House Of Flying Daggers (2004): Body Count Breakdown

House Of Flying Daggers (2004): Body Count by luvmetender009


Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro) – 8
Xiao-mei (Zhang Ziyi) – 8


Meadow – 17
-Xiao Mei stabs 2 Imperial soldiers with throwing knives
-Jin kills 2 Imperial soldiers
-Jin shoots down 4 Imperial soldiers with arrows
-4 soldiers killed by wooden darts, shot by members of the House of Flying Daggers
-Jin kills 2 more soldiers
-Xiao-mei kills 2 soldiers
-1 soldier’s corpse seen in a distance away (killer unseen)

Bamboo Forest – 39
-Xiao-mei knocks 2 Imperial soldiers off the top of bamboo trees, causing them to fall to their deaths
-Xiao-mei smash tip of bamboo pole on 1 soldier’s head (the impact is enough to cause the bamboo to break up into timy little splinters, so it must be fatal)
-11 Imperial soldiers on ground are killed by knives flung by members of the House of Flying Daggers
-25 more Imperial soldiers on the top of bamboo trees are killed by knives flung by members of the House of Flying Daggers

Grasslands – 1
-Xiao-mei kills herself by tearing Leo’s knife stabbed in her heart out


-Many guards and soldiers are beaten up in various points of the film, but I only counted those who got stabbed or owned pretty badly as deaths.
-Leo appears to bleed out as he slowly trudges away from the grasslands scene at the end of the film; whether he died or not isn’t explained.


Curse Of The Golden Flower (2007): Body Count Breakdown

Curse Of The Golden Flower (2007): Body Count by luvmetender009


Prince Jai (Jay Chou) – 59
Mrs Jiang (Jin Chen) – 3
Prince Yu (Junjie Qin) – 1
Emperor Ping (Chow Yun Fat) – 1


Hills – 34
-Emperor’s Assassins kills 6 innocent people and 3 guards (and possibly many others)
-Emperor’s Assassins kills 6 guards on horseback
-Imperial Physician Jiang killed by Emperor’s Assassins
-Archers kills 16 of Emperor’s Assassins

Palace – 33
-Mrs Jiang kills 1 of Emperor’s Assassins
-Jiang Chan killed by Emperor’s Assassins
-Mrs Jiang kills 2 more of Emperor’s Assassins
-Mrs Jiang succumbs to wounds by Emperor’s Assassins
-28 palace guards killed by spears flung by golden army

Curse of the Golden Flower – 12
-Prince Yu stabs Prince Wan
-10 golden army troops killed by Emperor’s Assassins
-Emperor Ping beats Prince Yu to death

War in the Palace – 204
-31 golden army troops killed by Emperor’s Assassins
-4 of Emperor’s Assassins killed by golden army troops
-Prince Jai kills 30 Emperor’s Assassins
-Silver army troops kills 6 of golden army troops
-Golden army troops kills 8 of silver army troops
-Silver army troops kills 18 of golden army troops
-Prince Jai kills 8 silver army troops
-16 golden army troops run over by war machines
-55 golden army troops killed by silver army archers
-3 golden army troops seen succumbing to their wounds as war ends
-Prince Jai kills 20 silver army troops before being taken alive
-5 golden army soldiers executed

Aftermath – 1
-Prince Jai kills himself


High Risk (1995): Body Count Breakdown

High Risk (1995): Body Count by luvmetender009


Kit Li(Jet Li) – 50
Doctor Wong (Kelvin Wong) – 25
Detective Chow Kam (Chung-Hsien Yang) – 6
Kong (Billy Chow) – 4
Rabbit (Ben Lam) – 3
Fai (Valerie Chow) – 2
Frankie Lone (Jacky Cheung) – 1


School – 25
-Doctor Wong’s bomb blows up 23 schoolchildren, including Li’s son, in the bus as well as Li’s wife and a sergeant beneath the bus

Hideout – 1
-Fai stabs an undercover cop

Guardhouse – 2
-Terrorists kills 2 security guards

Lobby Massacre – 31
-Fai kills a security guard
-Rabbit kills 2 lobby staff
-Kong kills 2 lobby staff
-Other terrorists kills 14 lobby staff
-At least 12 corpses of dead lobby staff seen

Takeover – 1
-Rabbit kills secrity chief Chap Lap-Meng

Entering the Hotel – 25
-Li runs over 2 terrorists on his van
-Li shoots 18 terrorists
-Detective Kam shoots 5 terrorists

