Kain’s Quest: The Raid

The Raid (2011) It’s about time we did one on this awesome little movie.  From the director of Merantau. Discuss

Savage Dog trailer

Ah, yes.  I’m of the opinion that one of the great underrated directors of the DTV action scene is Jesse V. Johnson, who clawed his way up from doing cheap but promising features like 2005’s Pit Fighter (which also has Scott Adkins), 2007’s The Last Sentinel (a creative post-apocalyptic film featuring Don Wilson), 2008’s The […]

Kain’s Quest: The Arena

The Arena (1974) Kain checks out some of the infamous Women In Prison flicks, and chooses a favorite. If you have something you want to see me talk about specifically (as long as it relates to Action somehow), drop me a line at AllOuttaBubbleGum@yahoo.com (subject line: KainsQuest) or go HERE in the forums.

Kain’s Quest: Yes, Madam

Yes, Madam (1985) Kain watches the criminally underseen cult classic that started the “Girls With Guns” craze of Hong Kong films and launched the careers of two action legends! Discuss

Top 5 Action Films Of 2016

Another Kain’s List, where Kain goes over a year’s worth of Action films to find his top gems of the year. Discuss

Shaky-Cam Is Censorship

  Kain explores the origins and problems of this all too-common visual technique. Discuss

Railroad Tigers, Jackie Chan’s New Film, Has A Trailer

While Chan’s more recent work has been hit and miss with me, I have to admit there is something charming about this trailer.  Maybe it’s the way it harkens back to The Good, The Bad, The Weird, which was a fun South Korean flick.  Railroad Tigers is getting a Stateside release, which is excellent news […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Teams Up With Jackie Chan

But don’t get too excited. Schwarzenegger has been tapped to appear in Viy 2: Journey To China, a sequel to Viy, a Russian production based on the Nikolai Gogol poem of the same name. Viy was a fantasy film, sort of horror-ish, but with a Pirates Of The Caribbean twist.  A lot of special effects, […]

Jean-Claude Van Damme is Jean-Claude Van Johnson

As always, we here at AllOuttaBubbleGum love us some JCVD.  So it was greatly exciting to see Amazon hired the famous Muscles From Brussels to star in their new series, for which we have the following official synopsis:                                                          If you need to eliminate a political rival, debilitate a multinational corporation, or overthrow an entire […]

Kain’s Quest: A Tale Of Two Die Hards

High Risk (1995)   Kain talks about Die Hard and one of its lesser known Hong Kong rip-offs, starring the legendary Jet Li. Discuss