Dillinger (1973) Bodycount Breakdown

Dillinger (1973) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal


John Dillinger (Warren Oates): 1
Melvin Purvis (Ben Johnson): 7 (3 shared with Cowley, 1 shared with 9 unnamed G-Men)
Billie Frechette (Michelle Phillips): 1
Homer Van Meter (Harry Dean Stanton): 6
Harry Pierpont (Geoffrey Lewis): 5
“Baby Face” Nelson (Richard Dreyfuss): 16
“Pretty Boy” Floyd (Steve Kanaly): 7
Eddie Martin (John Martino): 2
Samuel Cowley (Roy Jenson): 4 (3 shared with Purvis)
Reed Youngblood (Frank McRae): 1
Ed Fulton (Roland Bob Harris): 1


Purvis Tells a Story: 1
-Body seen in street, as it appears to be an old newspaper image it may just be real

End of the Tri-State Terror: 2

-Purvis kills Wilbur Underhill
-Underhill kills his wife Eva (off screen)

First Bank Robbery Escape: 8
-Dillinger and Van Meter kills O’Malley
-Eddie Martin runs over a lady
-Eddie Martin shoots a cop
-Pierpont shoots a cop
-Ed Fulton shoots a cop
-Fulton is gunned down by the cops
-Eddie is gunned down by the cops

A Grave With No Name: 1
-Charley dies from gunshot wounds inflicted on him by O’Malley

“FBI!”: 1

-Purvis shoots ‘Handsome Jack’ Klutas

Montage: 5
-Cop gets shot
-Dead gangster seen
-Two more cops are shot
-One cop dies in an explosion

The New Gang: 7
-“Baby Face” Nelson shoots 7

Second Bank Robbery Escape: 13
-Pierpont shoots 1
-Van Meter shoots 2
-Pierpont shoots 2
-“Baby Face” shoots 1
-Reed Youngblood shoots 1
-Van Meter shoots 1
-“Pretty Boy” Floyd shoots 1
-Youngblood is killed
-“Pretty Boy” shoots 3

Lodge Fire Fight: 14

-Purvis, Cowley and a third unnamed G-Man guns down 3
-Van Meter shoots 1
-“Pretty Boy” Floyd kills 2
-Van Meter kills 1
-“Pretty Boy” Floyd puts Tommy Carroll out of his misery
-“Baby Face” kills 4
-Pierpont kills 1
-Billie Frechette shoots 1

Failed Escape #1 (aka “Don’t Shot, I’m Hit”): 1
-Harry Pierpont is gunned down by G-Men

Failed Escape #2 (aka Death in a Cornfield): 5
-“Baby Face” shoots two G-Men in a car chase
-“Baby Face” shoots a G-Man
-“Baby Face” shoots Samuel Cowley
-Samuel Cowley shoots “Baby Face” Nelson

Failed Escape #3 (aka Not His Day): 1

-Homer Van Meter is gunned down by “a bunch of farmers”

Failed Escape #4 (aka “I’m Glad It Was You”): 1
-Purvis and 9 other G-Men gun down Charles Arthur “Pretty Boy” Floyd

A Night At The Movies: 1

-Melvin Purvis shoots and kills John Dillinger


-There are many mentioned kills, but those are left out


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  1. […] The 1973 film, directed by John Milius and starring Dillinger-lookalike Warren Oates in the title role, reflects this gang’s violence with thrilling, if slightly exaggerated, gunfight sequences throughout. For instance, the total body count – on both sides – is 61 gangsters, policemen, and civilians. The East Chicago robbery, where only O’Malley was killed, results in 8 deaths on screen, and the Little Bohemia gunfight, which had taken the lives of two men, has 14 gangsters, agents, and civilians gunned down in the film. (A very accurate breakdown of the film’s on screen body count is here.) […]

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