Judge Dredd killcount

Judge Dredd (1995)

Starring Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante

and Ewan Bremner

Watch video:

Stallone kills 17

Assante kills 73

Bremner kills 33


Judge Dredd rights held by Hollywood Pictures and Cinergi.

The Mission…Kill killcount

The Mission…Kill (1986)

Mission Kill poster

Starring Robert Ginty

Watch video:

Ginty kills 21


The Mission…Kill rights held by

Savage Dog trailer

Ah, yes.  I’m of the opinion that one of the great underrated directors of the DTV action scene is Jesse V. Johnson, who clawed his way up from doing cheap but promising features like 2005’s Pit Fighter (which also has Scott Adkins), 2007’s The Last Sentinel (a creative post-apocalyptic film featuring Don Wilson), 2008’s The Fifth Commandment, and the Dolph Lundgren versus Steve Austin flick The Package.  Johnson does action well and uses action stars even better.

So color me excited for his newest film, starring Scott Adkins, Cung Le, Marko Zaror, and Keith Fucking David:

Savage Dog should be out sometime this year.  Awesome.


White Ghost killcount

White Ghost (1988)

white ghost

Starring Reb Brown, William Katt, Martin Hewitt, Wayne Crawford

and Karl Johnson, Frank Notaro, Graham Clarke, John Barrett, Oliver Ngwenya

Watch video:

Brown kills 18

Katt kills 72

Hewitt kills 68

Crawford kills 38

Johnson kills 24

Notaro kills 32

Clarke kills 23

Barrett kills 21

Ngwenya kills 22


White Ghost rights held by Gibraltar Entertainment, Image Organization, and Trans World Entertainment.

Kain’s Quest: The Arena

The Arena (1974)

Kain checks out some of the infamous Women In Prison flicks, and chooses a favorite.

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The Commander killcount

The Commander (1988)


Starring Lewis Collins, Lee Van Cleef

and Manfred Lehmann

Watch video:

Collins kills 15

Van Cleef kills 7

Lehmann kills 12


The Commander rights held by Ascot Film, Prestige Film, and Video Junkie.

The Accountant killcount

The Accountant (2016)


Starring Ben Affleck

Watch video:

Affleck kills 28


The Accountant rights held by Warner Bros., Electric City Entertainment, and RatPac-Dune Entertainment.

Behind Enemy Lines killcount

Behind Enemy Lines (1997)


Starring Thomas Ian Griffith

and Chris Mulkey

Watch video:

Griffith kills 46

Mulkey kills 66


Behind Enemy Lines rights held by Orion Pictures and Motion Picture Corporation of America.

Eye Of The Eagle killcount

Eye Of The Eagle (1987)

Starring Brett Clark

and Robert Patrick

Watch video:

Patrick kills 50


Eye Of The Eagle rights held by New Concorde and New Horizons Pictures.

Troy killcount

Troy (2004)

Starring Brad Pitt

Watch video:

Pitt kills 38


Troy rights held by Warner Bros., Helena Productions, and Latina Pictures.