Kain’s Quest: Hard Target (1993)

Kain claims Hard Target is one of the best. Here’s why.

Top 5 Action Films Of 2015

In a sort of counterpoint to my colleague’s argument that 2015 was a terrible year (he seemed almost speechless about it), I’m of the mind it was one of the best of the modern age of cinema.  I’ll admit, for Action films it was a a bit light.  But in a year which saw the […]

Top Ten Turkeys Of 2015

Top Ten Turkeys Of 2015 by H83tr3d Well folks, it’s that wonderful time of the year when we look back at a shitpile that is 2015 that will make you shudder in disgust. Lo and behold these wretched transgressions against celluloid art that will surely scar you as an angry cat that hasn’t seen fresh […]