Shaky-Cam Is Censorship

  Kain explores the origins and problems of this all too-common visual technique. Discuss

Railroad Tigers, Jackie Chan’s New Film, Has A Trailer

While Chan’s more recent work has been hit and miss with me, I have to admit there is something charming about this trailer.  Maybe it’s the way it harkens back to The Good, The Bad, The Weird, which was a fun South Korean flick.  Railroad Tigers is getting a Stateside release, which is excellent news […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Teams Up With Jackie Chan

But don’t get too excited. Schwarzenegger has been tapped to appear in Viy 2: Journey To China, a sequel to Viy, a Russian production based on the Nikolai Gogol poem of the same name. Viy was a fantasy film, sort of horror-ish, but with a Pirates Of The Caribbean twist.  A lot of special effects, […]