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1954 – 2015

It is my sad duty to report on the sudden passing of famed professional wrestler and cult film icon Roddy Piper.  As one of the two men responsible for the phrase I used when making this site, he will be deeply missed.

Long ago, Rant and I worked many hours on a joint video for what we would call The AOBG Show. Our pilot episode was to be about the John Carpenter masterpiece, They Live. Here, for the first time, is a snippet from that unpublished video, about the late great Roddy Piper.


Kain’s Quest: A Better Tomorrow (1986)

Steele’s Law killcount

Steele’s Law (1991)

Steele's Law

Starring Fred Williamson

Watch video:

Williamson kills 11


Steele’s Law rights held by MTI and Po’ Boy Productions.

For Y’ur Height Only killcount

For Y’ur Height Only (1981)

For Y'ur Height Only

Starring Weng Weng

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Weng kills81


For Y’ur Height Only rights held by Liliw Films International.

Crisis killcount

Crisis (1997)


Starring David Bradley

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Bradley kills 11


Crisis rights held by Film One, Tri-Media Saskatoon, and Film One Productions.

Dracula Untold killcount

Dracula Untold (2014)

dracula-untold 2014

Starring Luke Evans

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Evans kills 5419


Dracula Untold rights held by Universal Pictures, Legendary Pictures, and Michael De Luca Productions.

Thank you, Christopher Lee

1922 – 2015

I don’t usually go in for the memorial articles, but today’s death of the great and mighty Sir Christopher Lee hit me surprisingly hard.  He had been a mainstay for GENERATIONS of filmgoers, and a standout in everything from a James Bond movie to Star Wars to The Lord Of The Rings.  And while many will always remember him as Dracula, I first saw Mr. Lee in a small fantasy film called Mio In The Land Of Faraway.


The movie’s not much to talk about, being a trite and sometimes terrible little flick about a boy escaping to a fantasy land, but aside from the fact it can boast being Christian Bale’s first feature film it also has a rather enjoyable performance from Christopher Lee as the primary antagonist.  Lee takes what is basically nothing on the page (a sword and sorcery-style Darth Vader type at best) and wrings out all the evil he can muster, while bringing in a sense of tragedy.  In a movie with Timothy Bottoms as the great king of a far away land, invisibility cloaks, and bread that can satisfy all hunger, only Christopher Lee really seems to give a damn.  He sold me on the whole stupid movie when I was a kid.  I love him for this.

Lee also serves a very prominent role in my favorite horror film of all time, The Wicker Man.  I know it’s a bit cliché to use such terms, but Lee was all these things: iconic, commanding, spellbinding, entrancing, charismatic, and powerful.  His is a presence that will be greatly missed, but fortunately his work will live on forever.  I leave you with the following, a rendition of Paul Anka ‘s My Way, performed by Christopher Lee himself in a metal band he joined when he was only 84 years old:

Kain’s List: Top 5 Chainsaw Fights Of All Time

Kain cuts into one of his favorite props in cinema: the chainsaw!


Martial Outlaw killcount

Martial Outlaw (1993)

Martial Outlaw

Starring Jeff Wincott

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Wincott kills 13


Martial Outlaw rights held by M-L Partnership, The Image Organization, and Republic Pictures.

Friday Night Movie Night: Triple Cross

Triple Cross

Tonight’s feature is a very special one.  Also confusingly known as Angel Of Fury (which is the title of another, inferior Rothrock picture) Triple Cross is one of the more insane Action pictures I’ve ever had the privilege of viewing and I present it here for you to do the same.  It’s got a stupid plot, terrible acting, low to bad VHS quality, but tons of excellent B-action goodness.  I personally think it’s the most complete Cynthia Rothrock experience out there.  Terrible one-liners, furious kicking, and bowstaff action all included.  Stay tuned for about 50 minutes in, when you’ll be blessed with one of the more preposterous scenes in B movie history hits.  And the finale is genuinely great fun.  Enjoy!

Hope you Enjoyed the movie!