales his own forehead into a meat knife

Army Base – 8
-4 army corpses seen on floor
-4 more army corpses loaded off helicopter

Sangkom Trainyard – 33
-Jake shoots the sniper
-Abu Karaf shoots 2 militants
-Jake shoots 2 thugs
-1 millitant and 2 Abu Karafs gunned down in long shot
-Abu Karaf shoots 3 militants
-Millitants shoots 2 Abu Karafs
-Abu Karafs shoots 3 militants on top of train
-Militants shoots 2 Abu Karafs
-Sunti shoots 1 thug
-Mongkol shoots 1 thug
-Jake shoots 4 thugs
-Jake shoots 6 thugs while on a moving trolley
-Jake shoots 1 more thug
-1 more militant shot
-1 Abu Karaf’s corpse seen

Night Visit – 1
-Jessica stabs 1 thug in self-defense

Apartment – 1
-Jade’s corpse seen

Factory – 9

-5 worker’s corpses seen
-Fernand Zadir seen dead, slashed to death by Lena
-Sunti snaps 1 martial arts assailant’s neck
-Jake cuts 1 martial arts assailant’s throat
-Jake stabs 1 martial arts assailant through the chest

Club – 2
-Jake smashes Lena into a post, killing her
-Jake shoots Fitch

The Rescue – 35

-Jake shoots 3 thugs
-Sunti shoots 2 thugs
-Jake and Sunti kills 2 thugs together (1 kill each)
-Sunti shoots 4 thugs
-Jake shoots 2 thugs
-Sunti massacres 17 thugs
-Jake shoots 2 thugs
-Jake beats the General to death
-Thai dark priest killed by monks’ holy magic
-Sunti succumbs to his gunshot wounds


The Crow: City Of Angels (1996): Body Count Breakdown

The Crow: City Of Angels (1996): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Ashe Corven/The Crow-(Vincent Perez) 5
Judah Earl-(Richard Brooks) 2
Curve-(Iggy Pop) 2
Kali-(Thuy Trang) 2


Death Of A Father And Son: 2
Kali-shoots Danny
Curve-Shoots Ashe

That Was A Bad Batch: 1

Judah-stabs Bassett up the nose whit a needle

Flashback: 1

Curve-shoots a man

Death Of A Monkey: 1

Ashe-blows Spider Monkey up

Do You Want Me Baby?: 1

Ashe-stick his thumbs down in too Nemo eyes in too his skull

Noah’s Death: 1

Kali-stabs Noah through the eye whit a tattoo needle

Daddy Going To Buy You A Big Black Bird!: 1
Ashe-throws Kali out a window and the back of her head hit a car window and door

You Made Me What I Am: 1

Ashe-blows Curve up and puts a coin in his mouth and puts him in the river

Pain Is My Power: 2
Judah-stabs Sarah
Ashe-sends a murder of crows on too Judah



Episode 4 - Highway To Summer


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