Jackie Chan killcounts

Jackie Chan’s killcounts

City Cops killcount

City Cops killcount


Rant and Kain return, pissed off and ready for round two. In this week’s episode we discuss a shit-ton of action related news and rumors including: Bond 23, Bad Boys III, Avatar, Danger Girl: The Movie and the next wave of Bad-Ass Women: Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Hudgens…? Yeah.  Then we share our thoughts on […]

The AOBG Podcast Segments Of Badassitude

————————————————————————————————————————————————— THE SEGMENTS OF BADASSITUDE Here is a brief table of our discussion topics, laid out so you’ll know what you’ll be hearing on any given podcast. WK&R: Val Verde Action News: Recent happenings in the world of Bad-Ass Cinema. The Trailer Park: Recent action movie trailers we have watched, and our opinions on them. […]

The Expendable Expendables

Kain takes a look at the absence of a few possible Expendables members.

The King Of The Kickboxers (1990): Body Count Breakdown

The King Of The Kickboxers (1990): Body Count by Rutledal [CHARACTER KILLS] Khan (Billy Blanks): 4 Jake Donahue (Loren Avedon): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] “You were not suppose to win”: 1 – Khan beats Jake’s brother to death Watching Some Snuff: 1 – Khan kills one man in the snuff film Shooting Some Snuff: 2 – […]

Drop Zone (1994): Body Count Breakdown

Drop Zone (1994): Body Count by Gregglop09 [CHARACTER KILLS] Ty Moncrief (Gary Busey): 4 Pete Nessip (Wesley Snipes): 2 Jessie Crossman (Yancy Butler): 1 Swoop (Kyle Secor): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Plane: 6 Ty’s men shoot 2 passengers Terry and 5 other passengers are sucked out of the plane to their deaths Power Lines: 1 Ty […]

Prison On Fire (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Prison On Fire (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Flashback – 1 -Street punk run over by a bus [THE UNCONFIRMED AND UNCOUNTED] -Many, many people are beaten up throughout the film, but none of them seemed to have died. -Ching bites out Officer ‘Scarface’ Hung’s throat, but didn’t finish him off. [THE FINAL […]

Prison on Fire II (1991): Body Count Breakdown

Prison on Fire II (1991): Body Count by luvmetender009 [CHARACTER KILLS] Ching (Chow Yun Fat) – 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Flashback – 1 -Ching accidentally kills his unfaithful wife when he pushed her and caused her to be impaled upon a clothes rack [THE UNCONFIRMED AND UNCOUNTED] -Much like Prison on Fire I, many, many people […]

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing (2006): Body Count Breakdown

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing (2006): Body Count by Rutledal [CHARACTER KILLS] Uri Boyka (Scott Adkins): 2 Svetlana (Daisy Lang): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Cleaning the Trash: 2 – Boyka break the neck of one of his men – Boyka crushes the throat of one of his men Greedy Agent: 1 – Phil gets shot in […]