Watchmen [The Ultimate Cut] (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Watchmen [The Ultimate Cut] (2009): Body Count by Rorschach94


Ozymandias/Adrian Veidt (Matthew Goode): 42
Dr. Manhattan/ Jon Osterman (Billy Crudup): 9
Rorschach/ Walter Kovacs (Jackie Earle Haley): 4
Comedian/ Edward Blake (Jeffrey Dean Morgan): 3
The Captain (Voiced by Gerard Butler): 3
Silk Spectre II/ Laurie Jupiter (Malin Ackerman): 2
Roy Chess (Douglas Chapman): 1


“Unforgettable”: 1
-Comedian thrown out of his apartment window by Veidt

Opening Credits: 25

-Dollar Bill shown dead from gunshot wound
-Silhouette and her girlfriend shown murdered
-Monk burned alive on TV
-John F. Kennedy shot by The Comedian
-8 Protesters shot by police
-12 protesters incinerated in explosion

Vietnam: 8

-Doctor Manhattan disintegrates 5 Vietnamese soldiers
-Comedian burns 1 Vietnamese soldier
-1 soldier’s corpse shown
-Comedian shoots pregnant Vietnamese woman

Alley Fight: 2

-Laurie breaks 1 guy’s neck
-Laurie stabs 1 thug

Dr. Manhattan Flashbacks: 4
-Wally Weaver dies of cancer
-Dr. Manhattan disintegrates 3 mobsters

Assassination Attempt: 2

-Roy Chess shoots 1 businessman
-Veidt forces poison capsule into Chess’s mouth, killing him

Framed: 1
-Moloch shown killed by Veidt

Rorschach Flashback: 2
-Remains of little girl shown
-Child molester butchered by Rorschach

Prison Riot: 6
-Prisoner burned by Rorschach dies
-1 prisoner thrown to his death
-1 prisoner burnt alive
-Henchman dies after his arms are cut off
-Henchman electrocuted by Rorschach
-Big Figure killed by Rorschach

Just Like Old times: 1

-Hollis Mason killed by gang members

Celebration: 11

-11 scientists poisoned by Veidt

Already Done: 27
-Veidt’s attack on New York kills at least 27 people

Rorschach’s Death: 1
-Rorschach killed by Dr. Manhattan

Tales of the Black Freighter Segments: 35
-At least 31 pirates killed by pirates of the Black Freighter*
-Ridley drowns after being pulled underwater by wreckage
-The Captain kills Townsman and a woman
-The Captain accidentally kills his wife


-Hiroshima shown being bombed
-Veidt’s attack probably overall kills around 1 billion people
*I only counted the bodies in the water in the first part, because they were probsbly the same sailors that were killed by the pirates in the flashback to the attack.


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