Banquet – 9
-Li drives his van into a terrorist armed with a flamethrower, crushing him
-Li drives his van out of penthouse glass wall, which crashes out in the streets and accidentally destroys a moving police vehicle with at least 1 driver
-Li shoots 1 terrorist
-Terrorists kills 1 innocent man
-Kong kills an innocent man
-Li shoots 4 terrorists

Police Intrusion – 3
-Terrorists shoots and blows up 3 police officers

Display Room Fight – 8
-Li kills 7 terrorists
-Li impales Rabbit through the midsection with a metal rod

Vengeance of the Doctor – 1
-Bong and a terrorist flung Charlie out through penthouse’s windows, causing him to fall to his death

Helicopter Crash – 14
-Li crashes helicopter into the penthouse, blowing up 11 terrorists, slicing 1 terrorist into half and causes 2 terrorists on penthouse roof to fall to death

Bar – 2
-Detective Kam shoots Fai in the head
-Frankie breaks Kong’s neck

Booth – 1

-Doctor Wong succumbs to effects of poison, after being stabbed by Li’s poisoned blade earlier


-The terrorists flung a corpse off the penthouse in one scene, but I think its probably the corpse of one of the two innocent guests shot in the banquet scene


Game Of Death II (1981): Body Count Breakdown

Game Of Death II (1981): Body Count by luvmetender009


Bobbby Lo (Tai Chung Kim) – 7
Valet (Roy Chiao) – 2
Lewis (Roy Horan) – 1
Chin Ku (Jang Lee Hwang) – 1


Robbing a Funeral – 1
-Billy Lo shot in the neck by a dart and fallls to his death

Tournament – 2
-Valet executes 1st contender
-Lewis kills 2nd contender

Night at Lewis’ Place – 2
-Whore killed by a lion (or, at least an assasin in a lion suit)
-Lewis killed by Valet

Finding the Tower’s Entrance – 1

-Bobby kills the Valet

Infiltrating the Tower – 5

-Bobby snaps a guard’s neck
-Bobby steps on 1 guard’s torso, crushing his internal organs
-Bobby kicks 1 guard into a pool of chemicals
-Bobby snaps the wrestler’s waist
-Bobby knocks last guard into set of electrified floor panels

The Truth Revealed – 2

-Chin Ku accidentally kills the monk
-Bobby stabs Chin Ku with his own sword


-Billy and Bobby both owned a frigggin’ load of people, but many of them are merely beaten unconscious instead of dying


The Jade Warrior/ Jadesoturi (2006): Body Count Breakdown

The Jade Warrior/ Jadesoturi (2006): Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Kai/Sintai (Tommi Eronen) – 1


Village – 1
-A diseased old man dies as his eyes bled out

Display Room – 1
-Mummified corpse of the ancient warrior is seen in a crate

Flashback – 3
-Corpses of 3 villagers seen

Revelation – 1

-Berg/The Demon’s Incarnation is impaled by Kai


-An entire field of bodies is seen scattered throughout the village in the flashback scene, which is too much and too blurry to count.
-Although Sintai decapitates the demon, his head is still moving and talking as Sintai places it into the Sampo (magical silver box)


The Myth (2005): Body Count Breakdown

The Myth (2005): Body Count by luvmetender009


General Meng Yi / Dr Jack Chan (Jackie Chan) – 55
Rebel General Meng Jie (Ken Wong) – 1


Stealing the Princess – 7
-4 Korean envoys killed by Mongol Archers
-1 envoy visibly seen incinerated
-Mongol General kills the charioteer while hijacking the princess’ chariot
-General Meng kills the Mongol General

Flashback – 4
-General Meng kills 4 Mongols in the cave

War – 114
-12 soldiers killed by archers
-14 soldiers died in battle
-8 soldiers killed by a chariot which runs over them
-2 soldiers on the chariot crushed as chariot overturns
-13 corpses of dead soldiers seen
-General Meng kills 4 soldiers
-5 of General Meng’s lieutenants shot by archers
-8 more corpses seen throughout this scene
-Rebel General Meng Jie kills 1 of General Meng’s men
-General Meng kills Rebel General Meng Jie
-General Meng kills 4 rebel commanders with a spray of rocks
-General Meng kills 41 soldiers before succumbing, where the enemy general then decapitates him

