Best In Action: 1960

Part 1 of a new series, where Kain looks at every year and picks the five best action movies, find the best action sequence, and rates the best action performance. Discuss

Kain’s Quest: The Terminator

Kain gushes over one of his favorite movies ever.

Top 5 Badass Women BEFORE Princess Leia

Top 5 Badass Women In Action BEFORE Princess Leia Discuss

Top 12 Favorite Westerns

part 1 part 2 part 3 This is a re-upload, but I think it still stands. Discuss

What Happened To The Videos?

YouTube, man.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, You’re My Hero

Preface: HOLY SHIT, ARNOLD IS 70 YEARS OLD   Few actors have supplied my brain with more good times and positive memories than Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. I love the charming bastard. And, in honor of his recent record breaking completion of 6 consecutive decades spent kicking ass I’ve chosen to write up* a little piece […]

Arnold is 70!

Happy Birthday to the Austrian Oak! What a run!

Help Fight For Net Neutrality

Do I need to post more than this? Why we need net neutrality from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo. Let’s do it.

Jackie Chan Joins The John Wick/Taken Genre

Jackie Chan has had an interesting time trying to connect to Western audiences over the years.  Sure, during the late 70s and early 80s many could see him in dubbed versions of Shaolin Wooden Men, New Fist Of Fury, etc.  But Chan and his producer friends were always eager to cross the ocean in between […]

Kain’s Quest: Missing In Action

Missing In Action (1984) Let’s talk some Chuck! Discuss