Satan vs. Schwarzenegger

[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] End Of Days (1999): Breakdown by Kain424 A down on his luck former cop battles Satan to prevent the Apocalypse. [THE EXECUTION] After Eraser, Arnold took a three year break from straight Action films. While Arnie made an infamous appearance in Batman & Robin, it certainly wasn’t seen as a return to form. […]

Bond Breakdown #07: Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

[THE CLASSIFIED INTEL] Diamonds Are Forever (1971): Bond Breakdown by Rantbo We join James as he regrettably returns to Her Majesty’s Secret Service to begin work on a new mission. Sir Donald Munger, a diamond expert, suspects that copious amounts of precious South African diamonds are being stockpiled by a smuggling ring in order to […]

Eagle Shadow Fist

[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] Ding tian li di (1973) a.k.a. Eagle Shadow Fist a.k.a. Fist Of Anger: Breakdown by Kain424 A couple circus performers create a minor resistance in Japanese-occupied China during World War II. [THE EXECUTION] Eagle Shadow Fist is a small film featuring a few members of the China Drama Academy.  With almost no budget […]

The Big Hit (1998): Body Count Breakdown

The Big Hit (1998): Body Count by Gregglop09 [CHARACTER KILLS] Melvin Smiley (Mark Whalberg): 33 Cisco (Lou Diamond Phillips): 2 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Opening: 2 2 dead bodies in trash bags Hotel: 24 Melvin shoots 17 hitmen Melvin shoots the target Melvin blows up 5 hitmen with bomb Hitmen shoot 1 of their own Kidnapping: 2 […]

Live Free Or Die Hard (2007): Body Count Breakdown

Live Free or Die Hard (2007) [Unrated] Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24 (previously done by Gregglop09) [CHARACTER KILLS] John McClane (Bruce Willis): 12 Mai Linh (Maggie Q): 3 Del (Chris Palermo): 3 Matt Farrell (Justin Long): 2 Russo (Yorgo Constantine): 2 Emerson (Eduardo Costa): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Opening: 2 -Clay and his friend are blown […]

Dirty Harry (1971): Body Count Breakdown

Dirty Harry (1971): Body Count by Rorschach94 [CHARACTER KILLS] The Scorpio Killer (Andrew Robinson): 4 Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood): 3 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Opening: 1 -Scorpio shoots woman in pool “Do I Feel Lucky?”: 2 -Harry shoots 2 bank robbers Crime Scene: 1 -Boy shown shot by Scorpio Stakeout: 1 -Scorpio kills Officer Collins Already Dead: […]

Batman & Robin (1997): Body Count Breakdown

Batman & Robin (1997): Body Count by Gregglop09 NOTE: Due to the campiness, I couldn’t tell which people were killed and which ones were knocked out. Avoid this film at all costs. [CHARACTER KILLS] Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze (Arnold Shwarzenegger): 8 Dr. Pamela Isley/Poision Ivy (Uma Thurman): 2 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Museum: 7 Mr. Freeze “freezes” […]

Batman (1989): Body Count Breakdown

Batman (1989): Body Count by Gregglop09 [CHARACTER KILLS] Jack Napier/The Joker (Jack Nicholson): 33 Bruce Wayne/Batman (Micheal Keaton): 18 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Plant Gunfight: 2 Jack shoots Lt. Eckhart Cops shoot 1 bad guy “Jack Is Dead”: 1 Joker shoots Grissom Meeting: 1 Joker electrocutes mob boss Pen: 5 Joker stabs 1 person Joker’s Men shoot […]

Batman Forever (1995): Body Count Breakdown

Batman Forever (1995): Body Count by gregglop09 [CHARACTER KILLS] Bruce Wayne/Batman (Val Kilmer): 7 Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones): 6 Edward Nygma/The Riddler (Jim Carrey): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Helicopter: 1 Two-Face shoots the pilot Going Nuts: 1 Nygma pushes Stickley out a window to his death Circus: 3 Two-Face shoots down cable, causing 3 of […]

The Dark Knight (2008): Body Count Breakdown

The Dark Knight (2008) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24 (previously done by gregglop09) [CHARACTER KILLS] The Joker (Heath Ledger): 23 Harvey Dent/Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart): 4 Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale): 1 Happy (William Smillie): 1 Grumpy (Danny Goldring): 1 Bank Manager (William Fichtner): 1 [CORPSE BREAKDOWN] Opening Heist: 5 Happy shoots Dopey Bank Manager shoots Chuckles […]