Stargate killcount

Stargate killcount

The Myth killcount

The Myth killcount

Desperado killcount

Desperado killcount

Black Moon Rising (1986) Bodycount Breakdown

Black Moon Rising (1986) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal [CHARACTER KILLS] Quint (Tommy Lee Jones): 3 Nina (Linda Hamilton): 2 Luis (Nick Cassavetes): 2 Marvin Ringer (Lee Ving): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Elevator: 1 -Luis strangles Reynoso Too Deaf to Hear: 1 -Luis hits Tyke with a car Big John: 1 -Marvin shoots ‘Big’ John off-screen […]

Etter… Rubicon [After… Rubicon] (1987) Bodycount Breakdown

Etter… Rubicon [After… Rubicon] (1987) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal [CHARACTER KILLS] Jon Hoff (Sverre Anker Ousdal): 1 Carl Berntsen (Toralv Maurstad): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Not Meningitis: 2 -The two Hamarøy boys dies from radiation poisoning Escape: 1 -Hoff accidentally kills a soldier Fire: 1 -Maria Hamarøy is soaked in gasoline and killed in a […]

Orions Belte [Orion’s Belt] (1985) Bodycount Breakdown

Orions Belte [Orion’s Belt] (1985) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal [CHARACTER KILLS] Tom Jansen (Helge Jordal): 3 Lars (Sverre Anker Ousdal): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Oh shit…!: 1 -Lars shoots a Russian Last Stand on Sandy Hook: 3 -Tom cause the Russian helicopter to crash, killing to pilot, co-pilot and door gunner No More Sandy Hook: […]

Vanishing Son III (1994) Bodycount Breakdown

Vanishing Son III (1994) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09 [CHARACTER KILLS] Wago Chang (Chi Chou Lo): 2 Lili (Vivian Wu): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Club: 4 -Fu’s dead body is seen -3 other guys are seen dead What He Has Become: 1 -Wago shoots the triad boss from the first film Streets: 2 -Gunmen shoot 2 […]

Vanishing Son II (1994) Bodycount Breakdown

Vanishing Son II (1994) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09 [CHARACTER KILLS] Jian-Wa Chang (Russell Wong): 1 Wago Chang (Chi Moui Lo): 3 Fu Qua (Marcus Chong): 2 Hung (Dustin Nyguen): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Resturaunt: 2 -Fu shoots 2 Triads Boat: 1 -Hung shoots Jeff with a sniper rifle Final Showdown: 14 -Wa shoots a deputy […]

Vanishing Son (1994) Bodycount Breakdown

Vanishing Son (1994) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09 [CHARACTER KILLS] Jian-Wa (Russell Wong): 1 Wago (Chi Muoi Lo): 5 Bones Lee Hoy (Brian Fong): 4 Fu Qua Johnson (Marcus Chong): 2 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Riot: 2 -2 Chinese immigrants are shot “Come On!”: 1 -Wa kills Herb with a killer neck breaking kick Warehouse: 6 -Wago […]

Sha Ke [Killing End] (2001) Bodycount Breakdown

Sha Ke [Killing End] (2001) Body Count by luvmetender009 [CHARACTER KILLS] Dik (Andy Hui Chi-On) – 3 kills Naja (Ng Ting Yip) – 1 kill [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Alley Confrontation – 1 -Dik shoots Fai in the head blowing his brains out Nightclub/Failed Assasination – 1 -Naja finishes off Junk with a sharp kick delivered towards […]