Floating Caves of Immortality – Present Day – 2

-William drowns as caves floods
-The rival businessman in white is killed when caves collapses


The Postman Fights Back (1982): Body Count Breakdown

The Postman Fights Back (1982): Body Count by luvmetender009


Hu (Eddie Ko) – 31
Bu (Mei Sheng Fan) – 31
Fu Jun (Chow Yun Fat) – 5
Ma (Leung Ka-Yan) – 4


Night Visit – 1
-Hu shoots 1 bandit

Rescue – 2

-Ma stabs a bandit
-Jun shoots a dart into a bandit’s chest

Campfire – 5
-Jun stabs a bandit with a dart
-Bu blows up 4 bandits with dynamites

Twins Assault – 2
-Jun stabs the first twin with a dart
-Jun strangles the second twin with his scarf

Betrayal – 1
-Hu kills a spy

Torture – 1
-Miss Li tortured to death by Hu

Ice Pool – 4
-Bu snaps a bandit’s waist
-Jun stabs a bandit with a thrown spear
-Ma spears a bandit
-Ma smash a bandit’s head with a thick pole

Trap – 1

-Guihua hung by unseen assasin (implied to be Hu)

One-on-one – 1
-Jun killed by Hu

Human Targets – 27
-Hu massacres 24 prisoners with machine-gun prototype
-Hu guns down YaoJie and both of Yao’s sisters

Night of Vengeance – 14
-Bu’s dynamites blows up 6 rebels
-Bu shoots 7 rebels with machine-gun prototype
-Bu blows up himself

Aftermath – 12
-12 more rebels’ corpses (at least) seen at the site of the burnt-down camp caused by Bu’s dynamites

Final Battle – 1
-Ma kills Hu


-Bu throws a Molotov cocktail-type dynamite during the ice pool battle, but nobody is seen visibly killed by it.
-Many more rebel’s corpses are seen in the aftermath, but they’re too scattered to count


Doom (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Doom (2005) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Asher “Sarge” Mahonin (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson): 36
John “Reaper” Grimm (Karl Urban): 21
Gregory “Duke” Schofield (Raz Adoti): 4
Mark “The Kid” Dantalian (Al Weaver): 3
Curtis Stahl/The Hell Knight (Brian Steele): 3
Dean Portman (Richard Brake): 1
Eric “Goat” Fantom (Ben Daniels): 1


Genetics Lab: 1
-Reaper shoots Dr. Olson

Locker Room: 1
-Portman and The Kid shoot Tallman

“Clear”: 1
-Hell Knight knocks Mac’s head off with one swing

“What The Fuck?”: 1
-Goat comes back to life as a zombie and kills himself by knocking his head against the window multiple times

Holding Cell: 1
-Hell Knight pulls down the chain Destroyer is climbing and he falls to his death

Bathroom: 1
-Sarge accidentally shoots Portman with the BFG (he was only knocked out when he was shot)

“It’s Irreversible”: 1
-Sarge shoots Dr. Carmack

Back To The Ark: 15

-15 people are seen dead (they do NOT turn back into zombies because they are shown again at the end)

“What’s Your Position?”: 9
-Sarge mows down 6 zombies
-The Kid shoots 2 zombies
-Zombies are seen eating a scientist

“Do You Copy?”: 4
-Sarge finishes a zombie
-Sarge shoots a scientist
-Duke finishes 2 people

“Is It Cleared?”: 1
-Sarge shoots The Kid

Hallway: 20
-Sarge shoots 12 zombies
-Reaper shoots 5 zombies
-Duke shoots 2 zombies
-Hell Knight kills Duke

Game On: 25
-Reaper shoots 4 zombies
-2 zombies are seen dead
-Reaper shoots another zombie
-Reaper shoots a gas tank, setting 1 Hell Knight on fire
-Reaper shoots 1 zombie’s head off
-Reaper guns down 1 zombie
-1 dead zombies is shown getting eaten by rats
-Reaper shoots 1 zombie
-Reaper shoots 1 Imp
-4 dead bodies are seen in the background
-Reaper shoots a zombie’s hand, causing him to stab himself in the face with a tomahawk
-Reaper shoots another Imp
-Reaper blows up the Hell Knight with a land mine
-Reaper shoots the transformed Pinky

Lockdown: 13
-13 dead workers are seen, killed by Sarge off-screen

Sarge vs Reaper: 1
-Reaper throws Sarge into The Ark and throws a grenade in there, blowing up Sarge


