Bury Me High killcount

Bury Me High (1991)

Bury Me High

Starring Moon Lee

and Sibelle Hu

Watch video:

Lee kills 14

Hu kills 5


Bury Me High rights held by Bo Ho Film Company Ltd., New Dawn Pictures, and Tsui Siu Ming Productions.

Space Mutiny killcount

Space Mutiny (1988) a.k.a. Mutiny In Space


Starring Reb Brown

and James Ryan

Watch video:

Brown kills 36

Ryan kills 13


Space Mutiny rights held by A.I.P. Productions.

Dreaming The Reality killcount

Dreaming The Reality (1991) a.k.a. Meng xing xue wei ting a.k.a. Blood Sister


Starring Moon Lee, Sibelle Hu

and Yukari Ôshima

Watch video:

Lee kills 50

Hu kills 32

Ôshima kills 14


Dreaming The Reality rights held by Cheung Yau Martial Arts Direction Co., Ltd.

Kain’s Quest: Commando

Commando (1985)

Kain goes Commando.  And talks Schwarzenegger.  Is it the greatest Action film ever?

If you have any ideas, pointers, or even something you want to see me talk about specifically (as long as it relates to Action somehow), drop me a line at


(subject line: KainsQuest) or go HERE in the forums.

Force Of Execution killcount

Force Of Execution (2013)

force of execution

Starring Steven Seagal

Watch video:

Seagal kills 14


Force Of Execution rights held by Voltage Pictures and Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Friday Night Movie Night: Missing In Action


Tonight’s feature is probably the craziest project I’ve ever given myself.  I decided to recut the three Chuck Norris B-movie classics into one crazier film.  Without further ado, here is Missing In Action: The Kain424 Cut:

Hope you enjoyed the movie!


Planet Of The Apes (2001) killcount

Planet Of The Apes (2001)


Starring Mark Wahlberg

and Tim Roth

Watch video:

Wahlberg kills 70

Roth kills 8


Planet Of The Apes rights held by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Zanuck Company, and Tim Burton Productions.

Fei hap siu baak lung [The White Dragon] (2004) Bodycount Breakdown

Fei hap siu baak lung [The White Dragon] (2004) Body Count by luvmetender009


Blindie (Francis Ng) – 1 kill
Prince Tian Yang (Andy On) – 1 kill


Night Hit: 1
-Blindie kills Prince Tian Sheng

City Streets: 1
-Prince Tian Yang, in an attempt to intimidate Blindie and White Dragon Jr., kills a prisoner


-Blindie and White Dragon Jr. beats up plenty, but mostly didn’t take any lives.
-There are plenty of swordfights and action sequences, but most of them weren’t too lethal.
-White Dragon Jr. knocks out Prince Tian Yang in the final fight, but didn’t kill him.


The President’s Man 2: A Line In The Sand (2002) Bodycount Breakdown

The President’s Man 2: A Line In The Sand (2002) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Deke Slater (Judson Mills): 14
Joshua McCord (Chuck Norris): 4
Abir Rashid (Ali Ashfar): 4

[Corpse Breakdown]

West Africa: 6
Deke’s explosive blows up a warhead and it blows up the jungle, killing the 6 rebels he knocked unconscious earlier

Base Infiltration: 1
Deke throws a knife into a terrorist’s chest

Factory: 3
Deke chokes a guard to death
Josh kicks 1 guard into some machinery and he is killed off-screen
Josh shoots 1 guard while doing a somersault in mid-air

Road Ambush: 9
Abir fires 2 rockets at 2 cars, blowing them up and killing both drivers
Abir shoot 2 agents
Deke shoots 2 terrorists while in the SUV
Deke and Josh shoot 1 terrorist together
Deke shoots 2 terrorists dual handed

“Your Device Has Been Disarmed”: 2
Deke kills Abir
Josh kicks Abdul into a tree, breaking his back

[The Unconfirmed and The Uncounted]

-Deke beats up roughly around 8 people throughout the film but his hits didn’t look lethal enough to kill

The Final Tally: [22]

Huo yun chuan qi [Fire Dragon] (1994) Bodycount Breakdown

Huo yun chuan qi [Fire Dragon] (1994) Body Count by luvmetender009


Fire Dragon/Fo Lung (Brigitte Lin) – 28 kills (Watch here)

Snow (Carrie Ng) – 13 kills

Yuen Ming (Max Mok Siu Chung) – 11 kills

Chun (Joe Chu) – 12 kills


Pai Li Mu Gates – 13
-Lung sets 2 soldiers on fire with her fire palm technique
-Lung cuts down 2 soldiers with her flaming sword
-2 dead soldiers seen in the background, killed by Lung
-Lung cuts down 1 soldier
-5 additional corpses seen, all killed by Lung as well
-Lung impales Cheng Lui (he succumbs later on)

Banquet – 12
-Lung kills 12 soldiers

Night Raid – 2
-Snow kills Master and Madame Ng

Decisions, Decisions – 11
-Snow slashes 1 guard
-Snow arrows 10 guards

Silencing Any Survivors – 1
-Snow sets the elder on fire

Forest Fight/Settling Matters – 1
-Lung impales Snow, before setting her on fire, and causing her to crash headfirst into a wall

Final Battle / “I’m the law, and you’re all going to hell!!” – 23
-Ming and Chun throws dynamites at the same time, blowing up 2 soldiers
-Chun smashes 8 soldiers’ heads with his nun-chucks
-Ming cuts down 9 soldiers
-Chun kills 2 more other soldiers

-Lung attaches Ming’s leftover explosives upon Prince Luk, then sacrifices herself to throw him into a burning pile