Compañeros killcount

Compañeros killcount

AMB: Iron Man 2 (2010)

[THE CHALK OUTLINE] Iron Man 2 (2010): breakdown by Rorschach94 A wealthy businessman, who is also a superhero, must deal with the consequences of revealing that he is a superhero to the world while also dealing with a shady government organization trying to recruit him, an angry Russian trying to kill him, a jealous businessman […]

The Dogs Of War killcount

The Dogs Of War killcount

AMB: Iron Man (2008)

[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] Iron Man (2008): breakdown by Rorschach94 A selfish billionaire learns a lesson about humanity after building a robot suit and killing terrorists, and decides to become a humanitarian by building a deadlier robot suit and killing more terrorists. [THE EXECUTION] Marvel Comics, deciding they could make more money if they cut out the […]

Strike Commando (1987) Bodycount Breakdown

Strike Commando (1987) Bodycount Breakdown by MrThePandaman [CHARACTER KILLS] Michael Ransom (Reb Brown)- 67 Radek (Christopher Connely)- 17 Jakoda (Alex Vitale)- 14 The Frenchman (Luciano Pigozzi)- 4 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Planting the charges- 20 -Michael throws a knife into a guard’s spine -A commando knocks out a soldier who later dies in the explosion -A guard […]

Black Death (2010) Bodycount Breakdown

Black Death (2010) Bodycount Breakdown by Dr. Judas [CHARACTER KILLS] Wolfstan (John Lynch): 17 Mold (Johnny Harris): 7 Ulric (Sean Bean): 6 Osmund (Eddie Redmayne): 1 Ivo (Tygo Gernandt): 4 Dalywag (Andy Nyman) :3 Swire (Emun Eliott): 3 Hob (Tim McInnerny): 2 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Opening: 1 – a dead monk is shown Black Death: 22 […]

The Horde (2009) Bodycount Breakdown

The Horde A.K.A La Horde Body Count Breakdown By Jawsunleashed [CHARACTER KILLS] Ouessem (Jean Pierre Martins) 38 René (Yves Pignot) 57 Aurore (Claude Perron) 7 Adewale (Eriq Ebouaney) 5 Bola (Doudou Masta) 2 Jimenez (Aurelien Recoing) 1 Joe (Joe Prestia) 2 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Opening: 1 -Mathias Rivoallan body shown The Assault: 4 -Jimenez stabs one […]

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) Bodycount Breakdown

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09 [CHARACTER KILLS] Alice (Milla Jovovich): 271 Bennett (Kim Coates): 35 Wesker (Shawn Roberts): 13 Luther West (Boris Kodjoe): 7 Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller): 6 Claire Redfield (Ali Larter): 3 The Executioner (Ray Olubowale): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Intro: 1 -A businessman is eaten by a zombie Outside: […]

Robowar (1988) Bodycount Breakdown

Robowar (1988) Bodycount Breakdown by MrThePandaman [CHARACTER KILLS] Omega 1 (Claudio Fragasso)- 22 Marphy Black (Reb Brown)- 13 Larry Gurino (Massimo Vanni)- 8 Sonny Peale (Jim Gaines)- 8 Niel Cory (Romano Puppo)- 7 Alfred Bray (John P. Dulaney)- 6 Nun Quo (Max Laurel)- 6 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Island attack: 16 -Omega 1 blows up 16 people […]

Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire (2000) Bodycount Breakdown

Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire (2000) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800 [CHARACTER KILLS] Brad Kennedy (Trae Thomas): ? Bob Johnson (Todd Jensen): ? Skip Loomis (Anthony Bishop): 1? Suicidal Bomber (Unknown): 93 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Kenya: 24 -2 Delta force soldiers killed by Tank blast -Delta soldiers blow up/kill 17 -4 Delta soldiers killed by […]