Kain’s Quest


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Stone Killer  arena_  buce lee and i

The Stone Killer (1973)                The Arena (1974)                        Bruce Lee & I (1975)


 The Terminator (1984)              Missing In Action (1984)                   Commando (1985)

Yes Madam poster small   A Better Tomorrow  abovethelaw

Yes, Madam (1985)               A Better Tomorrow (1986)                Above The Law (1988)

the-secret-of-king-mahis-island  Joshua Tree  Hard-target-poster

The Secret Of King Mahi’s Island (1988)         Joshua Tree (1993)                      Hard Target (1993)

On Deadly Ground  High Risk 

     On Deadly Ground (1994)                   High Risk (1995)                                The Raid (2011)

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