Kick-Ass killcount

Kick-Ass (2010) Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Nicolas Cage Watch video: Johnson kills 4 Cage kills 11 Discuss Kick-Ass rights held by Marv Films, Plan B Entertainment, and Lionsgate.

Payback killcount

Payback (1999) Starring Mel Gibson Watch video: Gibson kills 20 Discuss Payback rights held by Icon Entertainment International, Icon Productions, and Paramount Pictures.

I Am Wrath killcount

I Am Wrath (2016) Starring John Travolta Watch video: Travolta kills 25 Discuss I Am Wrath rights held by Hannibal Classics, March On Productions, Patriot Pictures, Vallelonga Productions, and Saban Films.

Hard Target 2 trailer

Well, the trailer for Hard Target 2 has arrived and it’s exceptionally bad-ass.  Classic Adkins and the underrated Rhona Mitra star. Discuss  

Code Of Honor killcount

Code Of Honor (2016) Starring Steven Seagal and Craig Sheffer Watch video: Seagal kills 39 Sheffer kills 15 Discuss Code Of Honor rights held by Code of Honor, Premiere Entertainment Group, and Steamroller Productions.

Gods Of Egypt killcount

Gods Of Egypt (2016) Starring Gerard Butler   Watch video: Butler kills 84 Discuss Gods Of Egypt rights held by Pyramania, Summit Entertainment, Mystery Clock Cinema, Thunder Road Pictures, and Lionsgate.

Welcome To The Jungle killcount

Welcome To The Jungle (2003) a.k.a. The Rundown Starring Dwayne Johnson Watch video: Johnson kills 13 Discuss Welcome To The Jungle rights held by Columbia Pictures Corporation, Universal Pictures, and WWE Studios.

Kain’s Quest: On Deadly Ground

On Deadly Ground     Kain goes over Seagal’s underappreciated masterpiece, On Deadly Ground. Discuss