Eraser (1996): Body Count Breakdown

Eraser (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender009)


John “The Eraser” Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 40
Johnny Casteleone (Robert Pastorelli): 9
Mike (Tony Longo): 6
Robert Deguerin (James Caan): 4
Sal (John Snyder): 2
William Donahue (James Cromwell): 1


Opening/Casteleone House: 4
-John hangs 1 thug
-John slams 1 thug’s head in a freezer and then twists his neck
-John shoots 1 thug
-John breaks Pauley’s neck

Cyrez Offices: 1
-Donahue shoots himself

Lee Cullen’s House: 6
-2 FBI agents seen fried by the mercenaries’ EM-1 railgun
-Darryl shot dead by a mercenary’s railgun
-John causes a gas leak in the kitchen, blowing it up and killing 3 mercenaries in the blast

Cabin: 6
-Deguerin shoots 1 mercenary
-John stabs 1 mercenary through a door
-John shoots 1 mercenary
-Deguerin shoots the mercenary holding Allison
-John kicks 1 mercenary out of a window to his death
-Deguerin shoots Allison

Plane: 1
-Deguerin shoots Monroe

Zoo: 4
-John shoots 1 mercenary
-John shoots out aquarium glass, releasing the alligators inside and they devour J. Scar and 2 other mercenaries

Cyrez Infiltration: 7
-John shoots 1 security guard
-John pulls the grenade pins off 1 security guard’s vest and kicks him into an elevator containing 4 other guards and all 5 of them are blown up in the subsequent explosion
-John shoots 1 more security guard

Helipad: 1

-John breaks Haggerty’s neck

Docks: 27
-John breaks 1 mercenary’s neck
-Royce is mistakenly shot with a railgun by a sniper
-John impales Somes with a metal rod
-John shoots Schiff and Calderon through the floor using dual pistols
-John shoots 7 mercenaries with dual railguns
-John blows up a van, killing 3 mercenaires in and around it in the explosion
-Sal shoots the sniper in the eye through the scope of his railgun
-John blows up a truck carrying 4 mercenaries and it flies into the water
-Casteleone and Mike both shoot Petrofsky and 2 other Russian terrorists
-1 terrorist is blown up in an explosion, courtesy of Castelone’s, Sal’s, and Mike’s gunfire
-Mike shoots 1 terrorist
-Casteleone and Mike both shoot 1 terrorist
-Casteleone shoots 1 more terrorist

Erased: 3
-Casteleone leaves limo containing Deguerin, Harper, and Morehart on the railroad and they are all blown up by an incoming train


-Lee’s friend Claire Isaacs is mentioned dead by John.
-The bodycount also includes one of the alligators, a victim of John’s.


Raw Deal (1986): Body Count Breakdown

Raw Deal (1986) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by luvmetender)


Mark Kaminiski/Joseph P. Brenner (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 25
Max Keller (Robert Davi): 1
Harry Shannon (Darren McGavin): 1
“Dangerous Man” (Victor Argo): 1


Opening/Cabin Assault: 8
-Patrovita’s sniper shoots 2 FBI agents
-Patrovita’s hitmen shoot Blair and 3 other agents
-Patrovita’s hitmen shoot the agent with Marcellino
-“Dangerous Man” shoots Marcellino

Docks: 1
-Toni is shot by Lamanski’s hitmen

Road Chase: 6

-Max shoots 1 of Lamanski’s bodyguards in the car
-1 hitman shot by a bodyguard
-Mark shoots 1 bodyguard
-Lamanski’s car crashes into a fuel truck, blowing up the car and killing Lamanski, the driver, and 1 remaining bodyguard inside

Ambush: 2
-Mark shoots 1 hitman
-Mark and Harry both shoot Max

Gravel Pit: 9

-Mark shoots 5 thugs
-Mark shoots the bulldozer’s operator
-Mark shoots 2 more thugs
-Mark shoots the truck driver

Penthouse: 13

-Mark shoots 5 thugs
-Mark shoots Vinnie
-Mark shoots 4 more thugs
-Mark shoots Rocca
-Mark shoots Patrovita
-Mark shoots Baxter who tried to sneak up behind him


-Patrovita’s hitmen throw a grenade into the cabin, but it doesn’t show if anyone was killed in the explosion.
-Numerous people in the mall and casino are beaten up and owned by Mark, but they weren’t killed.